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Luxury dining is something which we would like to call an acquired taste. In the recent past, we have had our share of luxury and fine dining and at first it did not seem so special. However, with repeated encounters one can realize the true beauty of the experience. Although luxury comes at a price, it is something to indulge in because we do need to pamper ourselves after the hard work we do!

On the same page, we recently visited The Leela Palace, Bangalore situated in Old Airport road for their Mangalore Food Festival and the property is majestic. It is not surprising if someone is awestruck by the grandeur of the interiors and especially in and around their Indian specialty restaurant, Jamavar. This festival is running at Jamavar from the 12th of September to the 21st.

They have miniature rocky waterfalls with greenery everywhere. Jamavar has indoor as well as outdoor seating. The indoors give you a regal feeling whereas the outdoors are breezy with picturesque surroundings.

Now coming down to the food:

We tried out a variety of items from the festival menu and most of them exceeded expectations and were delicious as expected.

We mostly tried the non veg variations as Mangalorean cuisine is famous for its non veg delicacies.

There were 3 non veg starters: The Kane, Chicken Ghee Roast the Kundapura Mamsam.
The Kane is a deep fried fish preparation. The fish used is called the Lady fish in Mangalore (for those who are aware). The fish was covered with what seemed to be Rawa and the crust formed by it had a good crunch to it. Moreover, the fish was juicy and fresh and beautifully done of course.

The Ghee Roast preparation was spicy and insanely tasty. They make sure that everyone can enjoy this preparation so they keep the spice levels down in comparison to what Chicken Ghee Roast originally is! For this reason, many might not feel the punch but it is definitely a must try as the flavours of curry leaves and ghee are something which cannot be ignored.

The Kundapura Mamsam, a dry and boneless mutton preparation was a mixture of hot and sweet. The flavours of coconut were predominant and further heightened the experience. For a mutton lover, this is it!

We also tried a couple of vegetarian starters but they were not so impressive. The cauliflower preparation was a little bland but the baby corn with Mangalorean masala was unique and well done.

Kane, Kori Ghee Roast and Kundapura Mamsam

Now time for the main course:

There were fish, chicken, mutton and prawns and the best preparations were that of the fish and the mutton.

The Yetti Gassi was the prawn preparation in a coconut and mustard based gravy. The gravy was flavourful and tasted great but the prawns were either not fresh/fried before cooking and were not juicy at all. Stiff prawns are a big no-no so this is not recommended.

The Meen Puli Munchi was the fish preparation and it had a tangy aftertaste. The boneless pieces of fish were in the form of blocks, fibrous and the flavours went through. The fish used for this preparation was seer.

The Kori Chop Curry had the potential to be the best dish of the lot but was diluted and killed the effect. The dish consisted of chicken drumsticks cooked in a coconut and poppy seed based gravy. The end result was flavourful but needs improvement. A good thing is the drumsticks retained the flavours and tasted great.

The Mutton Sukka was the last non veg preparation. There was a dominating flavour of cumin but it tasted amazing and went well with all the accompaniments.

We were also served Dal Thove which was a yellow lentil preparation. It had a good consistency with balanced flavours.

The accompaniments were Neer Dosa, regular appams and chicken biriyani. All the accompaniments were at par and delightful.

Neer Dosa, Pineapple curry, Kori chop curry and a veg main course with potatoes and sprouts

Beary Chicken Biriyani (Picture Credits: Caroline Radhakrishnan)

Kori Chop Curry (Picture Credits: Caroline Radhakrishnan)

From the veg main course side, we did not try much. The pineapple preparation was exceptional. The pineapple was juicy and had a tangy flavour.

 Now that’s all from the main course.

For dessert, we had Moong Dal Payasa and something called Gad Bad. The former had a good consistency and balanced sweetness. Taste wise, it was pretty normal and the way it is supposed to taste.

The Gad Bad was an ice cream preparation with a mix of dry fruits. It tasted decent and had a good crunch in every bite.

This festival has a name: The Konkan Expedition and we have tried to cover it in a nutshell.

The festival is ongoing and if any of you visit, do let us know about your experience.

We would recommend sitting outdoors and indulging in the Mangalorean delicacies served.

Although some of the dishes need some tweaking, this festival menu brings the whole of Mangalore to ones plate!

We’ll be posting soon about something related to food so stay tuned!

And of course—bon appétit!
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