The Irish are now in Bellandur | Bangalore


Does the thought of alcohol & good grub excite you?

If so, this post is definitely for you!

So, this post is all about the launch of The Irish House in Bellandur, Bangalore which makes it their second. If you know us personally, you would know about our previous Irish House encounter. To check out that post, you can click here.

The experience reminded us of the fun we had the last time and we missed the previous company to be honest. There was a separate try-out menu for us from which we tried a decent variety.

The Irish are now in Bellandur | Bangalore

Irish House is always expected to be full and the expectations turned out to be true.
The Irish Trash Can has always been our top pick and things were not different this time around too! It has Vodka, Gin & Rum and has an overturned Red Bull so, people this will definitely give you wings. Apart from these we tried the Whiskey Sour, which was a mixture of whiskey & fresh lime and the Twisted Old Fashion: A combination of bourbon whiskey & espresso. All the drinks were well balanced and went well with the paired snacks.

Now, for the food which we tried:

The Mushroom/Chicken Burger, 2 Face Chicken Skewers, Headless Chicken platter, Skewed Cottage Cheese, Great Irish Fish n Chips, Peri Peri Cottage Cheese Bowl & the Sriracha Veggie Skewers.

Irish Trash Can without the Red Bull on top

Irish Fish n Chips @ The Irish are now in Bellandur | Bangalore
Irish Fish n Chips

Skewers Cottage Cheese @ The Irish are now in Bellandur | Bangalore
Skewers Cottage Cheese

All of them were palatable and for veg, the best appetizer was the skewers cottage cheese. It was hot & sweet and the cottage cheese melted in the mouth. For non-veg, the 2 face chicken skewers & the Fish & Chips were delightful. The fish was a tad bit oily but tasted great. The chicken skewers were pretty interesting: the 2 faces are that of chicken sausages and normal chunks of chicken. They are a perfect accompaniment with drinks.
The chicken platter had many chicken variants but mostly fried. The seasoning was good and this is best enjoyed with beer.

Now for the main course items. The best of the lot was the Shroom Melt, without a doubt! This mushroom burger was out of the world with a 4 cheese melt. We’ll go back just for this people!

Sriracha Veggie Skewers

Headless Chicken Platter

Shroom Melt Burger @ The Irish are now in Bellandur | Bangalore
Shroom Melt Burger

Jager Bombs in line

The chicken burger was decent, but nowhere near the mushroom. The peri peri cottage cheese bowl was perfect & whole meal after heavy drinking. It was light on the stomach and high on taste. The Paneer was perfectly done and served with sautéed mushrooms & rice. The sriracha veggie skewers by themselves taste decent but we still can’t understand why they are served with rice. Must be an Irish thing ;)

Anyway, that’s all about our Irish House experience this time. Unlike the previous encounter, we decided to behave like civilized individuals. No desserts this time as after drinks we don’t indulge in sweet stuff ;)

A memorable experience for us involving a lot of drinking, dancing & meeting new people.
A must visit for those who prefer good food with their drinks and a lot of fun of course.
Do let us know about your experience if you visit.

Till then—Keep calm & keep reading our posts!

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