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In our blogging journey so far we have been to numerous events, launches, previews and to restaurants for reviewing. We end up having loads of fun and meeting new people every time! This time however it was an experience unlike any other and it not only impressed us and was worth remembering but it also touched our hearts!

We went on our first FAM trip with a few fellow bloggers to the heritage city of Mysore (Presently known as Mysuru). There were two parts to this: the road trip part which included travelling from Bangalore to Mysore and the staying part. We stayed at the Grand Mercure Hotel, Mysuru and it was inspiring how the culture of Mysore was ingrained in the ambiance, decor and even the service of the hotel!

The road trip was fun with a variety of conversations and breakfast on the way. However, it was only after reaching Grand Mercure that the real deal started. We were welcomed with garlands and a welcome drink. The welcome drink was superb and marked the perfect beginning to our stay. This entire visit was due to the special occasion of Ramadan and the chefs crafted a special menu for the same.

The menu mostly had non vegetarian items but all of the items on the menu both veg and non veg were impressive. We were served lunch at the hotels multi cuisine restaurant “La Uppu” which has extensive food options which cater to a variety of palates. The nomenclature comes from the fact that salt is the first ingredient to be served during a meal and in Kannada, Uppu means salt. The “La” comes from French since it is a French establishment.

We would definitely recommend the Narangi Jhinga (prawns preparation) for starters and for main course, practically everything! There was a mutton preparation, a chicken, a paneer and a potato preparation and all of them were rich, aromatic and simply lip smacking. Let’s not forget the desserts here folks: Their phirni with kulfi ice cream was too good and so it was difficult to be content with just one serving ;)

This was the first time we had prawns with a citrusy and chilli twist and the taste just stuck to the palate. The paneer preparation consisted of paneer rolls with sweet mawa stuffing in a rich, cashew based gravy and it tasted heavenly. The Nalli korma was rich and spicy and coupled with that well cooked lamb shanks. If you are a meat lover, this will make your day a whole lot better! The Dum Aloo Sikandari preparation was also surprisingly delicious! The stuffed potatoes were also served in a rich, cashew based gravy and your taste buds would enjoy as much as you!

 All the main course items were unique and very well done and we can conclude by saying that we wish we had bigger stomachs!
Paneer Gulnar
Murgh Akbari Kebab
Surkh laal shorba
Kesari Phirni
Palak aur khobani ki tikki
Narangi Jhinga
Dum Aloo Sikandari
Nalli Nihari
Dum Gosht Biriyani
Handi Wala Kukkad
Mulakat e Mussalam
Sunehri Moong Dhuli
Now that’s all about the Ramadan special luncheon and more about the grandeur of the hotel.

The hotel has a rooftop swimming pool and also a rooftop restaurant named as By The Blue which specializes in North Indian Cuisine. It is definitely a great place to relax and unwind. The view is also excellent and an added feature was the constant breeze. They also boast of a cosy and posh bar area called the Silk Bar. They are yet to serve alcohol, so it is not fully operational yet. Except for this, the luxurious decor, comfortable seating and the separate chess area are sure to capture focus.

Another noticeable factor about this property is the way their decor is a reflection of Mysore. In most places there is a predominance of paintings, but here there were mostly pictures of the many facets of Mysore. The pieces of artwork, portraits of Mysore silk sarees and the paintings in general which are distributed throughout the hotel showcase the rich culture and traditions of Mysore.

They also have special suites with a view of the Mysore Dasara procession for which people flock in from various parts of the country. The rooms which we were provided were luxurious with comfortable beds, high end bath fittings and what not. We were also surprised to notice a betel leaf with a poem written on it along with a few delicious heart shaped chocolates in our rooms in the late evening.

Being a luxury property they not only deliver luxury and comfort to their customers but also try to bond them with the culture of Mysore.

Apart from this, they also had a designated travel desk to help make sure that their customers get everything from Mysore, in terms of sightseeing and travel. Their lunch and dinner buffets come at very affordable rates and one can indulge in this even without being a resident.

Luxury does not come cheap for sure, but Grand Mercure, Mysuru does make sure that their tariff is pretty affordable and their customers get the value for the money they spend.

It was pretty disappointing how this amazing weekend flew by in a glance! We wish time would have more mercy on us as this experience was nothing short of “the best adjective you can come up with!”

It is very difficult to transform such beautiful experiences into words, but we did try to do justice to this marvelous experience.

So, if you guys are planning a short trip anytime soon and before the 6th of July, you now have a head start ;)

We would recommend: Go there, eat, drink, enjoy, travel, relax but don’t sleep!!

We might be visiting again soon and we would of course share our experiences. If you do visit, bring out the child in you and have a blast. Also, let us know about your experience!

Till then—Bon Voyage and Bon Appétit!

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