Vietnamese food in Bangalore at Hanoi | Experience and Review

Hanoi bangalore vietnamese in bangalore

Not every day after the Pandemic struck, we think of going out for a meal. It isn't as common or usual as it used to be, not at least at this point. Trying out different foods and cuisines and writing about it, used to be our weekly adventure and we have slowly started to embark on it bit by bit. This time we started by exploring a Vietnamese restaurant in Indira Nagar,  Bangalore, cause honestly, we were craving some Pho!

Hanoi - a Vietnamese casual dining restaurant, is located in the bustling area packed with many other great restaurants of Indiranagar. Easily reachable by a cab or bus, if you are willing to walk for 5 minutes from the nearest bus stop. 

We had been watching a lot of the "best ever food review show" videos during the lockdown and built up quite an intense craving for various Vietnamese street foods. Even though we knew that we cannot expect to get most of the food shown on the YouTube channel, we thought at least some of the most famous or commonly available dishes will be enough to satisfy us. And on top of that, it was Rudra's birthday, so we wanted to celebrate at a swanky new place. 

The overall vibe of the place is very modern and c

We ate very few things, as per our standards, but we wanted to have a light lunch. So, here is what we tried and what we felt about them.

Prawn pumpkin soup - Sup Tom Bi Do - 5/5

Perfect consistency. Bold flavors complement the sweetness of the prawns and pumpkin. A MUST have! Not gonna talk much about it here, go to Hanoi for the pumpkin soup! 

I'd say this was the best thing we had for lunch that day. More so, because it was quite unexpected. As I am a pumpkin lover, I kind of expected it to taste great, but Rudra was pleasantly surprised and asked for more. a good reaction from someone who hates pumpkin 

Prawn Vietnamese rice paper rolls - Nem Cuon - 4/5 

A refreshing snack is very commonly found all around the country as street food. A very thin rice paper wraps an assortment of veggies and meat. and comes with fish sauce and other condiments. 

At the restaurant in Indiranagar, Hanoi, we ordered the one with prawns as the choice of meat. I think they also have a vegetarian option. We received these with Fish sauce and soy sauce. 

The ratio of meat to the veggies was a bit disappointing since the number of veggies completely canceled the meat out. But in any case, was a very light and refreshing snack to begin the lunch with. If we have it next time, the only thing we'd ask them is to increase a few more prawns in each roll so that they don't get lost and this turns to a veggies rice paper roll. 

We'd definitely get this though. 

Chicken Half moon dumplings - Bahn Goi - 4.5/5 

The half-moon dumplings are savory Vietnamese dumplings stuffed with mildly flavored and herbed minced chicken stuffing. We loved the sesame and peanut sauce this is accompanied with, as those actually bring out the essence of the dumplings. 

The crispy encasing of the dumplings is just the right thickness, think thinly wrapped momo wrapper of a fried momo, but more thoroughly fried to make a stiff yet crispy exterior.

A must-have!

Hanoi bangalore vietnamese in bangalore

Hanoi bangalore vietnamese in bangalore


Hanoi bangalore vietnamese in bangalore

Pho - 3/5

The famed brothy, soupy noodle dish, from Vietnam. Most likely if you have heard about Vietnamese food, you have heard about Pho, usually pronounced as "FUH".  We ordered the Buffalo version of the Pho at Hanoi. They also have vegetarian and chicken versions for the same. 

Pho usually comes with a light or clear-ish broth, packed with flavors. This one we got was a nice mellow broth, with flat noodles, and was presented with an assortment of chilies basil, lemon, and bean sprouts. The disappointment was a bit too much cinnamon in the broth and the meat being overcooked. 

Overall a good option in terms of quantity. But, the contrasting flavors were all over the place. so maybe I will skip this for the time being. and go for another rice paper roll. 

Bun Nuoc with seafood - 2/5 

This was the first time I heard about the dish and like I usually am, went for it. On top of everything this was listed as a spicy broth-based noodle, so had to opt for it. 

The thing with broth-based noodles is that when it gets a bit cold the flavors tend to change and shine through more and if they are not balanced the whole experience goes downhill. This noodle dish comes with thin noodles, soooo it was a bit all over the place since the noodles had to compliment bold flavors. 

The base of the broth has Sriracha sauce, unfortunately, it felt like the soup had mostly the sauce just mixed with a very flat broth. Hence after some time, it felt like eating thinned-out sauce. The quantity of the meat was pretty good and that is why the 2. Else this was a very unpleasant dish to have. 

We also had two drinks - Lemon iced tea and a very interesting Ginger Chili Punch. They do not serve alcohol at this point, and I am not sure if they will in the future. 

and an Iced tea. Would definitely recommend the Punch. The ice tea was a sweet standard tea, nothing special or wrong there.

SO that was a break up of each item and what we felt about them. 

