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Nowadays is the age of start-ups where every other day, some new enterprise/ establishment is born. Some of these have clear and defined visions and some of these are just the strong dreams/will of the youth.

So, we recently tried out a “start-up” which is very unique and deserves a lot of praise.
There is one question we want to ask before we continue: Do you love Samosas?
If the answer to this question is yes, then you should definitely read on. If not, this write up can try to at least make you like it ;)

So, the Samosa joint which we are talking about is named Samosa Singh, and it has a very interesting logo as well. It is located in Neeladri Nagar, in electronic city phase 1.
But it is not the logo or the ambiance which wins the heart of their customers—it is the variety, taste and the value for money of their samosas!

The ambiance of the joint is quite good, considering they have an entire history of samosa hung on their walls and also the way samosa is pronounced is almost all languages of the world. They have stuck to the rounded triangle theme to the very core—including the seating arrangement!

Now coming down to the food they serve:

There offer a large variety of samosas and they come up with new variations every now and then. We tried the choco-caramel, choco- peanut butter, pineapple delight, masala kaju, red tangy pasta, egg crumble, Chinese Manchurian, ginger paneer, kadai paneer, classic aloo, veggie spice and a samosa chat with kadai paneer as the base. These items which we have just mentioned are not just items; they are the core ingredients of the samosas! Isn’t that something new? Plus, we did not find even a trace of oil on the samosas and not even on our fingers!

The choco-caramel samosa was very different in taste. It was crunchy on the outside and had molten chocolate on the inside. The molten chocolate filling has caramel in the middle and it gives a soft and delightful touch to every bite. The chocolate sauce over the samosa was also very different, in the sense that it had the right amount of sweetness and was not very strong aroma wise. This samosa was something we tasted for the first time and we sure loved it!

The choco-peanut butter was similar to the choco caramel on the outside, but inside there was peanut butter fused with chocolate and it also had real peanuts which lend a very good crunch is almost every bite.

The pineapple delight was unique in its own way! It had sprinkled icing sugar on top and was served with pineapple pulp chutney which was delicious. The samosa was full of sliced pineapple. The pineapple pieces were slightly spiced in order to dehydrate them and this pineapple stuffing, the icing sugar and the chutney created a fabulous balance!

The masala kaju samosas are bite sized samosas with real cashew filling and that too loads of it! The cashews were spiced and roasted and it would taste great with hot beverages like tea/coffee. This along with the shahi khoya is sold in separate boxes of 250g and 500g each respectively. The shahi khoya is a sweet samosa with a very tasty filling of coconut and khoya. The mixture and the outer covering both are sweet, but in the right balance.

The red tangy pasta was something we felt that has room for improvement. The filling was ample, with pasta and capsicum in red sauce. Unfortunately, the outer covering of the samosa absorbed some of the moisture making it a bit dry. Taste wise, it was very good and very different like the others, but a bit more of the sauce in the filling would do the trick!

The egg crumble samosa was very big and it had a lot of filling. The scrambled egg filling was not just plain, but spiced and had a sweet after taste.

The Chinese Manchurian was a very good preparation. It had noodles with vegetables and a mixed vegetable Manchurian as its filling. The balance was right and it did not taste dry at all. The overall combination is very good but it is quite difficult adjusting all the filling inside a samosa in equal proportions.

The ginger paneer was simple and one can sense the zing of ginger with every bite of the samosa. The paneer comes in the form of bhurji and the quantity is ample! The paneer mixture is cooked with onions and spices and is very tasty.

We ordered a couple of dips—cheesy jalapeno and mint mayonnaise. The mayo was normal, nothing so special, but the cheesy jalapeno dip was extraordinary. It tasted spectacular with the paneer samosas. The sharp taste of jalapenos and the cheese jelled really well!

We also tried a couple of drinks—mint cola and lemon iced tea. The lemon iced tea was standard and quite refreshing, whereas the mint cola was even better! It had a lot of mint leaves with cola and was a good palate cleanser.

We tried the classic aloo samosa which is available everywhere. The only difference is that here you won’t a trace of oil as mentioned. The aloo filling is cooked with garam masala and tastes like the authentic samosa. The roasted peanuts add a good crunch to it as well.

The kadai paneer preparation was similar to the others in greatness. The quantity of paneer was very generous. The filling was properly cooked kadai paneer and it was very tasty. Along with the paneer onions and capsicums were present.

Last, but not the least—the veggie spice samosa was quite spicy. It had a variety of vegetables as its filling as the name suggests.

The samosa chat we had had kadai paneer as its base. Curd, pomegranate seeds, chick peas and sev were the main ingredients in the chat apart from the samosa. Everything blended really well and the preparation was quite filling. The sharp taste of curd, blunt taste of chick pea and the sweetness of the pomegranate seeds gave a very good balance and it was quite impressive.

Overall, the place might be small in size, but the ambiance is quite good. The setup is quite fun and appealing. Their pricing is very reasonable and what they serve is tasty and different.

Moreover, they introduce pocket friendly offers such as samosa platters from time to time which contain 4 samosas of different variety + a free dip.

Now for the scores:

Food/Taste: - 4/5
Ambiance: - 3.5/5
Service: - self service
Quantity: - 4/5

So, this is a joint worth reordering from and revisiting. They offer such a simple preparation with so many variations and twists that will surely excite you.

Hope this review helps a fellow foodie in the quest for new and exciting varieties of food!

Till next time—bon appétit! 
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  1. Very appreciated. Best of luck for future. Keep it up.

  2. Really delicious Samosa in bangalore city. Whenever we get nearer to that surroundings have to visit it.

    1. Yes, they were good! Do visit and let us know about your experience :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you :) Please go through the other posts as well. We are sure you'll find them interesting!

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