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In our fast paced lives we rarely get to do what we enjoy, leave aside leading a healthy lifestyle.

Even in our case, we eat out most of the time & no matter how healthy we try to eat at other times, it does not quite cut it.

One of the reasons why the number of restaurants keep rising is that we always choose convenience because the better things in life always require time & effort.

This post is dedicated to our Nutty future! We recently stumbled upon a website from which we ordered a lot of stuff and we were impressed at the value of money they provide and on top of that: Quality of the products.

The website we are talking about is: goingnuts.in and they specialize in quality nuts & dry fruits.
Their site is very informative as it contains a lot of details about their products apart from being user friendly.

Without further ado, let’s move on to what we tried and why we support their cause:
Walnuts (Without Shell)
We tried their Flax seeds, Chia seeds, Blueberries, Gojiberries, Hazelnuts, Dried dates & a few others. This post will not only be about these items but also about how we are currently using them.
The products mentioned above are all fresh, properly packaged and also the rates at which they are available are lesser than market standards.

Now for the items they sent us to try:

Walnuts without shell, Cranberries, Unfiltered Wild Raw Honey & a couple of Trail Mixes.
The ultimate challenge concerning walnuts is getting the stuff out, but in this case it’s all extracted before-hand. The only thing to do is munch on these fresh walnuts which are ultra-nutritious. For all the mentioned, we will not be listing health benefits as you can always Google it! ;)

Now comes the Cranberries! The cranberries have a tarty & sweet aftertaste. Going Nuts brings sulphate free quality Cranberries all the way from USA. Apart from what you can Google, this is one of the best available anti-oxidants & excellent for the urinary system.

The Trail Mixes from Going Nuts have a good balance in terms of nutrition, sharpness in taste & crunch. We are currently avoiding junk food by snacking on these babies as they might just help us live longer for a change! Going Nuts sent us the Peanut Trail Mix and another one called the Going Nuts Trail Mix.

The former has a predominance of peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, chocolate chips & cranberries. It is balanced in terms of the crunch, the bitterness from the walnuts & the sweetness of the chocolate chips & the cranberries. They really have done their homework! It not only tastes good but also is high on nutritional value. A perfect carry on snack while travelling.

Peanut Trail Mix

The latter has a mix of walnuts, almonds, cranberries, blueberries and pumpkin seeds. This has a different focus than the above. It emphasizes more on health benefits, good carbs & anti-oxidants.

Now moving on to something which is rare indeed: The raw un-filtered honey!

If you have tasted wild honey, you must be knowing that none of the commercial brands sell honey that is even remotely close to that taste!

In this case, the honey is thick, has a darker colour & tastes very similar to wild honey. There is always a difference between the real thing and what we get packaged but this is very close to the real deal! In this case, we received the multi-flora variety. They have some more as well which you can check on their website.

Going Nuts Trail Mix

That’s all about the products which we have tried/ are trying. Now for the new stuff: How we are using them!

Well, morning shows the day and whatever energy we have throughout the day is the result of our body burning our breakfast so, the stress here is on breakfast and how nutritiously heavy & light on the stomach it can be.

We have plain instant oats boiled with water. Nothing so special about this right? Along with this we add diced berries: either cranberries or blueberries (A daily shot of antioxidants), crushed almonds/ walnuts for the crunch, some chia seeds/flax seeds (because it helps in weight loss) & finally the wild sweetener!

Now this works! Not only is it super light on the stomach, but also it has all the magic to keep you brimming with energy all day.

Since we do not do recipes, that’s all you’re going to get from us ;)

That’s all from our side. A big shout out to Going Nuts for their top notch products. We are using their products for quite some time now and we can really feel the difference.

They deliver only in Bangalore and the best part: orders above INR 749/- include free shipping.

For all those who value their health in these polluted times: Happy to help!

Do let us know your views if you try out their products. From our experience, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

We’ll be back with a bang soon!

Till then—love yourself & bon apetit!

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