I hope this helps you in deciding what to have at Hanoi, Bangalore if you are searching for Vietnamese food.

Bon appetite, 


Yummus - Artisianal Hummus in Bangalore

Hummus in Bangalore, Pita bread in Bangalore

We said we’re going to be back with something different didn’t we?

Travel and food is a combination we personally connect with, and when that is brought into the picture with a new venture, we cannot be happier. And because of the same reason, we are bringing you another post that has some  a huge influence on food from travels.

This post is all about a couple of young entrepreneurs in Bangalore, experimenting with something very simple yet out of the box. I’m sure many of our readers have tried this particular Middle Eastern food item, but probably didn’t think about playing with its flavours. We’re talking about hummus which falls mainly under the popular Middle-Eastern/ Mediterranean foods. So, if someone asks us about the best place to try out hummus in Bangalore, our answer would be at home, and an order in from Yummus!

Yes, Yummus! This is an online establishment, providing their services in Bengaluru, from where you can order delicious hummus & get it delivered right at your doorstep. They have a very interesting back story which can be found on their website. Their hummus is made fresh to order & does not contain any preservatives. Moreover, their products are all vegan, so if you’re looking for a planet-friendly alternative then it can’t get better than this.

Yummus - Artisianal Hummus in Bangalore

They currently have 7 flavours of hummus in their arsenal & are planning to come up with other variants. We tried their Bell Pepper hummus, Beet Root hummus, Spinach hummus &, lastly, the Classic Hummus.  Their other variants include Carrot, Basil Pesto & Green Olive Hummus. So if you are looking for some Hummus in Bangalore, they are worthy of many orders!

Coming down to what we think about their services and most importantly, the Hummus or shall we say Yummus!

Yummus - Artisianal Hummus in Bangalore

Yummus - Artisianal Hummus in Bangalore

beetroot hummus

spinach hummus

Bell Pepper Hummus: All their hummus items have the right consistency but when it comes to flavour, we feel that this one takes it one step further. You can feel the bell pepper flavours in each morsel. We believe that some smokiness can be introduced in this & that’ll ensure that these never see the fridge. Cause you can store these up to two days.

Spinach Hummus: The colour is really appealing and the flavour of spinach is not over-powering. It has the right amount of flavor in it & we really liked this one. The flavour combination worked out best with their paprika Lavash. This is a perfect way of adding some more greens to your diet since anyway, hummus is a perfect health food!

Beet Root Hummus: Out of all the 4 we tried, this is the only one which lacked the characteristic beetroot flavour. We were excited to try out this one especially because of the challenges involved. If there is too much beetroot, the hummus will tend to become sweeter. In this case, the colour was spot on but, it does need more beetroot flavour, maybe we’d like some more sweetness of the beetroot in fact. Apart from this, it ticks all the other boxes.

Classic Hummus: Well, this is your regular hummus which does not need any introduction or explanation. If we order from them, we’ll probably focus on their original creations rather than something we can get elsewhere. But, if you are actually looking for a regular hummus without any additional flavours, this is a good option. We’d suggest adding a bit of olive oil on top before you eat it.

Apart from Yummus {Hummus}, we tried their Whole wheat Pita Bread which was very soft & fluffy. It is soft and perfect with the spreads and is definitely worth the money. What they provide is near to the real deal. Lastly, their Paprika Lavash has the right crunch to it & is an excellent tried & tested combination with the hummus.

Food blogger bangalore, Bengaluru blogger

We have some of the Lavash left and will definitely order some more of the Bell pepper hummus to finish the lavash up!

One thing to note is their products are mostly for immediate consumption & for limited refrigeration. The ideal period for refrigeration is 3 days & they advise to consume before that.

Their delivery service is also pretty reliable & they deliver mostly on time. They provide a decent value for money but we’d suggest to buff up the quantity marginally.

Kudos to the Yummus team for this initiative.

We’ll be back with more interesting stories.

Till then –maintain proper hygiene & bon apetit!

Kappa Chakka Kandhari - Authentic Kerala cuisine experience

Kappa Chakka Kandhari 

Kappa Chakka Kandhari - Authentic Kerala cuisine experience
Masala Tea to end our meal
Although visually appealing food has its craze, there is no doubt that down to earth, tasty & “made with love” food hits the spot each & every time!

We often taste radically different food but it is rare that a certain taste sticks to our palate. Sometimes we want to take a dip in the clouds again! This reference can be understood if you read deeper into the post. 

Raising the curtains now as building more suspense would just cause us more pain: we visited the restaurant Kappa Chakka Kandhari, a restaurant specializing in Kerala Cuisine located in Koramangala, 6th Block, Bangalore. 

If you want to check out their demand, just drive past the restaurant & you’ll find a queue of at least 20-30 people at all times, guaranteed! Now that shows that they’re doing something right! 

