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We have been visiting many starred hotels lately for food festivals, launches and of course events. Most of them have amazing grandeur and their decor is a level above. But very few of them actually serve good food! Most of the times their grandeur, decor and service fetches them good ratings but in reality they do not deserve it food and taste wise!

On the same page, we recently visited Memories of China @ Vivanta by Taj located in M.G Road, Bangalore for trying out their special Dragon Boat Festival Menu. We visited this restaurant for the first time and we believe it should be judged only after having a complete meal.

From the outside, it might not seem impressive but if a step is taken forward, the vision changes. It has authentic Chinese decor and it also serves authentic Chinese cuisine! An attractive feature is the presence of rotating tables.

Now coming to the special menu, it is a complete menu with a huge variety of items so we could not try everything. This menu has been created or better to say crafted by their Chinese master chef Lai Hin Tong William who has over 43 years of culinary experience. We had the pleasure of meeting him as well and he was a charming personality.

We tried many items, but it is better to talk about the highlights only. For starters we ordered the hong kong style roasted duck, salt and pepper prawns/tofu and wasabi coated prawns for non veg and for veg a fried lotus root, baby corn and water chestnut preparation.

Jasmine tea

The duck had skin intact which added a crisp to every bite. The duck meat was very juicy and combined with the sauces the preparation was very appetizing. The wasabi coated prawns is a must try if you want your mind almost blown! The prawns were perfectly cooked and sweet with a dilute wasabi coating. This dilute coating was enough to ping my (Rudra’s) brain. The salt and pepper prawns were deep fried and had a crunchy coating. The salt level was perfectly balanced and it tasted supreme, being such a simple preparation.

The fried baby corn had the typical taste and flavour but the lotus roots had a different aroma and taste. The salt and pepper tofu had the same base ingredients as that of the prawn but hats off to the chef for making the tofu so juicy and tasty.
For main course, we tried sautéed lobsters with egg white, a preparation with prawns and scallops, stir fried veggies, a mushroom preparation, and sesame roasted chicken and some more.

A special mention would be the crab meat soup we tried which was loaded with crab meat and sweet corn. It was tasty and very appetizing but heavy at the same time.

Thick crab meat soup

Wasabi coated prawns

Salt and pepper prawns

Salt and pepper tofu
Deep fried lotus root, baby corn and water chestnut

Hong Kong style roasted duck

It was amazing how using just lobster and egg whites such a beautiful dish was created. The lobster was juicy and with the aroma of egg white around, this item was incredible. The disappointment was the roasted chicken. It also had the skin intact which imparted the crispness to each bite. The sesame seeds added a good flavour to it as well but the chicken was dry and overcooked. The prawns and scallop preparation was simple yet lip smacking. The best part about this dish was the freshness of the prawns and the scallops. The stir fried veggies were juicy and good to have as a side dish.

The mushroom preparation consisted of shiitake, button and oyster mushrooms. The juiciness of the mushrooms deserves a lot of praise! Only this fact stole the show. Apart from this, the sauce was very tasty and balanced.

Staple veg noodles

Stur fried veggies

The assorted mushroom preparation

sauteed lobsters with egg white

prawns with scallops preparation

We were also served Zongzi, which is served during this festival in china. It was a sticky rice preparation which was mildly sweet. 

For desserts, we tried the mango dumplings, chilled alphonso pudding, date pancakes with coconut ice cream and a mango tiramisu preparation.

It was amazing how the dumplings were made. Mango, being a slippery fruit stayed intact inside the dumplings after a bite. The mango inside was not so sweet though, but its flavour and aroma was excellent. The date pancakes were extraordinary! There were crispy with actual date filling. The best part about this dessert was the coconut flavoured ice cream which was one of the best ice creams we have tried. The mango tiramisu felt more like chocolate ice cream with real pieces of alphonso and a mild flavour of coffee. It had chocolate and mango, so taste wise it was great.

The best dessert was the alphonso pudding. It was perfect in every way: presentation, sweetness and the great aroma and taste of alphonso mango.

Chilled alphonso pudding

Date pan cakes with coconut ice cream

Mango dumplings

Alphonso Tiramisu with coffee

It was truly a delightful and thoroughly enjoyable experience. This menu is available till the 14th of June, so officially time is running out for those who are willing to try.

Treat your taste buds a short and lively trip to Chinese cuisine this Dragon Boat festival.

The food prepared is very simple, yet flavourful and tasty. The best part is the flavours come from the core ingredient without the use of additives!

We would have definitely revisited if this menu lasted longer.

So, if you want to treat yourself with these simple but crafted preparations, there is not much time left. If you do visit, do let us know about your experience!

Till then – bon appétit!
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