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BBQ fish and lamb chop

Restaurants often organize a variety of festivals which have exquisite food offerings which are not normally available. As always it is the name which strikes curiosity first and very recently we have been to The Marriott, Whitefield for digging into their “Superhero Sunday Brunch”. Now that’s a name which will bring out the inner child in you!

The brunch has an elaborate buffet spread and is hosted in their in house restaurant M Cafe. This is one of Marriott’s signature properties in Bangalore and its grandeur and elegance demands attention. For the Superhero Sunday Brunch, they have indoor as well as outdoor seating. Every week the superhero in the theme changes and we witnessed a Thor themed brunch.

They had two mocktails in their drinks menu named Asgard Fizz and the Thor’s Hammer and the names induced excitement! We tried the former and it was a refreshing green apple drink which acted as a good appetizer.

About their buffet: If you really want to try out everything, it is going to take you a minimum of two Sundays ;).

On the outside (which was sunny and breezy and the perfect environment for a brunch) they had an Indian Tandoor section, Shawarma corner, Asian street food, barbecued chicken, beef and paneer skewers, live pasta counter, tempura fried prawns, calamari and fish, honey glazed pork belly and a barbeque spot which served burgers, sliders and BBQ chicken, beef, fish and prawns. Before we forget, there was also an ice cream counter.

Just thinking about these makes us want to go back!

On the inside, there was a chat counter, a variety of veg and non veg snacking items, variety of sushi, a couple of continental non veg preparations, pizza and other breads and the dessert section mainly. There were also a variety of cheese and salads.

By now we feel normal people will need 3 Sundays!

But, since we are here to help you choose one brunch should be sufficient ;)!

The M Cafe, both on the inside as well as the outside was very comfortable with good seating, spacious arrangements and with the sight of food everywhere!

Indian Tandoor Preparations

Live Shawarma Counter

Chinese Counter

Live Pasta Counter

Tempura Fry Counter

From the food perspective, we would recommend staying outdoors. The Indian Tandoor preparations had a paneer kebab which was soft and smoky, a mahi tikka which was fresh, juicy and was grilled perfectly and lastly a chicken tandoori which is the classic.

We tried the chicken shawarma which tasted different from what we normally have because it had all the varieties of sauces: baba ganoush, fattoush, humus and some more. The pita buns were soft and the stuffing was really delicious with a sweet aftertaste.

The pasta was undoubtedly one of the best we had! It was penne in a thick, white, creamy sauce with sprinkled garlic on top. The pasta was al dente and surely one of the many highlights in the brunch.

The chicken and beef skewers are a must try! The chicken was juicy and had good aroma of herbs. The beef skewer was probably marinated with soya sauce and retained the colour. It was soft and slightly sweet. Excellent stuff!

The tempura fried fish, prawns and calamari also deserve praise. The coating was ultra thin and juiciness of everything was preserved. The prawns did not taste so good, but the fish tasted great and the calamari too. They were slightly chewy and crispy. Although these were fried, we could not find even a trace of oil!

The pork belly preparation was magnificent. The sauce was amazing and the meat was soft and juicy. The quantity of fat was also less. There was a lurking citrusy essence in the whole preparation which added to the delight.

The BBQ section had a variety of marinades: beef, lamb, fish and prawns. We tried the last 3 and except for the prawns, the others were good. In case of the prawns, the mixture did not go through well. The lamb was just amazing. The lamb chops were char grilled and it added a smoky flavour to the meat. Along with this, the bones became soft too and it was lip smacking. The BBQ fish was decent with the juiciness intact.

BBQ marinades- lamb, prawns, chicken, beef

Fish BBQ marinade, beef burger patty

Pork Belly Preparation

Chicken and beef skewers

Chicken Shawarma

Tempura fried fish, prawns, calamari

So that’s all from the outside folks, and from the inside we could not try much. We were served a Nalli Rogan Josh and a Mangalore Prawn preparation. The Nalli Rogan Josh was rich, spicy and the meat was very well done. The prawn preparation was spicy and it tasted typically like alleppey style prawn curry which is slightly sour but flavourful.

After this, we went straight for the desserts where one can actually understand that the Sunday Brunch was dedicated to Thor ;)

 There were a variety of marzipan Thor cupcakes, lemon meringue tartlets, cakes with cool Thor designs, rasmalai, chocolate pistachio medley, blueberry macaroons, a passion fruit cake and a few others. For hot desserts: gulab jamun and a hot chocolate preparation.

The highlights of the desserts were the rasmalai, choco pistachio medley, blueberry macaroons and the passion fruit cake.

The hot chocolate preparation was also worth a try, but it had gooey chocolate and not good after a heavy meal. The medley was extraordinary! It had semi molten chocolate and a layer of pistachios. It tasted great. The macaroons were also very nice. If you prefer a light dessert after a heavy meal, do try out the passion fruit cake. It was plain cake with passion fruit jelly and it definitely won’t make you feel uncomfortable.

Apart from these there was a banofee pie and a chocolate cake with coconut shavings which tasted really good.

Gulab jamun and hot choco pudding

Rasmalai, Passion fruit cake and meringue tart

Now, that’s all the coverage we could give this time! As mentioned, to try out everything in this massive spread you need at least two Sundays ;)

So, if you are bored on any of the remaining Sundays in the month of July and you are interested in doing something special, you know what to do.

Every week, the theme is of a different super hero and someone actually dresses up as that hero and roams about (This is basically for the kids :P).

As mentioned, the Superhero Sunday Brunch is there only for this month and exactly 3 more Sundays to go!

In case you guys visit and make your Sunday Brunch Super heroic, do let us know about your experience.

Till then—bon appétit!
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