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Pizzas @ The Cafe Felix Experience | MG Road | Bangalore
Goan sausage and Prawn Chimichurri Pizza

There are certain things in life which you simply can’t let go of!

We have suffered the same many times in the past but it happened pretty recently again. Re-iterating what we had mentioned at some point of time in one of our posts: Food alone cannot contribute to experience, but it is the entire atmosphere/ambiance which plays an equal role.

In the same line, we were recently invited to Café Felix at 1 M.G Road, Bangalore and no matter how hard we try, we won’t be able to do justice to the experience we had there.

3 words need to be elaborated with respect to Café Felix: ambience, service & food.
First comes the ambience: Loads of natural light, coupled with the décor of the place makes it very picturesque! It also automatically lifts the spirit.

The service is very speedy and everyone wears a smile on their face.

Now for the food:

The presentation of most of the items was gorgeous & appealing. The taste was at par and they make sure every bite counts.

We tried a few items and loved most of them.

From the salads & breads we tried the Prawn & Raw Mango Salad, House Cured Salmon on Toasted Onion & Dill Bagel and the Grilled Tenderloin Burger.

All 3 of them are highly recommended as they are high on taste. The salad had a sweet & spicy aftertaste. The soba noodles along with the dressing went very well. The prawns were fresh & well presented.

The Cured Salmon on Dill Bagel was extraordinary. The salmon strips were super smooth and distributed throughout the bagel. The bread was tasted & had a good crunch to it. The flavor of cream cheese along with dill were prominent plus a hint of wasabi to spice up the experience.

Prawn & Raw Mango Salad @ The Cafe Felix Experience | MG Road | Bangalore
Prawn & Raw Mango Salad

Smoothies @ The Cafe Felix Experience | MG Road | Bangalore

House Cured Salmon on onion & dill bagel @ The Cafe Felix Experience | MG Road | Bangalore
House Cured Salmon on toasted onion & dill bagel

The burger was a meal by itself. The patty was done medium rare as per recommendation and it was tender & juicy. The caramelized onions along with the cheddar & meat is a tried and tested combination so just take a bite and you know the drill. The overall taste could be tweaked a bit for better results.

We tried a couple of smoothies: The Mixed Berry Yoghurt Smoothie & the Avocado Chocolate Smoothie. Both of them were decent but the former was not well balanced. We could feel the tartness of the berries. The latter was well balanced as it was pretty simple. The characteristic flavors were present and the combo was great too.

By this time we were almost full: Yes we are losing potential, we know!

A Pasta and a half/half Pizza is what we tried next.

The Rigatoni with Confit Lamb & Smoked Peppers did not have sharp flavors but the subtle taste along with the shredded lamb & peppers really tasted good. The sauce was mostly lamb and for any meat lover, that’ll steal the show.

Rigatoni with confit lamb and smoked peppers @ The Cafe Felix Experience | MG Road | Bangalore
Rigatoni with confit lamb and smoked peppers

Grilled Tenderloin Burger

Mr. Felix Cocktail @ The Cafe Felix Experience | MG Road | Bangalore
A cocktail we tried: Mr. Felix

Now what is a half/half pizza: it is one half of something & the other half something else. We tried the Goan Sausage and the Chimichurri Prawns pizza. The former was simply lip smacking. The onions tasted amazing with the sauce & the sausages. The Prawn pizza tasted good but somehow the cheese did not set properly. One bite and the bread would be naked. We somehow did not like the Prawn pizza because of the sauce. Although the toppings, the sauce and everything tasted great, we might have liked the other pizza a little bit too much.

We also tried a sample of their Mixed Mushroom Risotto & that’s a must try for a mushroom lover.

Lastly, it’s time for dessert:

Dark Chocolate Fondant & the Banana Nutella Cake.

The latter was perfect in every way. Every scoop had distinct flavors of Nutella & banana. (It is another tried & tested combo)

Dark Chocolate Fondant @ The Cafe Felix Experience | MG Road | Bangalore
Dark Chocolate Fondant

Banana Nutella Cake @ The Cafe Felix Experience | MG Road | Bangalore
Banana Nutella Cake

Now for the Fondant: From a distance, you won’t find it great but one spoon & it’ll win you over. The coarse consistency on the outside & the gooiness inside made this even more fascinating. It was spot on with the consistency of the chocolate & the touch of hazelnut!

Now that’s all from our side.

We really loved Café Felix and we’ll definitely revisit: not only because of the food, but also because of the friendly atmosphere. Special thanks to the restaurant manager, Jennifer David for taking special care.

A visit is definitely recommended if you like what you read above.

We’ll be back soon with delicious news!

Till then—keep feeling hungry & bon apetit!

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