The Rahhams Experience | Frazer Town | Bangalore


Chicken Pahadi Kebab @ The Rahhams Experience | Frazer Town | Bangalore
Chicken Pahadi Kebab

We were craving for some old fashioned kebabs & biryani for quite some time now & we finally had our fill. What a feeling!

No matter how frequently one has fancy food, sometimes the good old stuff has its way of winning you over. This happens more when you have awesome company. We always look out for great presentation & stuff, but this time we focussed mainly on stuffing our faces!

We were recently invited to a legendary restaurant in old Bangalore called Rahhams. Situated in MM Road, Frazer town this restaurant might not impress you when it comes to the décor, but when it comes to the food: man! Their kebabs are mouth-watering and we were almost full by just having their kebabs.

The best part is that for a hearty meal, your pocket does not suffer here. The pricing is super reasonable when it comes to the quantity & quality of food. If you are a large eater, this is your playfield!

The seating arrangement is quite spacious & their staff is friendly & cooperative. So, coming down to the items we tried:

Rahhams is famous for their delectable kebabs & biryani and so, we did not have any dessert as such.
We tried 4 starters: Chicken Chandni Kebab, Chicken Pahadi Kebab and the Chicken & Mutton Sholey Kebab.

Then, for main course: Mutton Biriyani & Mutton Chops.

This post is all about non-veg so we apologize if you started reading & you are a vegetarian.
The best chicken kebab out of the ones we tried was undoubtedly the Pahadi. Everything was perfect about this kebab. The colour, the juiciness of the chicken, the mustard flavour balanced with the charred touch and how well it was done. This is made only with boneless chicken legs and it is as tender as it gets.

The Chandni kebab is the child of the chicken reshmi kebab & the chicken malai kebab, if you get what I mean. The chicken in this kebab was also very succulent & the taste was unique and close to the malai kebab. We also felt they use egg whites for the marinade, but whatever it may be, it tasted splendid.

Chicken Sholey Kebab @ The Rahhams Experience | Frazer Town | Bangalore
Chicken Sholey Kebab

Mutton Sholey Kebab @ The Rahhams Experience | Frazer Town | Bangalore
Mutton Sholey Kebab

Chicken Chandni Kebab @ The Rahhams Experience | Frazer Town | Bangalore
Chicken Chandni Kebab

Now for the Chicken Sholey Kebab: It has a predominance of curry leaves but the flavours actually went well. The pieces were flat and small but the quantity was a lot. This was slightly on the oiler side but sometimes the greasier things actually taste better. (Definitely not for people on a diet). Lastly, this kebab needs to be consumed hot as if it turns cold you’ll only get the flavour of the curry leaves.

Lastly, the Mutton Sholey kebab was the best of the lot. This kebab is not boneless and that is where it gets better. The flavours of the bone & the meat together make it unbelievably tasty & even while writing we can feel it. Similar to the chicken, one can feel the flavour of curry leaves but in this case, the mutton is so flavourful that the curry leaves don’t stand a chance!

That’s all from the starters.

Mutton Chops @The Rahhams Experience | Frazer Town | Bangalore
Mutton Chops

Mutton Biryani @ The Rahhams Experience | Frazer Town | Bangalore
Mutton Biryani

Sweet Kheer (Complimentary with Biryani)

Their Mutton Biryani is legendary and we got a taste of it. It is not a long grain rice preparation but a medium grain one but the aroma & taste is what defines it. In most biryani’s the meat in either dry or added separately but in this case, the mutton is juicy & the rice retains the flavours too. This is served with salan & sweet kheer. We really liked the biryani as it is light on the stomach, perfect with respect to quantity and the flavours are not too loud.

Lastly, along with the biryani we had Mutton Chops as the accompaniment. This is cooked with mutton on the bone with fat. The charred pieces tasted heavenly. They had a smoky flavour as well which tastes great in general but coupled with the flavour of mutton it tasted even better!
That’s all from this meaty episode.

Do check out the visuals to relate better.

We loved this experience as sometimes these less fancy places give you more than the fancier ones!
Do let us know about your experience if you visit/have visited.

We’ll be back again soon.

Till then—chew your food & bon apetit!

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