Smoke - The Sizzler House Review | Koramangala


SMOKE - The sizzler house review , Koramangala 7th Block

After leaving Kolkata and the famous sizzlers at Peter Cat behind along with the city, I was quite sure That I would Not get a place in Bangalore to have as good sizzlers as in Peter cat! 

Then suddenly when I was roaming around with my roommate a few days back in the Koramangala 7th block  area to visit the stand alone store of Himalaya, I saw this quaint looking yet modern restaurant right opposite to the Himalaya store. 

I knew I wouldn't have to put much effort in convincing Rudra to come here for lunch and likewise as soon as I mentioned the word "Sizzlers" he jumped up at the opportunity of visiting a restaurant in Bangalore , that specializes in sizzlers. 
They also serve pasta, salads and sandwiches. 

We kept our lunch short as we both were not profoundly hungry {and trust me when we are, you will be able to see loads of dishes being reviewed here! }

So we had Corn and cheese bombs ( 125 INR ) for starters and ordered our respective sizzlers. 

To be honest I was quite skeptical and curious to see what they have in store when they mentioned pasta in a sizzler. 

Smoke - The Sizzler House Review | Koramangala
Corn and Cheese bombs - Smoke 
Smoke - The Sizzler House Review | Koramangala
Two Way Sizzler Variant - Chicken variant 
Grilled Fish Sizzler
I ordered the Grilled Fish Sizzler (275 INR ) and Rudra Ordered the Two way sizzler with two types of pasta (289 INR). 

Now First let me point out the disappointments about the food - 

1. Both the sizzlers had a same type of template, same veggies and everything. A plus here and a minus there according to the particular sizzler would have been much better. 

2. My sizzler was mostly rice and slightly dry at that, when it was supposed to be buttered rice ( I had to literally make my self believe there was butter in it). No problems there , but if the platter was properly spaced instead of the template and making a heap in between with the rice it would have been much easier to eat. 

3. The chicken in the Two way sizzler was almost non existent as Rudra hardly found a few small chicken strips in his whole platter. My fish was slightly overcooked and hence was dry and rubbery!

Now let's see what I liked about the food:- 

Quantity - Have to say we were impressed with the quantity, except for the few strips of chicken. 

Sizzle - You know your sizzler is coming if you hear the sizzling sound and that was very much present.  

Taste - I loved the black pepper sauce with the fish and rice and the pasta , both the variants, tasted pretty good. Both of us loooved the Corn & Cheese Bombs!

Presentation - It was good if not great but for a restaurant of this price range , it was pretty good!

Now it's time for scoring- 

Food - 3.5 
Quantity - 4.25
Ambiance - 4.75 ( We liked the down to earth , rustic ambiance! Do check out their lights!)
Service - 4.5 ( Quick service , but had to keep asking for water etc)
Cleanliness - 4.5 

I would have to say that my search is still on for a sizzler equivalent to that of Peter Cat! 

If you know a place with awesome sizzlers do let us know at

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