Innovative & Delectable Molecular Cuisine @ White Plate | Bangalore


Honeysuckle Smoked Duck Breasts @ White Plate | Bangalore
Honeysuckle Smoked Duck Breasts

After a pretty long time we are super excited after visiting a restaurant and it is justified as we believe it is one of the best in town!

Food has a lot of craftsmanship involved and nowadays there is a lot of controversy between presentation & taste. In some cases the dishes are presented very well but don’t taste as good and sometimes vice versa. Thanks to Instagram, many good eateries are facing the heat because their presentation is not “Instagram” friendly, leaving aside the fact that they might taste amazing.

This post is dedicated to a relatively new restaurant in M.G Road, Bangalore named The White Plate by Chef Jason which serves food which is not only a masterpiece in terms of presentation but also the taste! They use molecular gastronomy but it is nothing like the other encounters we have had.

The environment they provide is relaxing, romantic & airy (except for the occasional heat spell where you start to feel the heat). Since it is an open air restaurant, it does tend to get a bit hot when it’s not breezy. They have an open kitchen where Chef Jason and his team create plate licking wonders.

Now coming down to what we tried:

Appetizers: Celebrity Shrooms, Chilli Crunch Chicken Squares, Jalapeno Motichur Salmon Compound, English Bacon Wrapped King Shrimps & Jamaican Rhum & Demerara Chilli pulled Pork Belly.

Amuse Bouche

Celebrity Shrooms @ White Plate | Bangalore
Celebrity Shrooms

Chilli Crunch Chicken Squares @ White Plate | Bangalore
Chilli Crunch Chicken Squares

Jalapeno Motichur Salmon Compound @ White Plate | Bangalore
Jalapeno Motichur Salmon Compound

Quite a long list isn’t it? The best part about all of them is that all the flavors are distinctly identifiable. The meat has a delicate pink colour in all cases because they are cooked to perfection and Chef Jason makes sure that the experience he provides will make people come back!

We’ll touch the highlights only: The shrooms were crispy with a rich peanut butter & chilli flavour. The Chicken squares had an amazing chilli flavour and the meat was pink in colour. The crispiness was unforgettable! The Motichur salmon compound is something you need to try to believe. The salmon compound by itself had a distinct taste but slightly bitter. When all the components in the plate are tried together, they create symphony in your mouth and: perfect balance!

The bacon wrapped shrimps had a twist: they were served with mustard caviar and curry leaf foam. For a change these actually added flavour and the meats were perfectly done as expected. As for the chilli pulled pork belly: It was one of the best pork preparations we have had till date. It was spicy & the texture was perfect.

Drinks: Smoked Tennessee, Caribbean Sin, Blushing Sunset and White Plate’s new Pickle Back Tini.

The first had a delicate smokiness along with the good old taste of Tennessee whiskey. All the others had fruity foams in them. The second had pineapple foam which just added a touch. The third one was a white rum based cocktail with orange, pomegranate and cranberry foam. The last one had suspended mint caviar which was the highlight. Their drinks are all well balanced and serve as perfect accompaniments with the food served.

Innovative & Delectable Molecular Cuisine @ White Plate | Bangalore

English Bacon Wrapped King Shrimps @ White Plate | Bangalore
English Bacon Wrapped King Shrimps

Smoked Tennessee

Blushing Sunset @ White Plate | Bangalore
Blushing Sunset

Now for mains: Pan Seared Breast of Chicken, Honeysuckle Smoked Duck Breast & Fruits of The Sea.

The duck was marvellous! It has a luxurious pink colour and we could never imagine that duck breasts could be this soft. Along with the poached pear, quinoa and the smokiness of the meat it was too good to be true. The Chicken preparation had a lot of items but undoubtedly the mass of chicken stole all the attention. The stuffing in the chicken was absolutely mouth-watering and it tasted heavenly.

Lastly, the fruits of the sea had a different charm altogether. The preparation has a pair of scallops & prawns and a fillet of sea bass on coconut Arborio along with two water cakes filled with salt water and capers. The idea is to burst these and have the dish to experience seafood beside the sea! The sea bass was not as juicy as expected, but the coconut Arborio was delicious. The scallops and prawns were fresh but the spice covering was a tad bit overpowering.

Pan Seared Breast of Chicken @ White Plate | Bangalore
Pan Seared Breast of Chicken

Fruits of the Sea @ White Plate | Bangalore
Fruits of the Sea

Re-Constructed Black Forest Raspberry @ White Plate | Bangalore
Re-Constructed Black Forest Raspberry

Lastly, for dessert we had the Chefs special: Re-constructed Black Forest Raspberry.
Chef Jason made this in front of us and we could see his excellent plating skills and vision. This was created from scratch and it looked and tasted fab! The highlights were the raspberry dollop and the Malibu coconut ice cream. This had honey and watermelon caviar which gave a further boost.

This marked the end to a nothing less than excellent meal. It was indeed one of the best experienced we have had till date.

The concept & idea of opening White Plate is of Mr. HRG Swaminath from Les Roches hospitality who also owns the restaurant.

So, the next time you feel like you want to blow your mind: this is your ticket.

Do let us know about your experience if you visit.

We hope to visit soon and we’ll of course let you know.

Till then—hold on to your horses and bon apetit!

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  1. They are kinda obsessed with caviar though 😶

    1. Haha! True that! Well, molecular gastronomy is all about caviar and foam. We found their food to be the best in terms of taste across all restaurants serving molecular cuisine :)


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