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Taka Tak Paneer Tikka @ Kopper Kadai | Koramangala | Bangalore
Taka Tak Paneer Tikka

So, before we begin we wish you a very Happy New Year and hope you have a rocking year ahead! (better late than never!)

The New Year brings about a lot of “new” things, be it resolutions, schedules etc. but it is normally not expected that with a new year a new menu comes into the picture.

One of Bangalore’s favourite north Indian (actually they serve North West Frontier Cuisine) Restaurants: Kopper Kadai launched its new menu this week and they start off 2017 with a new menu and resolve.

This was not our first visit and the last time as well, the food was exquisite. They have kept a fifth of the old menu and replaced the rest with new and innovative items to maintain their position as one of the best.

The best part was that we had a live interaction with celebrity Chef Akshay Nayyar who gave us a walkthrough of the new menu.

So, starting off the New Year with some spicy, rich and crafted food:

There were a large number of items served and we did not try all of them but we would definitely stress on the ones we recommend this time.

Limca Bhel @ Kopper Kadai | Koramangala | Bangalore
Limca Bhel

Kashmiri Kiss

Chiller Chai@ Kopper Kadai | Koramangala | Bangalore
Chiller Chai

Tandoori Broccoli preparation


For starters we had the Ande Ka Funda, Nadru Ki Chaat, Pesto Soya Champey, Jwalamukhi, Taka Tak Paneer Tikka, Murgh Korma Kebab, Hariyali Machhi Tikka and a few more.

If you are an egg lover, do not forget to try the Ande ka Funda as it has a stuffing of spinach & cheese. You’ll not be disappointed for sure!

Anda Ka Funda@ Kopper Kadai | Koramangala | Bangalore
Anda Ka Funda

The Nadru ki Chaat was a crispy lotus steam preparation and was mildly sweet. Worth a try but won’t be any harm if you don’t.

The Pesto Soya Champey was excellent. The characteristic flavours went through and the rich and creamy feel was delightful. The best part was the consistency of the soya: smooth as silk!

The Jwalamukhi or Volcano was a spinach and cheese preparation and the heart of it was molten cheese. Taste wise not so special if you ignore the cheese.

The Taka Tak Paneer Tikka was spicy with a tangy after taste with huge chunks of Paneer. The paneer was well done and deserves a bite.

The Hariyali Machhi Tikka was standard. It will not disappoint you and at the same time, won’t excite you either. The fish was perfectly done, the flavours went through and the juiciness intact.

The Murgh Korma Kebab deserves the mouth-watering label. One can feel the richness in each bite. Cooked with loads of milk, it gives a mild sweet sensation along with the fusion of herbs and spices. Amazing!

The drinks we tried: Chiller Chai, Jugal Bandi and the Kashmiri Kiss.

The Chiller Chai was unique. There was a mixture of citrusy flavours and the good old notes of tea which ended up as a great appetizer.

The Kashmiri Kiss looked great but was dominated with the flavour of honey. Healthy no doubt, but definitely needs some tinkering. It is served with a burning piece of cinnamon which gives off an inviting aroma.

Now finally for the main course:

We heard that the Gobi Chicken was worth a try but since we didn’t we won’t comment further.

Hariyali Machhi Tikka @ Kopper Kadai | Koramangala | Bangalore
Hariyali Machhi Tikka

Pesto Soya Champey@ Kopper Kadai | Koramangala | Bangalore
Pesto Soya Champey

Pashmeena Nalli Gosht

Murgh Korma Kebab @ Kopper Kadai | Koramangala | Bangalore
Murgh Korma Kebab

Chowdhary Chooza@ Kopper Kadai | Koramangala | Bangalore
Chowdhary Chooza 

Kopper Kadai Biriyani @ Kopper Kadai | Koramangala | Bangalore
Kopper Kadai Biriyani

The Chowdhary Chooza was a chicken preparation with yet again, great presentation. The gravy was semi thick and not worth wasting. The boneless chicken was accompanied with chicken keema in the gravy. It was spicy and lip smacking. Tasted excellent with the breads!

The Kopper Kadai Biriyani was a chicken meatball biriyani and the rice was aromatic, fine and delicious. The meatballs were perfectly done. After this we want to talk about two mutton preparations: The Pashmeena Nalli Gosht and the Laal Maas.

Both are a must try, depending on whether you like meat on or off the bone. The former had the all-powerful flavours of Garam Masala and it always comes through. Insanely tasty!

We expected the latter to be fiery and fierce but it was not quite so. It was balanced for normal human consumption and in fact was mildly sweet. This was not desirable but the meat was well done and preparation was spicy and magnificent.

For dessert, we recommend the Nutella Dodha Lava from the old menu. It is a milk based sweet with stuffed Nutella so don’t stop yourselves!

From the new menu, do try out the special Gajar Ka Halwa called Gajrela! We won’t talk about it as after trying you will ;).

That’s all from our side on the new menu @ Kopper Kadai.

It is one of our favourite restaurants, so instead of a biased opinion we would recommend you to try them out.

Do let us know in case you do.

We will be back soon.

Till then—keep rocking, stay tuned and bon apetit!

*We intentionally left out some items as we do not comment/write about items we don’t try!*

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  1. Looks fantastic! Want to try Kopper Kadai Biriyani :)

  2. Everything looks delicious! Been meaning to visit this place for a while now.


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