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Malai Kulfi with Faluda and chocolate vermicelli

Buffets are not everyone’s preference. Different people have different likes and dislikes when it comes to food and the restaurant they are visiting. While most people prefer fine dining restaurants, set menus and a la carte in general, there are people like us who have a voracious appetite which can be satiated only by a buffet! [Otherwise we’ll get broke!]

As a tribute to buffets, we bring to you two back to back experiences with Barbeque Nation. The first one being their festival which lasts till 07th August: Dilli Wali Khau Gali” which features Delhi on a platter. The second one involves the launch of a new outlet in Bangalore which is different than the other normal outlets.

Barbeque Nation has redefined the meaning of a Buffet and so they are sort of like pioneers in the buffet sector in F&B. Their customer focus and adaptation to customer’s needs is what made them what they are and now, a buffet lunch and dinner is synonymous with Barbeque Nation!

Now, let’s talk about their festival:

Their entire outlet was decorated with bits and parts of Delhi and it was surely a sight worth seeing. They had pictures of The Red Fort, India Gate and many others. The decor went quite well with the buffet setup and the live counters especially.

Apart from the regular on grill starters and main course, there was a Delhi street food counter and the usual Kulfi counter.

Their starters, like always were fresh, juicy and appetizing. The marinades of the items were changed to adhere to the street delicacies of Delhi. The starters were rich, spicy, and flavourful and had the typical Mughlai touch to it. We would definitely recommend the Mutton sheekhs which were juicy, insanely tasty and that had the all powerful essence of mutton. The fish was also delightful. It was tender, juicy and had the perfectly burnt exterior. The chicken on the grill tasted a bit like chicken champ and was equally fantastic.

Apart from these, the chicken tangri kebabs were pretty decent. These are the items you are most likely going to repeat, but nonetheless you must try everything!

From the veg side of things, like always the pineapple kebab was juicy and spicy and was the perfect palate cleanser between non veg starters. The Tandoori Malai Mushrooms were the best on the grill. The mushrooms were smoked, perfectly cooked and stuffed with malai and it tasted heavenly!

Their drinks are also pretty commendable. Although in the last Wahrabia festival the drinks were slightly better, the drinks were quite refreshing and do justice to their names. We tried two drinks: one mango and one guava based. The guava one is something which we recommend.

We were also served freshly made golden fried prawns which had a light batter and was great in taste!

The Guava based drink

Golden Fried Prawns

Now coming down to the live counter: The Alu Paneer Paratha was a disappointment. It was incredibly thin with little to no filling. It tasted good, but needs work! The mutton chops were excellent! They were smoky, char grilled and full of flavours. Excellent stuff! 

The Mutton Galauti Kebab was pretty decent too. It was quite spicy, very juicy and tasty. The chicken kebabs in these live counters are a must try. There were well cut pieces of soft chicken, perfectly grilled and had generous quantity of malai!

We wish we had the generic starters less!

The main course had more items on the veg side than non veg. So this makes it a win-win situation for non veg and veg lovers. We would definitely recommend the mutton biriyani which was kept in earthen pots. It was so flavourful beyond imagination and the mutton pieces were juicy and had an amazing aroma. Apart from the biriyani, the mutton gravy preparation and the fish preparation are a must try.

From the veg side of things, the sabz biriyani was very flavourful and light. Apart from this, the Anjeer Kofta Curry is highly recommended.

Mango Mojito

Mutton main course preparation

Burnt Garlic Noodles

So that’s all from the starters and main course. Now coming down to the sweet side of things:

The dessert section had good variety including the Kulfi counter. The Galiyon Ki Phirni preparation was the best. It had the right consistency, was aromatic and flavourful and also had the right amount of sweetness. Apart from this, the pastries were soft, moist and perfect after a heavy meal. The shahi tukda was also commendable but the phirni was better. The dark cheese brownie was different from what they normally serve. It was less sweet, bite sized and tasted good. The Tiramisu was below expectations. The consistency was not good and overall taste was ok.

The Kulfi counter gave the good old experience but the Kulfi flavours should have been stronger, in the sense they were mild and good to taste but needed more flavour. Except for this, the other accompaniments were perfect.

Overall it was quite a lovely experience with the twist in the food in general, although sticking to their original style. Plus the live counter was serving some amazing food. Before we forget to mention, there was also a panipuri stall which people can indulge in!

Guess what!

This festival was carried out by Barbeque Nation in a thorough way and the food was different and delicious! Since this lasts for just another week, it wouldn’t be possible for us to re-visit.

We would definitely recommend trying out the food in this festival. So, if you want a taste of the streets of Delhi, doubled up with a BBQ buffet you know the place to be ;)

In case you visit, do let us know about your experience!

Stay tuned—we might be visiting them pretty soon and we’ll be back with more.

Barbeque Nation Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Till then—bon appétit!

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  1. Hi is this available in all BBQ, is it available in kalyan nagar

  2. Hey! Yes, this festival is running across all the outlets except Mahadevapura. But to be 100% sure, you can call them up. Eat well :D


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