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It is always fun to hang-out with people who love food, and when you cook with them the fun doubles up. Recently we did that at an event organised by Licious. It was the launch of their Bento Box, which is a quick and easy way to cook something up in a jiffy at your house. Now what it is exactly? Read on to know that ……

The event was organised at a cooking studio in Indiranagar, called Slurp studio. Will tell you about the place later :P, for now let me tell you what we did and what Licious’s Bento box is all about.

Bento box actually is a Japanese term and bento box is a go-to container for meat, rice and vegetable to work, in short our Hindustani “dabba”.

Licious has a variety of marinades for chicken and lamb and we tried almost all of the varieties of chicken and both of us can say one thing, You will be missing out on something awesome if you don’t try the marinades from Licious. They do not do frozen meat, all of their marinates are prepared freshly with fresh and not frozen meat. They deliver across the city with 8 working kitchen spread out.

The best part about this is that the marinates are delicious, easy to cook and reasonably priced!

At the event we made up food using these marinates and everybody was having a lot of fun! We were taught different ways to cook these from chefs and everybody tried their hands at cooking after the tutorials were over!

It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves being near food! The atmosphere of the location added to the fun!

Don’t forget to give the marinates they offer a try and do let us know which one you liked the most! You can order your meat marinades from and use the refferral code "ykiS11547" to get 250 INR off on your first order !! 

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