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Healthy food is not something both of us have in mind when we go out to eat, although I have been going on and on about losing some weight and getting in shape, my love for “unhealthy” food is not letting me start with it! But when we had an opportunity to try healthy food and that to in Electronic city, we were very happy! 

There is a new place in Electronic city and it is Called “Evolve” and this is the place where you can find the healthiest food in the area! Situated right beside My cousin’s place on Velankani Drive.

Their motto is providing healthy food options to the calorie conscious crowd. But of course, they have some “unhealthy” options like biriyani etc for people like Rudra and me! They have opened around 2 months back and still in the setting up phase. Let’s put the spotlight on the food we tasted now.

We tried Strawberry smoothie, Chicken Club Sandwich, Chicken burger, Tawa fish, Cheesy pasta with Chicken topping and gulab jamun.

Strawberry smoothie was a delight to have. Smoothies are something very difficult to find, especially in this part of Bangalore. With chunks of fresh strawberry and right amount of sweetness this was great to taste. This is done with milk, in case you want a yogurt smoothie, and they have that available as well.

Chicken Club Sandwich, this tasted good, but if I had to consider having egg sandwich. I didn’t get any chicken and Rudra found one or two pieces of chicken. This is accompanied with French fries. The fries were done nicely but the sandwich sadly lacked the flavour of chicken, since it is was a chicken sandwich.

Chicken burger, this is accompanied with veggies and fries as well. We liked that they had the concept of health food in mind when they were serving something like a burger. The patty contained mashed potato along with the chicken. They are experimenting with the patty and are planning to put a complete chicken patty in burgers after all the feedbacks.

Tawa fish, being a seafood lover I was very excited to try this but this sort of let me down. The taste was good, but the typical strong smell and taste of stale fish was overbearing for me, so I had to leave it and couldn't have.

Cheese pasta was the best thing I had at Evolve and quite possibly one of the best pastas in Electronic city. The chicken topping was what stood out. It was a little different. The chicken was done with herbs like rosemary and oregano and had a slight smoky flavour which made the taste of the pasta stand out as well! This I would recommend along with the smoothie.

Stuffed grilled chicken was good to taste, again, loved the accompaniments! The sauteed veggies make a good healthy addition! This I personally thought was a slightly overpriced option for the portion but it tastes pretty good. 

There are set meals available here, Indian cuisine, for the calories conscious and I would advise you to check that out.The service is pretty decent but the ambience is something which is majorly lacking. Since they are in the development, 
I would like to visit them again and see the changes. Will update that here as well!

Till next time! Bon-apetit! 


We visited Evolve again yesterday , and we tried out the Burger and fish fry this time as well. I am glad to say that they have changed the few things about these two food items and now they taste really good and for the price it is pretty decent!  

We also tried the chickpea and vegetable salad and it is a very good option for the health conscious. They have also included Lasagna in their menu and it's quite good, the sauce could be a little better though. Except for the sauce, the portion of cheese and chicken and the pasta layering is very good.   

From their Indian menu we tried two things, Paneer tawa masala and lemon roasted chicken along with phulkas.  The paneer tawa masala is fabulous and I would totally recommend it and the chicken was a little crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside with a tangy aftertaste of lemon. This preparation is also worth a shot.

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