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Mutton Sukkad on a dhokla pillow@Aspect Bon Vivant @ Nimisserie | Bangalore
Mutton Sukkad on a dhokla pillow and lemon foam

Winter is coming! Well that said we are now on a roll as the colder it gets, the more one can devour!

This time we bring to you something very different from what we normally try and that is Aspect Cuisine. We were recently invited to try out the new menu at one of the most innovative restaurants in Bangalore: Nimisserie.

Located in Brigade road and on the main road, one can see the restaurant and its beauty from quite a distance. The interiors are quite lavish with an open kitchen and the credits behind the concepts go to Chef Nimish Bhatia who is the main man behind the food.

We tried the new Aspect Bon Vivant 7 course meal and some of the preparations were amazingly innovative, well presented and executed.

We started off this feast with the Amuse Bouche. It serves as a palate cleanser with flavoured bubbles which imparts freshness.

Next up, there was a pretty incredible dish consisting of Feta Cheese and Burnt Garlic in Melon Skin. The melon skin had a smooth texture and along with the other ingredients it was a balanced shot of flavours. It was very interesting and slightly chewy.

Amuse Bouche@Aspect Bon Vivant @ Nimisserie | Bangalore
Amuse Bouche

Smoked Prawn Salad@Aspect Bon Vivant @ Nimisserie | Bangalore
Smoked Prawn Salad

Feta Cheese & Burnt Garlic in Melon skin@Aspect Bon Vivant @ Nimisserie | Bangalore
Feta Cheese and Burnt Garlic in Melon skin

After this, we were served a Smoked Prawn Salad again containing a medley of interesting ingredients and flavours. It was cherry wood smoked and contained lavender, marigold, green apple and other garden greens. The salad had a good crunch, was balanced and had a pleasant aroma. The smokiness of the prawns and the crunch of the melon seeds were the highlights.

The presentation of the Paneer Atimati was unique and attractive. Although the quantity was surprisingly less it was served with an Alu Tikki and a Guava Chutney. The tikki tasted normal, but the Atimati tasted brilliant when the chutney was drizzled on it! The Atimati in a nutshell was a homemade taco made of roti and stuffed with paneer.

After this, we were served a soup which blew our minds. It was a Creamed Yellow Corn Soup with Truffle Foam and Shaved Dry Mushrooms. Like the name suggests, it was creamy and had the characteristic aroma of corn. The scent of truffle and taste of mushrooms were an added bonus and added to the experience.

The soup was succeeded by another marvel in the form of a Mutton Sukkad on a Dhokla Pillow and served with Lemon Foam. The mutton was prepared in Mangalore style and was slightly spicy and served on a spongy and soft pillow of dhokla. Presentation and taste were a thumbs up but it was quite insufficient in terms of quantity.

Paneer Atimati@Aspect Bon Vivant @ Nimisserie | Bangalore
Paneer Atimati with Alu Tikki and Guava Chutney

Creamed yellow corn soup with truffle foam and shaved dry mushrooms

Now, after this came two main course items followed by dessert.

The Chicken Skewers served with Multi Grain rice was impressive. This did not have a fancy presentation but was filling with satisfactory quantity of chicken and crunchy rice. The fish 3 ways was disappointing. There were 3 preparations of fish containing one piece only and served with Idiyappam. The only preparation worth praise was the moilee which had a creamy coconut flavour and was mouth-watering! The other varieties were average and considering the price they charge they can use better fish than mahi.

For dessert we tried a number of items. Most of the items looked amazing and fancy but looks can be deceiving. The Mango Cardamom Instant Frozen Dessert was good. It was flavourful and had the right amount of sweetness. Except for this we tried a sparkling wine dessert which was frozen with liquid nitrogen. It would have been better if they froze a bit more of sparkling wine as it was more like a tasteless blob. The other desserts served were also pretty average except for the chocolate tower dessert called the Nimisserie Cruze or something similar. This had certain craftsmanship involved and had a balance of chocolate flavour.

Fish 3 way

Skewered Chicken with multi grain rice @Aspect Bon Vivant @ Nimisserie | Bangalore
Skewered chicken served with multi grain rice

Solidified Sparkling wine dessert

Nimisserie Cruze@Aspect Bon Vivant @ Nimisserie | Bangalore
Nimisserie Cruze

So, this marks an end to our Nimisserie experience. The experience was decent but there are a lot of ways to improve: the service needs to be faster and they need to make sure they provide more value for money to their customers as in most cases the quantity was lesser than expected. But it might be that for sharks like us, this is not the place to visit!

If you have a small appetite and like to indulge in innovative cuisine and fancy presentation, then Nimisserie is a must try for you. Moreover, their food is designed to get digested in about 30 minutes so they are of a different league altogether (Do keep in mind that this is not pocket friendly).

If you visit and try out their food do let us know about your experience!

We’ll be back with devouring news soon.

Till then—stay tuned and bon apetit!
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