Also, If you want to have a table booked, it is difficult to get one of those coveted Kappa Chakka Kandhari table booking, since they only take a few bookings.

Kappa Chakka Kandhari - Authentic Kerala cuisine experience

Kappa Chakka Kandhari - Authentic Kerala cuisine experience
Lemon Goli Soda

After dining there we tried to figure out what that is & guess what, they don’t care if your plate is Instagram-able. They just focus on flavour, homework & ingredients to make you come back for more. It works even more because of the value for money they provide so you don’t feel a pinch in your pocket. 

Coming down to the short summary of what we tried from the Kappa chakka kandhari Bangalore menu & the dishes we absolutely recommend:

Koonthal Roast: A simple yet marvellous squid rings preparation. The rings were cooked to perfection. They were soft but had a bite to them. It was mildly spicy & paved the way for spicier food!

Prawn Kizhi: Ever wondered what a banana leaf dumpling looks like? Well, this is it! The prawns mixed with the coconut masala is steamed & tastes delicious because the prawns retain all the flavour. The only downside is that the prawns get overcooked due to the process. 

Seer Masala Fry: Seer by its nature is a fibrous fish but in this case, it was cooked so beautifully that you can only focus on the positives. The taste was remarkable & nothing like we’ve tasted before. The tartness of the gooseberries & the spiciness of the chilli, balance out brilliantly.

Irachi/Vazhapoo cutlet: Both the beef & banana blossom cutlets were delicious! The highlight though was the beet root chutney served with it. It was creamy, mildly sweet & packed with flavour. The beef cutlet was mostly beef & fried after coating with an egg wash so although it is very fulfilling, it has a tendency to increase your thirst.

Pineapple Nendram Masala: We hope the Chef gets his commission because we really relished this relish type dish. It is more of an acquired taste. To be honest, we’re missing the tangy sweetness.

Shappu Meen Curry: They give a giant piece of fish in a thick red kokum & chilli based curry. The curry gave us the chills. It tastes really good with white rice. This is served with steamed tapioca & kandhari chutneys. The contrast of flavour is spectacular. 

Kappa Chakka Kandhari - Authentic Kerala cuisine experience
Seer Fish Fry

Kappa Chakka Kandhari - Authentic Kerala cuisine experience
Koonthal Roast

Kappa Chakka Kandhari - Authentic Kerala cuisine experience
Pineapple Nendram Masala

Kappa Chakka Kandhari - Authentic Kerala cuisine experience
Prawn Kizhi

Kappa Chakka Kandhari - Authentic Kerala cuisine experience
Prawn Kizhi  (opened)
That’s about it for the mains! For the drinks, we definitely recommend their Goli sodas as they are perfect thirst quenchers. We also tried a spicy drink made of kandhari chillies which acted as a perfect palate cleanser. 

For the bread, the Idiappam & the Puttu were perfect. We tried the Pathiri for the first time & we haven’t tasted anything thinner than this. It is coated with coconut milk & then had as a slice of normal bread. This paragraph is to give credit to the Ramassery Idly. It is the softest idly we’ve had & it has a lot of technique behind it. Do follow our Instagram (@foodielandblog) to check out the video. 
Apparently, there are 4 families which still use this method of cooking idlies & one of them work with Kappa Chakka Kandhari Koramangala and one with their Chennai restaurant! This deserves a try.

Kappa Chakka Kandhari - Authentic Kerala cuisine experience
Vezhapoo Cutlet

Kappa Chakka Kandhari - Authentic Kerala cuisine experience
Ramassery Idli

Kappa Chakka Kandhari - Authentic Kerala cuisine experience
Shapu Meen Curry

Kappa Chakka Kandhari - Authentic Kerala cuisine experience
Tender Coconut Cloud Pudding

The only thing which we thought is average is the Mutton chaps preparation. The minuscule pieces of mutton were cooked well but the flavour profile was not balanced. The gravy was too diluted & we can’t say that we enjoyed it. 

Lastly, the dessert section where the cloud reference comes in! Firstly, kudos to Kappa Chakka Kandhari for the concept of the Kandhari ice cream. That creamy, cold, sweet & spicy ice cream hit all the spots. We loved it! Finally, the cloud pudding. We recommend each living being to try this. We can probably survive on just this for a month. This tender coconut pudding is so perfect that we don’t want to upset ourselves by talking about it. If you don’t like anything we said, just visit for this—you won’t regret it!

It really feels good to write about good & hearty food because it takes you back there & we’re currently sitting in Kappa Chakka Kandhari (metaphorically). We had a great time tasting these delicious wonders. 

We know its long but we strongly advise to skim through. Do let us know what your thoughts are & definitely let us know your likes & dislikes if you visit!
The value for money which they provide is rare considering the quality of food. 

Hope you enjoyed the visuals ;)

We’ll be back again soon with something different!

