Cuisines Of The Coast @ Nook | Aloft Cessna Business Park | Bangalore


Cuisines Of The Coast @ Nook | Aloft Cessna Business Park | Bangalore
Crab & Chicken preparation served with Kerala Paratha

Honestly speaking: we have been to so many food festivals that we have actually lost count! This time, we bring to you news about another special & unique festival which is running at Nook, Aloft Hotel, Cessna Business Park, Bangalore.

The Cuisines of the Coast festival highlights the food available in the coastal regions of India: mostly Kerala & Goa.

We’ll make this one short & sweet so you know what to target if you visit!

With their infrastructure, they could have made this festival larger than life but it did not quite live up to our expectations.

A few highlights of the festival: Tender coconut water, Chicken Cafreal, any crab preparation you can get your hands on, Kerala Paratha, Chicken Kola Urundai, Sea Food Bar & the two insane prawn preparations we tried!

Apart from this there is a regular buffet with the normal items which are irresistible. The prawns were marvellous, especially the Prawns & Mango salad preparation. The dish had thin slices of mango, with big poached prawns & micro greens. It tasted heavenly and the prawns were mildly sweet even after perfect poaching.

Cuisines Of The Coast @ Nook | Aloft Cessna Business Park | Bangalore

We tried the Nandu Varutharachadu which was the crab preparation. It was spicy with loads of masala and tasted exceptional. The problem was with the meat which was non-existent.

The tender coconut water is a heat buster and it is always a good idea to take a sip before entering the buffet battlefield. The Chicken Cafreal met expectations and it was exactly the way it should be. The longing smell of coconut milk always feels good!

The Sea Food Bar was a bit disappointing. The prawns, squids, octopus & clams were simply boiled and served with sauces. It would have been much better if they were stir fried at least.

The Kaalan Milagu Piratti, a spicy Mushroom preparation with pepper had a tangy taste & had loads of onions. The Mushrooms were big in size and the overall preparation was pretty spicy. A similar preparation with prawns was served which tasted even better!

That’s about it from the festival point of view. About their regular buffet spread: Don’t forget to try out their fish preparations, especially in the starters section. Also, their Chinese starters are top notch but their Creamy Alfredo Pasta is just irresistible!

Cuisines Of The Coast @ Nook | Aloft Cessna Business Park | Bangalore
Prawn Salad

Dessert Section

About the desserts: Have a look at their Rasgulla bar. Their pastries are worth a try but the Puli Pitha was the star dessert of the festival. It is a Bengali classic prepared with milk & wanton like things in it which are stuffed with coconut, kheer etc. It was the real deal.
This festival is on till the 26th of this month.

So, if you have seafood & spicy coastal cuisine in mind: you know what to do!
We have given our recommendations so, do let us know about your experience if you decide to crash.

While you're at it, do check out their refreshing mocktails & cocktails. This festival does not have any designated drink other than the tender coconut water.

We’ll be back soon with another food festival.

Till then—live to eat & bon apetit ;)

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