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Hospitality is a custom in our country, because of which we Indians accept everyone with open arms especially when it comes to people visiting our homes.

There is one question which is asked whenever a guest enters our home: tea or coffee (As if there are no other options ;)).

There is also one more belief that one grows up only when they start having tea!

The scene about us is that we are not fond of the “typical” tea, mainly because of the milk factor. We like all the other varieties like jasmine, lemon, black, green etc.
On the same page, recently we tried a Gourmet Variety of Black Tea from a company which has roots on our own home town!!

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The company goes by the name James Warren Tea Ltd. But their tea brand is called Assam 1860 and their variety of tea is certainly superior to the majority of the other tea variants in the market. As they proclaim, the tea which they deliver has no middlemen involved and is unblended.

We found their packaging to be quite interactive, expressive and impressive. The tea bags are made out of nylon and covered in a plastic sachet. Overall they exceed expectations packaging and presentation wise.

Now for the tea part: as soon as you dip one of these teabags into a cup of boiling water there is a delicate aroma. The ultimate color of the tea is dark reddish and one can sense the earthly smell. We found the tea to be very refreshing and it is best served hot with a small amount of sugar. If the bitterness of the tea is well balanced with the sugar, it tastes excellent!

The tea which Assam 1860 serves is certainly of high quality, which can be understood from the rich color and of course the smell. If you are a tea person, then you should definitely give this a shot!

The best part is they deliver throughout the country, so no worries there!

Hope we were able to help out a fellow tea lover!

Do let us know how you feel about their tea once you try it. We should be back soon with news about their green tea variety as well!

Till next time – bon appétit!  

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  1. Thank you Rudra and Priyanjana for the lovely post!
    So glad that you liked the tea that we sent you.



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