Till then –stay healthy, stay safe & bon apetit!

Earn your Right To Protein this Republic Day

A well balanced diet
Currently there are 195 countries in the world & guess which one is celebrating its 71st Republic day today?
It’s a no brain-er, but still we’re laying it out for you guys: It is none other than the largest democracy in the world & our motherland- India!
Yes, we’re celebrating our 71st Republic day as a Republic Nation.
Across our country, there are a lot of reservations about eating meat & non-vegetarian food in general. As a result, most of our diets lack sufficient quantity of protein. This Republic Day, let's try to improve our overall well-being by exerting our Right to Protein. This mostly involves adding protein elements in our diet, irrespective of animal or plant based proteins. This doesn't just stop at you as it is our duty to influence those around us so that everyone can lead a healthier life style.

Right to protein !

It is not unknown to the masses that our country has a huge population & a majority of the population does not have the privilege of consuming well balanced meals throughout the day. Hence, the awareness for this campaign is crucial to our development as a nation.
Ever wondered why majority of foreign athletes pack more power? It is mostly because of their protein rich diets! A protein rich diet not only boosts metabolism, but also helps in building muscle etc. With that been said, we take the pledge of making better & healthier diet choices & increasing the quantity of protein in our diet (Not that we consume any less).
We also consider It our responsibility to spread the knowledge & influence others. You should do it too!
We are Bengalis from the city of joy, Kolkata & majority of our protein intake comes from fishes & other meats.

However, since we pledged to make better diet choices, we’ll talk about a personal favorite of ours: soya bean. These remarkable nuggets pack a lot of protein & the reason why we chose a vegetarian item is to include those who do not prefer non-veg. Soya bean is a favorite back in our home town.
One of our favorite preparations is the Soya Chaap. It is insanely tasty & if prepared well, tastes as good as meat.

Fish- One of the highest sources of protein in the planet!

So let us show you how you can earn your right to protein !

Soya beans soaked for 4 hours and drained 1/2 cup

Refined flour 3/4 cup cup

Salt to taste

Wooden ice cream sticks as required

Yogurt 1/2 cup

Gram flour 2-3 tablespoons

Chaat masala 1/2 teaspoon

Turmeric powder 1/4 teaspoon

Red chilli powder 1/2 teaspoon

Garam masala powder 1/4 teaspoon

Ginger-garlic paste 1 teaspoon

Oil to deep fry

Refined flour slurry as required

Soya mince as required

Onion rings to serve

Lemon slices to serve

Fresh mint to garnish

Let us walk you through the course of preparation:
  • Blend soya beans with some water
  • Mix refined flour with soya paste & salt to a semi-stiff dough
  • Break the dough into balls & flatten them like a Roti
  • Cut into strips & wrap it around a wooden stick ( we use ice cream sticks as they look appealing) Voila, we made the chaaps
  • Heat water & blanch the strips (4-5 min). Then drain the water & keep them in some ice for the mixture to harden
  • Take curd in a bowl along with gram flour, turmeric, red chilli, garam masala powder, ginger & garlic paste & a little water. Mix well with a pinch of salt
  • Heat oil in a non-stick pan, Take the leftover refined flour in a bowl
  • Dip the chaaps in the curd mixture, coat it with the refined flour & fry till golden brown. If you like to add a bit of zing, add minced soya after the refined flour. This adds some crunch to the Soya Chaaps.
After this we generally use napkins to absorb the excess oil. Tastes best with some lemon juice freshly squeezed on top.

Soya Chaap garnished with onions, lemon & coriander
As mentioned before, majority of our diets are mostly protein deficient as we gorge on carbs. This just keeps us full for a longer period with little benefit. We hope you take the pledge along with us to fight the battle against malnutrition.
Coming down to the Right to Protein, which is a is a nation-wide public health initiative to increase general awareness about the importance of adequate and quality protein in everyday diet. It is an initiative to educate the people in India about the importance of protein for their general health, fitness and well being. The #RightToProtein campaign aspires to act as a catalyst in promoting consumption of different forms of proteins amongst Indians for better overall nutrition. Under this initiative, there is a protein calculator called the Protein-O-Meter, which calculates one’s daily protein requirement basis basic individual information such as body profile, type of lifestyle and meals consumed at different times during the day. Apart from information on one’s possible protein gap, the platform also provides information on protein-rich foods, healthy habits, tips and busting myths about protein.
This takes the Indian dietary preferences into consideration & across all age groups.
As they say, our body is made up of 75% of what we eat! A healthier diet leads to a better lifestyle & that directly translates into better fitness, working capability & longevity in general.
That’s all from our side!
Do let us know if you have anything to say to us about the recipe or the post.
We’d love to hear from you!
Till then, Happy Republic Day & Bon Apetit!

#proteinometer #RightToProtein

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