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Prawn cocktail shot

It was quite a long time ago that I (Rudra) was fascinated with the concept of desserts, ice creams and the sort made with liquid nitrogen. Since liquid nitrogen is not readily available and needs to be handled with caution, it requires a certain degree of workmanship which is expensive and thus, most restaurants opt out!

We visited a restaurant very recently and we were amazed to discover that it took the risk and it sure paid off! The restaurant we are talking about is Flechazo and it newly set its roots in Bangalore. It is located in Doddenakundi, Bangalore and it is hard to miss for travelling people.

This restaurant specializes in a few offerings which make it quite unique and not only that, but their pricing is also affordable. To make it more family friendly, the place is alcohol free!

Now coming down to the food and the specialties which we came across:

The restaurant has a small conveyor belt with bite sized food items which they call food shots. These include: sushi, dim sums, shrimp cocktails, dahi bhalla etc. which keep changing from time to time.

The sushi was well done and tasted pretty good. The rolls were well bound and did not break apart. The dim sums need some improvement in the outer covering as it was quite chewy and hard (indicating it was not well cooked). Dim sum coverings are supposed to be soft and smooth. The inner stuffing in both the veg and non-veg dim sums was well balanced and tasty.

The shrimp cocktails are a must try. The poached shrimp with the cocktail sauce is a classic and they maintained the classic taste. There was only one difference: this was served in a small shot glass ;)

There were also kebabs served on the table: Chicken Tangri Kebabs, Fish cakes, golden fried prawns, Gosht Shami Kebab and chicken shawarma for non veg, and spicy pineapple, crispy corn, corn Turkish and a paneer preparation for veg.

The Tangri kebabs were spicy, juicy and tasted great. The chicken shawarma had a unique style of serving. The chicken is sliced right in front of the customer, so one can choose how much they want and from where they want! Plus the chicken is juicy and delicious.

The golden fried prawns were well done apart from the fact that the prawns were small in size. The paneer preparation was well cooked, spicy and moderately soft. The pineapple was wonderful as always and juicy too. It acted as a perfect palate cleanser. The other items were also worth trying but these were the highlights for sure.

Sushi Rolls

Assorted Kebabs

Chicken Shawarma

Food shot conveyor belt

Panipuri with flavored water

Lastly, there were also thin crust veg and non veg pizzas which were impressive. The crust had a good crunch with generous quantity of cheese and toppings.

Now coming to the main course:

After heavy starters we really could not try much of the main course items. The buffet had a wide variety which changes from time to time. Their mocktails are also pretty impressive. We tried one with kaffir lime and another one with mango and coconut and both were very refreshing and well balanced. They were served in exciting ways too!

Refreshing kaffir lime based mocktail

Mango and Coconut mocktail

The Murgh Wajid Ali was the best preparation in the non veg main course. The richness and consistency of the gravy, the soft and well cooked chicken and lastly the aroma and taste made sure it has no competition.

The Kerala fish curry was also a good preparation. The boneless chunks of fish retained the flavours of coconut and curry leaves and it tasted and smelled great!

The mutton biriyani was standard but the Mutton Rogan Josh needs some improvement as it lacked flavour. The mutton pieces were too fatty for comfort. The preparation was decent, but could not bring about the true flavour and beauty of mutton, especially in the gravy.

The Paneer Makhana preparation was rich, creamy and delicious but it would have been better if the paneer pieces were softer.

Non Veg Biriyani

Mutton Rogan Josh

Coastal Crab Curry

The disappointment was the coastal crab curry. The aroma was very tempting but it was so watery that one cannot sense the presence of salt. The soft shell crabs were well cooked and juicy but as the gravy was too watery the flavours were not retained.

Now that’s all from the main course. The desserts had a lot to offer but the nitrogen ice creams and the triple temptation were the best of the lot.

There were assorted macaroons as well which tasted great especially if you consider them being served in a buffet and at such a reasonable price! The orange chocolate cheese cake was also decent and was true to its name.

Orange chocolate cheese cake, triple temptation and a dry fruit cake

Instant rose ice cream

The triple temptation had 3 layers: white chocolate, dark chocolate and a brownie in between and it was fantastic. The nitrogen ice cream making put on quite a show as a lot of smoke comes into the picture. We tasted the mango & coconut and the rose ice cream and they are now our new favourites! The flavours come out great and the imperfect consistency makes it better than the ice creams which are normally available.

The buffet experience provided by Flechazo is definitely new and is bound to create an impact in the minds of people. If one considers the price point, such a huge variety of food combined with the conveyor belt food shots and nitrogen ice cream is something no other place can (or rather will) provide!

There are a few improvements as we have mentioned and we will definitely revisit as we believe if they improve some more, they’ll soon be one of the best buffet joints in town.

If you guys visit, do let us know about your experience!

 Till then—keep rocking and bon appétit!

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