The New Menu @ Paranda | Vivanta By Taj - Yeshwantpur | Bangalore


Lagan ki chap @ The New Menu @ Paranda | Vivanta By Taj - Yeshwantpur | Bangalore
Lagan Ki Chap

It is a known fact that not all good restaurants get recognition because of a variety of reasons.

We have been to a certain Indian restaurant before for a separate tasting and did not quite realize that they are one of the best in the city of Bangalore!

Yes! The quality of ingredients, the taste & the presentation together are just too good to be true.

The restaurant we are talking about is none other than Paranda, Vivanta by Taj – Yeshwantpur and the last time we’ve been there, it was for their Valentine’s Day special menu.

From the cut of the lamb chops to the exotic mushrooms from Kashmir – they sure know how to please a palate!

Exec Chef Agnimitra Sharma along with his team has introduced an elaborate new menu after 6 long years and that’s not all. This time they have emphasized on vegetarian preparations as their non-vegetarian preparations are already a class apart.

So, moving on to what we tried and indirectly torturing ourselves (It happens when you can’t eat the mind blowing food you are writing about!):

From the starters: We tried the mini veg and mini non veg kebab platters, Tandoori Guchhi and a Monster Lobster.

Palak patta chat @The New Menu @ Paranda | Vivanta By Taj - Yeshwantpur | Bangalore
Palak Patta Chat

Karare Khumb @ The New Menu @ Paranda | Vivanta By Taj - Yeshwantpur | Bangalore
Karare Khumb

non veg kebab platter
Non-veg kebab platter

Bhatti da lobster @ The New Menu @ Paranda | Vivanta By Taj - Yeshwantpur | Bangalore
Bhatti Da Lobster

The mini veg platter consists of Corn, Aloo, Paneer & Hara Bhara Kebab whereas the non-veg platter consists of a Chicken Zafrani Tikka , Lamb Chops, Lahsuni Prawns & Mutton Seekh Kebabs.

We were served a refreshing traditional Shikanjvi before the starters.

So, the scales are balanced this time! Both the platter contents are worth retrying. From the veg side: The Hare Pyaz ka Bharwan Paneer Tikka was heavenly. It was very large in size but equally cooked throughout and the taste: Try it to believe it! The Potato/Aloo was also a stuffed preparation but the amazing part was that the entire thing wouldn’t break apart if sliced! This had a tangy taste and the freshness of coriander added to the experience.

The other two were equally good. The corn preparation was crispy and had a good mouth feel. The outer covering had spinach in it and the taste was very well balanced. The Hara Bhara Kebab was a little too dry for our palate. Taste and presentation wise it was at par with the others.

For the non-veg platter: close your eyes and let it take you to paradise!

The Chicken kebab was a powerhouse of saffron and garlic and coupled with the tender meat it was mind blowing. The Lamb Chop was even better! The cut of the meat was super and it can always be had without using hands. The smokiness & the spicy touch made it more irresistible.

The Prawns were humungous in size and had the characteristic flavours. They were fresh & sweet but the bigger the prawns, the flesh tends to get slightly chewy. The Mutton Seekh was delightful. The minced meat & the spices were perfectly balanced and it was not dry at all.

Tandoori Guchhi @ The New Menu @ Paranda | Vivanta By Taj - Yeshwantpur | Bangalore
Makhmali Tandoori Guchhi

non veg kebab platter @ The New Menu @ Paranda | Vivanta By Taj - Yeshwantpur | Bangalore
non veg kebab platter part 2

veg kebab platter @ The New Menu @ Paranda | Vivanta By Taj - Yeshwantpur | Bangalore
veg kebab platter

The Tandoori Guchhi is a rare item and unbelievably tasty. This was char grilled and had a stuffing of malai. For those who are not aware: This variety of mushroom is on super high demand on a global level and is ultra-expensive! You pay the price and get ultimate satisfaction on your plate.

The Lobster was huge, fresh & sweet. The preparation was spicy and the meat was perfectly done.

These are the majority. We were also served a couple of Chaats: Palak Patta Chaat & Karare Khumb (mushrooms). Both were well balanced and appetizing.

These are the highlights. There were other preparations which were decent but did not make it to the above list.

From the mains, we won’t elaborate and simply mention the must tries:

Guchhi Pulao, Veg Biryani, Rogani Nalli, Khumb Kali Mirch Hara Pyaz & Paneer Launglatta
The rice in the pulao retained the flavours of the Guchhi and the rest you can imagine.
The lamb shanks were perfectly done. The consistency of the gravy was perfect and the preparation was not too spicy & mildly sweet. It tasted magnificent.

The Khumb or mushroom preparation was spicy & had a crunch to it thanks to the onions.
The Paneer preparation was very different. It was stuffed with spinach & cheese and it ensured delight in every bite. The gravy was lip smacking.

Rogan nalli @ The New Menu @ Paranda | Vivanta By Taj - Yeshwantpur | Bangalore
Rogan Nalli

Paneer Launglatta

The other accompaniments were Indian breads like Naan, Kulcha etc.

Lastly, the desserts:

Cham Cham, Rajbhog, Mango Kulfi & Jumbo Gulab Jamuns.
All of them contributed to the sweet ending to our excellent meal! The Cham Cham was soft & spongy with the right amount of sweetness. The Rajbhog had the same attributes apart from being in the sugar syrup.

The Gulab Jamuns had stuffed Pista in them and they were delectable. The Mango Kulfi gave us a brain freeze. It was creamy, had chunks of mango and was lip smacking.

If you love a sweet ending, try all 4 of them and you won’t regret it!

Gulab Jamun @ The New Menu @ Paranda | Vivanta By Taj - Yeshwantpur | Bangalore
Gulab Jamun

Malai Cham Cham @ The New Menu @ Paranda | Vivanta By Taj - Yeshwantpur | Bangalore
Malai Cham Cham

That’s all from our side. Paranda changed their menu after many years and they did it with a bang.

Undoubtedly one of the best new menus we have experienced.

No time limits on this one and we highly recommend a visit. They have special veg & non veg set menus @1399 ++ & 1499++ respectively.

Do let us know about your experience if you visit.

We’ll be back with more soon!

Till then—keep reading our posts and bon apetit!

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  1. What would be the price for 3 Adult's be it Lunch or Dinner?

    1. Hey Shanmuga!

      If you opt for the set menu, it'll come to approx 1900 per head (non veg) so approx. 5700 AI. For a la carte it is totally up to you guys :) Hope this helps. Do let us know if you need any other suggestions. Cheers!


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