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Pina Colada @ The Route 42 | Koramangala | Bangalore
Pina Colada

Thanks to the decision we made about a couple of years back we get to visit a variety of establishments for our genuine feedback. The decision we are talking about is to start a blog and express our opinion to everyone about great & not so great places to visit.

In the recent past we have come across super experienced chefs and they all talk about how we all are moving away from fancy stuff and settling for comfort food.

Our recent visit was to one of the newest pubs in Bangalore in 5th block Koramangala and it goes by the name: The Route 42. We really liked this establishment because of a few basic factors. First and foremost, they provide a comfortable environment with a good degree of ambient light. They have stuck to the basics of providing services with good quality at reasonable pricing. This is one of the few outlets which will fetch you a value for money, be it drinks or food.

They have a good collection of music and there is something interesting about their speakers. They are hi-tech and even at full volumes we were able to have a clear conversation!

Apart from that, they have funky seating arrangements (mainly the sofas made up of jeans and gunny bags) and fun wall paint.

So, we have talked about their highlights in general so now coming down to the food and drinks:

They have a decent variety in their menu and after trying out some of their mocktails/cocktails we can conclude that their drinks look great and give a refreshing feel along with the usual palate cleansing!

Route 42 Long Island Iced Tea @ The Route 42 | Koramangala | Bangalore
Route 42 LIIT

We tried many starters, a few mains and only one dessert.

From the starters: The Chicken Skewers, Prawn Chatpata, 3 Pepper Roasted Fish, Fish in Banana Leaf and the Stuffed Cottage Cheese Skewers were extraordinary!

The Prawns were spicy and had a tangy flavour. It is a dish which is guaranteed to be over within a few seconds. The presentation was decent but the best part was that the prawns retained the flavours.

The Chicken Skewers were well presented, had big chunks of juicy chicken with peppers and it paired excellently with beer.

The Cottage Cheese Skewers were brilliant. Firstly, there was a lot of paneer which was impressive. Secondly the paneer had a lining of masala which made the combination absolutely mouth-watering.

Prawn Chatpata @ The Route 42 | Koramangala | Bangalore
Prawn Chatpata

Stuffed Cottage Cheese Skewers@ The Route 42 | Koramangala | Bangalore
Stuffed Cottage Cheese Skewers

Chicken Skewers@ The Route 42 | Koramangala | Bangalore
Chicken Skewers

3 Pepper Roasted Fish @ The Route 42 | Koramangala | Bangalore
Three Pepper Roasted Fish

The 3 Pepper Roasted Fish and the Fish in Banana Leaf preparations used Basa fish. Both the fish preparations were juicy. The Pepper Roasted Fish had the taste of peppers throughout and was slightly on the sweeter side. Nonetheless, it was very light on the stomach and insanely tasty. The Fish in Banana Leaf was topped off with a masala which tasted brilliant with the juicy fish and the aroma of the banana leaf.

Apart from these we tried the Mushroom Cheese Balls, Jalapeno Bites, Cajun Spiced American Corn and The Chilli Mushrooms.

The Cheese Balls need a little improvement in the quantity of cheese as it would have been much better. The other preparations were standard and worth a shot!

We tried 3 of their pizzas: the Chicken & Mushroom Pizza, the Farm House Pizza and the Pandi Curry Wrap.

The Chicken pizza was decent. It had a semi thin crust and was soft. It had cheese and toppings throughout. The veg pizza was not as good as expected. The crust and the quantity of cheese was same but the veggies were not baked with the cheese but simply sprinkled over.

Fish Wrapped in Banana Leaf@ The Route 42 | Koramangala | Bangalore
Fish Wrapped in Banana Leaf

Farm House Pizza@ The Route 42 | Koramangala | Bangalore
Farm House Pizza

Chicken & Mushroom Pizza @ The Route 42 | Koramangala | Bangalore
Chicken & Mushroom Pizza

Jalapeno Bites@ The Route 42 | Koramangala | Bangalore
Jalapeno Bites

The Pandi Curry (Coorgi Style Pork Curry) Wrap was innovative and tasted exceptional. It was spicy, meaty and with a shallow wrapping. We wonder what a little bit of cheese would have done to this wonder.

From the mains we tried the Chicken Keema pav and the Pandi Curry with Akki Roti.
They use a special secret masala for making their keema and it was mind blowing. It had bits of potatoes in the Keema which made the dish comforting. The magic masala on the Keema attributed some spiciness and it was a force to reckon with ;).

The Pandi Curry was as expected: mouth-watering! It was a little less spicy than usual but the meat was very well marinated. Comfort food does not get better than this.

Before we move on to dessert, we want to talk about a certain Chicken Kebab we were served. Most probably, it was an Adraki (Ginger) Chicken Kebab and it was a marvel by itself. The chicken was melt in the mouth soft with a not too overpowering zing of ginger. Do try it out if you guys visit (It will not disappoint!)

Cajun Spiced American Corn @ The Route 42 | Koramangala | Bangalore
Cajun Spiced American Corn

Chicken Kebabs@ The Route 42 | Koramangala | Bangalore
Chicken Kebabs

Pandi Curry with Akki Roti@ The Route 42 | Koramangala | Bangalore
Pandi Curry with Akki Roti

Chicken Keema Pav@ The Route 42 | Koramangala | Bangalore
Chicken Keema Pav

Banana & Nutella Wantons @ The Route 42 | Koramangala | Bangalore
Banana and Nutella Wantons

We tried only one dessert: The Banana and Nutella Wantons. They looked like samosas but had banana and nutella inside. The covering added a crunch to each bite along with the “oh so magical” presence of nutella. Thought the combination of banana and nutella are tried and tested, they tinkered with it and brought about something great!

So, that’s what we have to say about this new yet powerful pub.

Their range of offerings, efficient staff and quirky interiors and lastly the value for money which they provide all add up to a complete experience.

We do believe that Route 42 has the potential to be one of the most popular pubs in Bangalore.

Do let us know about your experience in case you visit.

We’ll be back soon!

Till then—stay tuned and bon apetit!

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