The Bengali Food Festival @ M Café | The Marriott Whitefield | Bangalore


The Bengali Food Festival @ M Café | The Marriott Whitefield | Bangalore

Shubho Bijoya!

Last year roundabout this time we gave a couple of posts and labelled them as Durga Puja and Diwali specials. This time however, there was no such post fitting the occasion. But history does repeat itself and we had the privilege of visiting The Marriott, Whitefield and this time for their Bengali Food Festival.

So, this post is dedicated to all the Bengali people in the house and in general for everyone in love with Bengali Cuisine.

The Bengali Food Festival @ M Café | The Marriott Whitefield | Bangalore
Bengali style puja mandap at the entrance of M Café

Their caption is exceptionally catchy and it goes by: There is a little bit of Bengal in “Bengaluru”.

This festival is taking place at the open air dining space at The M Café.

The setup is quite nostalgic for people like us who have migrated to other cities for their jobs. It was a heart-warming gesture from their side. Enough with the sentiments: we can always catch a flight and go back home so here comes a short and sweet version of what this festival has to offer.

If you are not familiar with Bengali cuisine, then just have faith and eat whatever you feel is good and you will not be disappointed.

The Bengali Food Festival @ M Café | The Marriott Whitefield | Bangalore

They have a wide spread starting with a very famous street food of Kolkata called “Jhal Muri”. They also have an array of Achars and Chutneys, followed by chicken and mutton chops, Hilsa fry (Ilish), Luchi Chholar Dal etc. 

From the main course they had “Potol Alu Posto”, Bengali style fish curry, Kolkata Mutton Biriyani, Basanti Pulao, Chicken Kassa and few other items.

A special item was the Daab Chingri preparation which was amazing in taste and almost the same as the original. The variations lied in the balance of sweetness which was done to make sure everyone can enjoy the meal. However, in some cases the prawns were not cleaned properly and that was a led down.

The Chicken Kassa tasted brilliant with the Luchi. It had the perfect spice level so that no one has smoke in their ears. The Luchi and Chholar Dal is and will always be close to every Bengalis heart, so no comments here. If the Dal was a little bit sweeter, it would have been perfect.

They also served a Fish Paturi on the table which tasted great but was nowhere near to the actual Paturi. They used Rohu/Catla for this.

Daab Chingri@ M Café | The Marriott Whitefield | Bangalore
Daab Chingri

Bengali Veg Main course @ M Café | The Marriott Whitefield | Bangalore
Bengali Veg Main course

Bengali style fish curry @ M Café | The Marriott Whitefield | Bangalore
Bengali style fish curry

Kosha Mangsho @ M Café | The Marriott Whitefield | Bangalore
Kosha Mangsho

The Biriyani was very flavourful and the mutton pieces were cooked to perfection. The eggs in the biriyani were characteristic but more potatoes would have brought out the true beauty.

Other dishes to try are the Potol Posto and the Thor preparation which were done perfectly. The mutton chops and the chicken cutlets were radically different from what we understand them to be. Moreover, the stuffing was insufficient and the flour coating was too thick.

From the desserts: the patishapta was pretty decent. The original is made with jaggery and coconut but they replicated it with sooji. The Malpua was overly sweet and too soft. It should have been fried a bit more to give it the perfect finish. The barfi’s are worth trying but the disappointing fact was that the Mishti Doi was slightly rancid.

Daab Chingri (another view)

Bengali Sweets@ M Café | The Marriott Whitefield | Bangalore
Bengali Sweets

Rasgullas @ M Café | The Marriott Whitefield | Bangalore
You know what these are :P

So that’s all from our end in a nutshell. The ambiance is particularly brilliant and will definitely make a Bengali feel at home. The food should have been better but is still worth trying! Apart from the mentioned let downs the others were lip smacking.

One can also try the main buffet items too which are not from the festival menu. There is not much time left as the festival ends on the 22nd, so you know where to head off if you love Bengali food. 

The pricing is quite reasonable at INR 1050 + taxes for lunch (12:30-14:30) and INR 1550 + taxes for dinner (19:00-22:30).

Do let us know about your experience if you guys visit.

We’ll be back soon with something appetizing ;)

Till then—stay tuned and bon apetit!

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