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There are not many restaurants in Bangalore where one can get a romantic ambiance coupled with privacy. Most of the seating arrangements are such that your private moments won’t remain private any more.

We recently visited the Yauatcha Terrace at 1 M.G. Road mall in Bangalore and it is definitely worth a WOW!

So, in this case we found a mixture of a romantic ambiance, privacy and of course—the rooftop! If there is a slight breeze around, it is sure to make your evening magical—be it with friends or your loved ones!

The setup contains a majestic bar, with a DJ playing some groovy music. They serve cocktails, mocktails, small eats and they will be serving alcohol from this week itself.

They have a wide variety of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverage options and we must say that all their drinks were superbly balanced!

Since this is a bar type arrangements, we mostly had drinks accompanied by some finger food.

We tried 6 varieties of cocktails and 2 varieties of mocktails.

First up, the name of this cocktail is quite interesting and funny: Lalu. This drink had a vodka base along with litchi liquor and juice coupled with lemon grass. The drink was quite refreshing and was a bit on the sweeter side. With every sip, we could find the taste of litchi dominating and it was not a problem at all. The aroma of lemon grass was very subtle and we found that if that was more, this drink would have packed a harder punch! The quantity of vodka was balanced so this one will not hit you much ;).

Along with Lalu, we tried the Lam Peak Martini which was quite strong in terms of alcohol and flavours as well. This is a gin based cocktail coupled with pineapple and the liquor “Martini Bianco Vermouth” and topped off with a basil leaf. The drink was well balanced but strong at the same time. [Of course it’s a Martini!] The flavour and aroma of pineapple was very subtle but the basil leaf imparted a fresh fragrance to every sip.

Next up, the Citrus Martini which was a combo of alcohol and citrus flavours! The drink has a gin + vodka base and a sharp taste. This drink was also quite strong and is going to hit you quite bad ;). There was a slice of passion fruit in the drink which gave a fruity smell and the tart taste. The orange juice imparted the sweetness whereas the citrusy flavours came from the grape fruit.

We tried the Baron Vert which is a tall drink having vodka and vermouth with loads of basil leaves and grape fruit juice. This drink had a rather simple constitution but the balancing was important as far as the basil leaves were concerned. The combination of vodka and vermouth was strong and the grape fruit juice made the taste even sharper. The basil in the drink was very well balanced so as to give a fragrant sip.

The second last cocktail was the Cha La Lai which had vodka and wine as its base and was a tall drink. On top of that it contained apple juice and grapes. This mixture was very potent and the presentation was lovely. The grapes were sweet and sour and were a perfect addition to the drink. This drink was the best in terms of balance as all the flavours were distinctly identifiable with every sip. Spectacular stuff indeed!

Lastly, the Black River Martini was something special. It consisted of whiskey (red label), apricot liquor and drambuie as its base. Consistency wise, it was a bit thick but it had a delicate and lovely aroma. The drink was balanced and tasted of scotch whiskey and blackberries. The colour was also very attractive.

Now, the alcoholic joy ride ends and we tried out 2 out of the world mocktails.

The Orange and Chilli mocktail was something we tasted for the first time and it was so different in a perfect way. It had a tangy flavour of orange with a hot, spicy and sweet aftertaste. The mint added the freshness to the drink along with the lemon grass but the palm sugar and chilli ingredient was mind blowing.

The Lime and Passion iced tea was very unique. There was a big chunk of passion fruit in the drink which imparted the fruity flavour and the tartness. The flavour of lime was very well balanced in the way that it was not too strong, but present throughout. This drink was not as unique as the orange and chilli but was very appetizing.

Now, coming down to the food we tried a variety of dim sum followed by crispy golden pumpkin prawns.

We tried the Poached Pecking dumpling which contained a stuffing of prawns and chicken and with every bite one can taste both! The sauce had a sharp taste and was bitter sweet. Combined with the sauce, the dumplings tasted amazing.

The Truffle Edamame dumpling was also top class. The mashed but unique taste of trufflewith edamame beans did not disappoint us this time as well. The dumplings were very tasty mainly because the stuffing was very flavoursome.

Next up we tried the Meat steamed and fried dim sum baskets.

The fried basket contained Sesame Prawn Toast, Spicy Duck Rolls, Baked Chicken Puff and a fried dumpling variety. The best of the lot was the Prawn toast. The crispy bread was layered with fresh, sweet prawns which are then covered by sesame seeds and fried. There was a crunch in every bite and it felt amazing. The sweetness of the prawns and the taste of the roasted sesame seeds blended perfectly.

The Spicy Duck Rolls were also very impressive. The meat content was minced and was a bit spicy. The rolls were crunchy and it tasted great.

The Baked Chicken Puff had an excellent glaze to it and was topped off with sesame seeds. The bun was soft and the stuffing tasted quite different. The chicken stuffing was quite tasty and on the sweeter side.

The other variety was also very tasty, but we felt that would have tasted better when steamed. The stuffing was of chicken and it was mouth watering, but the outside was a bit too crunchy.

Now, for the steamed basket: We loved all of them!

We don’t know the names of all of them, but we absolutely loved them! One in particular was the chicken Char Sui Bun, which looks like a white lump having the same stuffing as that of the baked chicken puff. It was very different: both in terms of taste and appearance. It seemed like a giant marshmallow filled with chicken.

All the others were dumplings, either having chicken or chicken with prawns and all of them were perfect. The colour of the dumplings was also very attractive and taste wise they were delicious. The Seafood Shui Mai was something we had tried before and there was no difference in taste as compared to the last time we had it.

The Crispy Golden Pumpkin Prawns were another delight! The prawns were perfectly fried and crisp and covered in pumpkin paste and topped off with black sesame and mint leaves. The dish was creamy, slightly sweet and tasted wonderful along with the mint leaves.

Lastly, the dessert was Mango Mascarpone with Litchi Sorbet. The presentation is something which steals the show. The mango mascarpone had layers of cheese, mango jelly and chocolate and one scoop of all and you are guaranteed to close your eyes and breathe. The taste was so different and we never thought that mango and cheese could taste this way. The litchi sorbet had the perfect consistency. It tasted only of litchi and it was slightly creamy and was cold. The combination was ecstatic.

It is really hard coming out of a restaurant which serves food of this level. The experience was exciting and thrilling as well. Yauatcha never fails to impress us!

As mentioned before, this is the perfect spot for a romantic dinner with a wide variety of smooth cocktails and of course delicious finger food.

Undoubtedly, we will be visiting soon and we will keep posting about our experiences!

So if you are in the mood for terrace dining or indulging in a lavish but romantic dining experience, we would definitely recommend this.

The Yauatcha Terrace is open on Friday's, Saturday's [7pm-2am] and Sunday's [7pm-11pm]. They are currently closed during day time because of the rising heat problem.

If you do visit, do let us know about your experience.

Till next time—bon appétit!

Priyanjana’s  Notes-

The Yauatcha Terrace has rocketed to the top of my most favourite places in Bangalore. The food is lovely and the ambience, more so! The two cocktails I would suggest will be The Cha La Lai and the Black River Martini. The Steamed dim sum basket and Crisp Golden Pumpkin Prawns are something not to miss out on. The Orange and Chilli Mocktail are for people who love a zing in their drinks and are highly recommended from me!

Unwind at The Yauatcha terrace with good food and great drinks!

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