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Pan Fried Chilli Fish

Thanks to our busy lives and schedules we have all resorted to fast food at one point of time or the other. The recent start up revolution has brought many food tech start-ups to our rescue with a variety of cuisine and if we may say “healthier” food!

We have tried the offerings of several of these saviours except for one. So, this time we bring to you our experience of one of the fastest growing restaurants in the food delivery sector: Freshmenu!

These guys have saved many youngsters from starvation at pretty reasonable prices for quite some time.

Our experience was pretty extraordinary starting from the before time delivery to the mouth watering preparations. These guys have a daily changing menu, so if you like something you have tried, you have to wait for quite some time till it is repeated (if it is repeated!)

We had a mini feast which consisted of: BBQ chicken leg burger, Penne in Creamy Bechamel Sauce, Grilled Chimichurri Chicken, Roast Chicken Sandwich combo, Pan fried Chilli Fish, Oriental double fun platter for starters and mains. For desserts we had a white chocolate cake with passion fruit and a chocolate brownie.

We thought that this would be too much but there were a couple of factors why it wasn’t! Firstly, the quantity was perfect, not too much and not too less. Secondly, the food was delicious, flavourful and light.

The BBQ chicken leg burger reminded us how juicy a chicken leg can be! The buns were soft, the mixture of sauces was balanced and the huge chunk of juicy chicken worked its own magic.

The Roast Chicken Sandwich combo was remarkable too, but it could not quite beat the burger so as expected the burger beats the sandwich again ;). Now jokes apart, the chicken stuffing was tender, juicy and quite tasty. The size was appreciable too. This was served with masala lemonade which was pretty awesome!

The Penne in Bechamel sauce was amazing. It was creamy, had the crunch of the bell peppers and the pasta was al dente. The dish was slightly on the sweeter side. We loved the entire package and the quantity of pasta was impressive.

The Grilled Chimichurri chicken could have been a bit better. The bed of rice served with the chunk of chicken was very tasty. We were amazed to find a small brownie with the package. The chicken was cooked properly and the sauce was also delicious but the flavours did not go through much. Except for this, all positive.

Now for the best two: The oriental double fun platter and the pan fried chilli fish.

The platter consisted of 6 pieces of minced chicken and basil dim sums and honey chicken with bell peppers. The flavour of the dim sums was true to their names but the covering could have been thinner. Considering the price factor, it was perfect because the thinner the covering the costlier they get! The accompanying chicken preparation was simply mouth watering. The preparation was sweet, had the crunch of the bell peppers and numerous chunks of chicken. We loved this!

Now the star of the meal: The chilli fish!! The preparation was spicy and extraordinarily tasty. The experience was heightened thanks to the fresh and juicy layers of Basa. The Basa was super juicy and the flavours went it perfectly! Super stuff!

Lastly, time for the desserts: The white chocolate cake with passion fruit and the chocolate brownie. The white chocolate cake was soft and moist and had a passion fruit layer on top. The distribution was even and it was a light dessert. It had a mild and comfortable flavour with less amount of sweetness.

The chocolate brownie was also not overly sweet. On top of the chocolate cake layer there was a design of milk chocolate. It was a good old chocolate dessert with not too many complications.

Overall, we were pretty impressed with the preparations and we would definitely reorder from these guys, because they deliver flavourful and different food at decent prices. We are pretty sure that many of you have already tried out their food. In case you didn’t: you guys are missing out on a delicious adventure!

As mentioned, their quality, quantity, delivery and packaging are all in line. The packing of the mains could be improved a bit and except for this they are clear on the packaging front. Apart from the above items we have tried some other items before and they were also pretty good.

They have great variety in their menu and they keep introducing a lot of variety.

So, that’s all from our side! If you guys try out their food do let us know your experience.
We’ll keep you guys posted on our experiences like always ;)!

Till then—bon appétit! FreshMenu Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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