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Basked Alaska Dessert
Baked Alaska

It has been quite a while since we had visited a restaurant serving only American Cuisine. Normally, most of the pubs in Bangalore serve continental, Italian and American but only American? Now that’s quite rare right?

We recently had the privilege of visiting a restaurant which solely focuses on American Cuisine and their ambiance is pretty retro and impressive. The restaurant we are talking about is situated in Koramangala 5th block, near to JNC road and goes by the name Mr. Bojangles. The locality has more than 50 restaurants so automatically a lot of competition comes into the picture.

American cuisine, in general is a lot about fried food and juiciness. Mr. Bojangles has a catchy entrance with open air dining and a bright yellow sign board. The interiors have a lot of stickers dating back to the 1800’s and all about American culture—music, cars, food, beer etc.

Coming down to the food, we tried many items but since most of the items were fried they take a toll on your tummy!

We had the bacon wrapped prawns, chicken tenders, fish cakes and stuffed mushroom caps for starters. For main course we tried the beef burger, grilled cubano sandwich and the fettuccine alfredo pasta and the baked Alaska for dessert.

The best starter in terms of taste was the mushroom caps. They were perfectly fried, not oily and its stuffing was beautifully balanced. It tasted great with or without the mayo dip which came along with it. The stuffing was mainly spinach, cheese and chopped mushrooms and it was delicious! The best part was each ingredient retained its own flavour.

The chicken tenders could have been better. Fried chicken tastes good no doubts but this preparation needed to be tenderer. It was a bit over fried because of which the chicken lost some of its juiciness. It tasted good with the sauces but nothing very special.

The fish cake was well done. There were 3 cakes so decent enough quantity. Its constituents were fish and minced seafood. Taste wise, it had mild flavour of its constituents but except for that it was quite bland. The fried seafood tasted good but it could have been tastier with some additives which can enhance the flavour.

The bacon wrapped prawns were sensational! It was very juicy and the typical smokiness of the meat always saves the day. A decent sized prawn was completely wrapped by a strip of bacon and then fried. One must try it to believe it!

Fish Cakes
Fish Cakes

Bacon Wrapped Prawns
Bacon Wrapped Prawns

Chicken Tenders
Chicken Tenders

Fried Mushroom Caps
Fried Mushroom Caps

We tried a couple of beertails as well and they were exceptional. The melon beer was a mixture of fresh water melon juice and beer. It was well balanced and it did taste nice.

The pie in a glass was the best undoubtedly. It had an amazing aroma and taste of cinnamon and apple juice. The cool cucumber is also a must try. The flavour of cucumber went really well with the beer.

Pie in a glass (left) and the melon beer (right)

The Cool Cucumber

The beef burger deserves a lot of praise! The patty was thick and had perfectly minced beef. The patty had a smoky flavour and had decent quantity of cheese in it too. There were also pickles in it and caramelized onions which made the dish a whole of a lot better! The mustard mayonnaise used was also balanced so that there is no sharp taste involved. The sweetness from the onions, the flavour of pickle, the smoky beef and the cheese created magic.

The sandwich had many attributes similar to the burger. The bread used was a baguette and the constituents were ham and pulled pork with cheese and pickles and the same mustard mayo. We believe the cheese did not play much of a role here. The best part about it was the flavour and taste of the meat used and how well it went with the mayo. A must try for any meat lover!

The pasta preparation was quite impressive. The sauce was parmesan and garlic and the flavours stood by the name! The preparation was creamy with loads of garlic and herbs. We acknowledge the fact that in spite of having such a strong garlic flavour, it was pretty well balanced.

Beef Burger

Fettuccine Alfedo Pasta

Grilled Cubano Sandwich

The item names in their menu are quite different and after a lot of thought, we chose the Baked Alaska as our dessert.

It was a solid ice cream cake topped off with brandy browned meringue. The meringue was excellent and actually had the flavours. We liked the dessert but it was not amazing. The let down was the layer of corn flakes between the middle layer of ice cream and the last chocolate layer.

We did like the food but there is room for improvement.

Overall, if we consider the ambiance and service coupled with the amazing beertails and the food in general, it was quite an experience.

These guys serve good quality food at more or less reasonable prices so if you are a fan of good burgers/sandwiches and American food in general: do try out the offerings of Mr. Bojangles.

If you visit, don’t forget to try out their beertails! (And don’t forget to let us know how you felt ;)).

Till next time—bon appétit! 
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