Farzification @ Farzi Cafe | UB City | Bangalore


Paniyarappams Farzi style!

Food trends keep changing, frozen yogurt used to be "trendy" at one point in time. Now the trendy food seems to be everything that does not look like what it is ! Confused ? I am talking about illusions created by the help of Molecular Gastronomy which we witnessed recently at the newly opened Farzi Café in Bangalore.

What you see is not what you get , here. And That is what is fascinating.
We started with a palette cleanser which looked like a small dollop. Little did we know that the circular dollop was Mishti Doi !

Welcome shot

Then, we started the illusive gastronomic journey for the night. With a Vodka based cocktail, Called Chai Pani. Served like chai with the cinnamon smoke!
No matter how much I try explaining, how the smoke and the quirk of each dish added to the experience, you won't be able to understand till you experience this on your own!

Chai Pani

Followed by Chai pani , we had three more cocktails; Chuski Margarita, a desi take on the classic margarita with a twist of Mango. Apple Fomantini, Served with a mint flavored smoke this fruity cocktails was the best cocktail of the night! and Three Musketeers , Flavors like chilli and chocolate made this a unique drink, sort of an acquired taste, if I may say.
Chusky Margarita

Three musketeers
Farzi fried chicken

Tandoori Margarita Kulcha with bloody mary ketchup

Do give their Buntas a try! It's their version of Goli Soda and comes in an equally quirky package! These are alcoholic drinks as well.

Now coming down to the food, The Tempura Prawns are a must have, topped with the lovely lemon and chilli foam as well as the Delhi belly, which is pork belly topped with murabba was a delight to the palate. We loved the Belgian pork used for this.

Delhi belly pork

There are a few dishes available in this Farzi Cafe outlet specially and most of them are inspired by South Indian food. So we tried the paniyarapams and some other dishes. Next came the Dal Chawal Arancini , Chicken changezi quesdillas and Raj kachori with Foam chutney.

Daal chawal arancini

Chicken quesadillas with a twist

Raj kachori with foam chutney

After this we had another palate cleanser, which tasted like Hajmola!! A sorbet with Imli! We went on to main course. The two things we would absolutely recommend you to try are the Irani Mutton with Kerala Porotha and The charcoal appam.

Both of us love truffle oil and the Maggi (Yes! Maggi! )they serve with seafood was the BEST thing we had! It tasted nothing like the usual maggi but like a hundred times better! Beautiful and the scallops, salmon added to it!

We finished off the awesome meal with the desserts! Bailey's Lollipops, and the cheesecake was nice. But the Highlights were the two desserts we had at last. The Mysore pak tart with a filter coffee filling was fabulous and The Rasmalai with the farzi twist!

The food was a delight to all our senses and the whole management needs a special mention!

Mysore pak tart with filter coffee

Parle G cheese cake

Rasmalai Tres leche

The stewards communicate seamlessly within themselves , don't leave any table unattended and have thorough knowledge of the food being served. the Music is great , the ambiance has a buzz about it!

We would definitely go back to get #farzified!

Till then, bon appetit!

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