Eatfresh Review | Food Delivery | Bangalore


Eatfresh Review | Food Delivery | Bangalore

Every day is a new beginning—for better or for worse. Some people try to realize their visions and dreams while at the same time there are cases where everything falls apart like a house of cards.

On a different note, nowadays almost every day is a birthday for a start up. We recently came across a food tech start up with a very good name: eatfresh! We were privileged to try some of their dishes and we were pretty satisfied with their services except for one particular case.

They operate on a full delivery model and their dishes are prepared by qualified chefs who are alumnus of big hotel chains across the country.

They deliver on time and also entertain requests for different delivery timings. Their packaging is great and they deliver the food hot at your doorstep!

Now coming down to our order:

We tried Chicken with Honey and Asparagus, Paneer Pasanda with Corn Pulao and Honey Chicken Bell Pepper with Black Pepper Fried Rice for main course, Chocolate Mousse for dessert and their lemon mint cooler.

To be honest their coolers are the best. We found the lemon mint cooler to be refreshing and it had a great balance of sweetness, the flavour of lemon and mint of course. It is a light and soothing drink which is perfect for the hot summer and best served chilled!

We also tried the honey and basil cooler which was wonderful. We were skeptical at first about how it would taste but we were very impressed with the outcome! There was an essence of honey throughout, it was not too sweet and had a delicate fragrance.

We found their main dishes to be quite pocket-friendly and they had adequate quantity as well.

Eatfresh Review | Food Delivery | Bangalore
The Chicken with Honey and Asparagus is of course a continental preparation and will not suit everybody’s palate as it was not quite spicy. It was a healthy preparation with sliced boneless chicken cooked with herbs and asparagus. It also contained some mashed potato and rice. The best part of the dish was the garlic mayonnaise and the small bun. Overall this dish was quite light on the palate and the stomach, so good stuff!

The paneer pasanda was brilliant. The quantity of paneer was impressive and the stuffing was intact. The gravy was rich and went very well with the corn pulao. The paneer pieces were sandwiched and the stuffing was mainly of raisins and cashews and overall the dish was fantastic!

The Honey chicken preparation was obviously on the sweeter side. The gravy was very tasty and the chicken pieces were tender and juicy. The dish was very well balanced, mainly the acidity and the bell peppers imparted freshness and crunch to the dish. The fried rice was impressive in terms of oil and of course balancing the amount of black pepper which is difficult and very important.

So, we really liked all the preparations maybe not equally but they were impressive nonetheless.

Eatfresh Review | Food Delivery | Bangalore

Now for the dessert: The chocolate mousse looked great, had a chocolaty aroma and tasted good. Consistency wise it was not very impressive as we found small lumps but one major disappointment was the discovery of a non-edible material inside.

We had complained about the same and we were compensated satisfactorily.

Eatfresh Review | Food Delivery | Bangalore

We also had the opportunity to taste their passion fruit cheese cake which was yet another hit! It has a layer of passion fruit jelly along with crunchy seeds and the cheese cake had great consistency. It was an excellent dessert to be honest.

Eatfresh Review | Food Delivery | Bangalore

Also, we have tried the spaghetti aglioli with chicken steak, laksa curry with oriental noodles and soya oyster pot roast chicken leg preparation. All of them were very good in taste and were a delight to have. The laksa curry is a Thai preparation and it was insanely tasty with a rich coconut flavor throughout.

Eatfresh Review | Food Delivery | Bangalore

If not for the last part, the entire experience was good. These guys are definitely worth ordering from as they do not overprice their dishes and their preparations are quite tasty.

Time for the scores:

Food/Taste: - 4/5
Quantity: - 3.5/5
Delivery: - 5/5
Packaging: - 4/5

We were satisfied with what we had tried and we will be trying out other dishes soon.

If you are looking out for good food delivery options at a decent price and of course good food, you can give these guys a try!

Cheers and till next time—bon appétit! Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. Worst ever Customer service....I placed an order #5719913 through the website this noon, after 2 mins I get a call saying that they stopped delivery to Baghmane Tech Park Bangalore since 25 days wherein last night and a couple of days back I have ordered from the site and got food delivered.When I asked the customer care agent about it he just tries to beat around the bush...Worst ever service froma budding start up.I will never comeback to eat fresh or recommend it to anyone for their pathetic service.

  2. Hey i tried ordering from this restaurant and the food turned out to be good. We all should understand that new start ups take time to grow up to the customer expectation. I came across another new restaurant which is 48East and they also work on home delivery model. Their food is really amazing and mouth watering. Delivery time is guranteed within 45 minutes and they have been on customer's lips as a lot of people are talking about them. I personally love their food and I would suggest everyone to try them out as well.


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