Tibetan Mother's Kitchen Review | Koramangala | Bangalore


Tibetan Mother's Kitchen Review | Koramangala | Bangalore
Fried Pork Momo

It is very easy to go with the herd and do what everyone does, but how often do people break their bounds and do something different—rarely!

The above statement applies to everything, including food habits. So here it goes, this time we tried Tibetan food for a change because a change is always refreshing (and very necessary once in a while!)

Nowadays most restaurants have fancy designs and decor, but sometimes the classic homely environment brings a feeling like no other. The restaurant we tried goes by the name Tibetan Mother’s Kitchen located in Koramangala just opposite to the Forum mall.

Tibetan Mother's Kitchen Review | Koramangala | Bangalore

There are loads of restaurants in that area and it is very hard to spot this one, especially because it is located on the first floor and the stairway can give anyone a nightmare! :D

Tibetan Mother's Kitchen Review | Koramangala | Bangalore

As soon as we climbed the stairs, we felt as if we entered a small Tibetan hut, with trees all around and a very home like environment. The interiors were decorated with bamboo’s and Tibetan paintings and scrolls. 

After admiring the simplicity of the decor for some time, we decided to order. We ordered fried pork momo’s and Hong Kong chicken for starters followed by chicken Thukpa, chicken with aloo phengsha, bamboo shoot fried rice, Mixed non veg fried rice and a spicy Thai chicken for the main course.

We tried something different and it paid off! The taste was so different and so refreshing!

The momo’s were slightly crunchy, and the pork inside was well cooked. The best thing was that the stuffing was well balanced and the pork was without fat. Also, the sauce served with the momo’s made it a complete package. 

Tibetan Mother's Kitchen Review | Koramangala | Bangalore

The Hong Kong chicken was very crispy on the outside and so we thought that it would be quite hard. But it was to our surprise that the crispiness on the outside is countered with softness and tenderness inside. Coupled with the smoky flavour and that it was a bit spicy, this was also a thumbs up dish!

Tibetan Mother's Kitchen Review | Koramangala | Bangalore

The chicken thukpa is nothing but soupy noodles. It had shredded pieces of chicken and scrambled eggs on top and loads of veggies inside. The quantity appeared to be less, but the reality was very different. The noodle strands were long and we tried having it with chopsticks so it was quite fun!

Tibetan Mother's Kitchen Review | Koramangala | Bangalore

Moving on to the chicken with aloo phengsha, this was something unique indeed. Unlike the normal noodles we have, these strands were fully transparent and it was fun admiring the transparency while of course having the dish. The potatoes imparted sweetness to the phengsha and there more or less generous amounts of shredded chicken. Overall this dish tasted really great, especially because it was not so watery like the thukpa.

Tibetan Mother's Kitchen Review | Koramangala | Bangalore

Now comes the fried rice—bamboo shoot and mixed non veg. Both of them were tasty—the bamboo shoots had good quantity and tasted somewhat like baby corns. The non veg fried rice was very tasty but both of them lacked vegetables and they contained a bit excess of oil.

Tibetan Mother's Kitchen Review | Koramangala | Bangalore

The best dish of the luncheon was the spicy Thai chicken. It had a thick gravy, it was spicy with big pieces of chicken and lastly, the smoky flavour. It was a delicious preparation indeed!

Now it’s time for the scoring:
Food/Taste: - 4/5
Service: - 3/5
Ambiance: - 4/5
Quantity: - 4.5/5
Value for money: - 5/5
We really liked the joint and we would definitely try it again soon! If you are looking to eat someplace with a homely environment and at a very reasonable price, you can definitely give this place a shot!
We hope you enjoyed the review!
Till next time—bon appétit!

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