Cake Mixing Ceremony at Grand Mercure, Bangalore


Hey everybody! 

We apologize for not writing a post for such a long time! There have been a lot of changes on our front. We will definitely share the news with you. But lets kick start the blogposts again! And with a ceremony which marks a seasons start! 

I am talking about a cake mixing ceremony. Particularly, the one I attended  last weekend, at By The Blue. A pool side , beautiful restaurant located at Grand Mercure, Bangalore. 

Grand Mercure kick started the festive season with the joyous ceremony. With patrons and guests from all over the city present with their families! 

It was such a beautiful day by the poolside, to add to all of it! The heaps of dry fruits, arranged with alcohol jugs was what caught my attention, as soon as I entered the premises. And after sometime we all had a lot of fun, mixing them together. 
The Team from Grand Mercure was really friendly and warm, and they made the event even better! The children being super excited was a sight to see, they literally went crazy to mix the dry fruits! 

Everyone Having fun mixing the dry fruits!

Debolina and Priyanjana!

Done with the mixing!

After everything was done, the mix was a sight to behold and it smelled so great!! With the warm cinnamon-y fragrance in the air, we headed towards the brunch. I mostly had salads{ cause I am attempting to lose weight. LOL, Yeah! } and they were delicious ! 

After a light brunch, accompanied with sangria and great company, I headed off with fun memories! 

I look forward to attending more such events at Grand Mercure, Bangalore! 

Bon Appetite!

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