The Retro Dining Experience @ Woodstok | Indiranagar | Bangalore


Chicken & Bacon Steak @ Woodstok | Indiranagar | Bangalore
Chicken & Bacon Steak

Recently we brought to you all an Italian food experience followed by our experience at a new & funky pub so, how about something retro this time?

We sincerely believe that in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we need to give ourselves a break and indulge in something not belonging to our super modern era! On the same line, our recent experience at Woodstok Restro-Cafe, Indiranagar fits this description.

From the outside, the establishment is shaded with loads of greenery all around and inside you can see a lot of “wood”. They have 2 floors of spacious seating arrangement. They have outdoor seating on the top floor which also acts as the smoking area and it is a peaceful and romantic setting. Apart from this, they have private dining spaces and food which is guaranteed to make you crave for more.

We also noticed that they are probably the only establishment apart from HRC in which video and audio are in full sync. An added bonus is that there is a lot of ambient lighting which results in better photographs and lesser artificiality.

Now coming down to the food:

We tried the Bacon Wrapped Prawns, Prawns Peri Peri and Chicken Quesadillas for starters and their Blueberry Pancakes from their all day breakfast menu first.

The Bacon Wrapped Prawns were the best we have had till date and the reason behind this was that the entire body of the prawns were wrapped rather than just a small portion. The good old smokiness of bacon coupled with the prawns tasted magical. The bacon added a slight chewiness which added to the experience.

The Peri Peri Prawns were equally amazing. They were spicy, well done and the flavours went through. Not to mention the diced peppers along with the prawns tasted phenomenal!

At this point we understood that they do not compromise on quality as well as quantity.
The Blueberry Pancakes attracted our attention and we decided to give them a try (and we are glad we did!). The pancakes had the right texture and had decent quantity of blueberries in them. The blueberry jam was also excellent and the pairing was perfect. The presentation was beautiful!

The Quesadillas were decent and not too spiked. Hence, it did not have a sharp taste and requires some tweaking. It was balanced and had good quantity of chicken. A little bit more cheese would have helped.

Blueberry Pancakes @ Woodstok | Indiranagar | Bangalore
Blueberry Pancake

Bacon Wrapped Prawns @ Woodstok | Indiranagar | Bangalore
Bacon Wrapped Prawns

Peri Peri Prawns @ Woodstok | Indiranagar | Bangalore
Peri Peri Prawns

Chicken Quesadillas@ Woodstok | Indiranagar | Bangalore
Chicken Quesadillas

For drinks: we tried the Red Wine Cooler which was chilled and very appetizing and a white wine based cocktail which paired well with the steaks and had a citrusy flavour. The Tropical Kiwi was very refreshing.

So now for the main course:

We tried a seafood chowder soup, the signature London House Woodstok Grill and the Chicken & Bacon Steak.

If you guys visit, this soup is a must try! It was creamy, mildly sweet and full of minced seafood: squid& prawns mostly. The aroma of seafood and the creaminess did wonders.

The London House Woodstok Grill is a combination of all types of grilled meat: beef, chicken, bacon and ham. The sizzling sound along with the sight of so much meat will make any meat lover jump with joy! It was served with stir fried vegetables and mashed potatoes. All the meats were grilled to perfection. The bacon and the beef were particularly fabulous. The ham tasted good with the sauce and the chicken was succulent and self-sufficient. The mashed potatoes tasted good and along with the vegetables acted as a palate cleanser.

Red Wine Cooler & Tropical Kiwi @ Woodstok | Indiranagar | Bangalore
Red Wine Cooler & Tropical Kiwi

The Retro Dining Experience @ Woodstok | Indiranagar | Bangalore

Seafood Chowder@ Woodstok | Indiranagar | Bangalore
Seafood Chowder

London House Woodstok Grill @ Woodstok | Indiranagar | Bangalore
London House Woodstok Grill

Lastly, the Chicken & Bacon steak was another meaty delight. A large chunk of grilled chicken and a bed of bacon on top: now that’s enough to make us happy for a week! The mashed potatoes and veggies were standard but the sauce and the meats were perfectly done and a big thumbs up!

Since we are human, we were full after having all this and only desserts left: The Blueberry Cheesecake and the Pineapple pastry.

The Cheesecake was soft as a pillow with a layer of blueberries. It melted in the mouth and everything was perfect about it. It had a white chocolate garnish all around so presentation and taste both were spot on. The pineapple pastry was standard.

Blueberry Cheesecake @ Woodstok | Indiranagar | Bangalore
Blueberry Cheesecake

Pineapple Pastry @ Woodstok | Indiranagar | Bangalore
Pineapple Pastry

The experience was even better thanks to the warm reception and company of Mrs Anitha Kariappa who manages the restaurant. Thanks to her, we tried a hot and spicy Pandi Curry (Coorgi Style Pork Curry) which was absolutely delicious and mouth-watering!

So, that’s all from our side.

Woodstok also has a provision for working professionals to work in their restaurant on weekdays till 19:30. They provide high speed Wi-Fi and charge INR 5k a month which is fully redeemable in F&B.

Leaving that aside, they provide great value for money as both quality and quantity of their food is very impressive. This along with groovy music, prompt service and a retro feel makes Woodstok a must try!

Do let us know about your experience, in case you visit. We might revisit soon as we are already craving for their Bacon Wrapped Prawns.

We’ll be back soon with something interesting ;) (No hints!)
Till then—stay tuned and bon apetit! 
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