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The uniqueness of a restaurant goes a long way in its recognition and public demand. We recently visited a restaurant which is the first carnival themed restaurant of our country and guess the brand ambassador: Our very own master blaster!

It was originally a gaming zone but gradually they started offering food as well. Now they are not a 5 star restaurant but their food is mighty amazing!

So, the gaming area which is very popular goes by the name Smaaash and the restaurant which is located inside it has a pretty catchy and meaningful name: Mighty Small!

They have created the place in such a way that people of all ages would just fall in love with it. The array of games @ Smaaash and the delicious food offerings at Mighty Small are the perfect crowd puller. Let your kids enjoy (or play yourself too!), lay back, grab a drink and eat the splendid preparations.

The bar at Mighty Small

The speciality of Mighty Small is basically “great things in small packages”. The quantity which they serve at the price they charge is quite astonishing and remarkable.
Now coming down to the food and the games:

We tried the wonton noodles, BBQ chicken and cheese quesadillas, spicy grilled prawns, keema ghotala fondue, stuffed lamb burger and lasooni saag chicken + tandoori roti for starters and main course. For drinks, we tried bluegrass, coffee iced tea and jalapeno and olive sangria.

Due to the craze among children and adults, it is difficult to try all the games! Smaaash is pretty famous for its virtual roller coaster and cricket games. We unfortunately could not try those but we tried: bowling, air hockey, beer pong, speed of light and the hammer strike.

Their ambiance is simply electrifying and the bowling arena had UV lights. We had a gala time playing all of them and the games were flawless.

The Gaming Arena

The food added to the experience without a doubt! The quesadillas were magnificent. The chicken chunks were juicy with a sweetish tinge due to the BBQ sauce. There was ample amount of cheese as well and when bitten into while hot, it tasted wow!

Their presentation is also something we admired. The spicy grilled prawns had three sauce variants and we chose the chimichurri. The prawns were well grilled, smoky and a bit tangy to taste.

The keema ghotala fondue was amazing! It is basically spicy mutton keema served with an egg on top and served with buns. The keema was typically spicy and that same great aroma of mutton. The quantity was literally a lot!

Spicy grilled prawns (Chimichurri)

Keema ghotala fondue

BBQ chicken and cheese quesadillas

The wonton noodle soup was also very well done. The wonton filling was cheese and in the hot broth the cheese was in a molten state. With each bite you are guaranteed to get oozing cheese!!- That’s all it takes to win a thumbs up from our side. Apart from this it was quite flavoursome with a lot of ginger and appetizing.

A few words about their drinks: They give more alcohol than one would expect, so please choose wisely!—Hence Mighty!

Bluegrass long island iced tea

The bluegrass had bourbon whisky in it, which dominated the taste (which was no problem at all). The flavour of coke was also present but not too strong. There was a lot of alcohol in it and one drink would take its toll. The same goes for the coffee iced tea too. The aroma and taste of coffee liquor was quite refreshing. Except for this, it was pretty strong too!

Coffee long island iced tea

The jalapeno and olive sangria was simple but all the flavours were distinctly present in the drink. This drink had certain tartness to it.

Minced lamb burger

The minced lamb burger was heavy! The patty was thicker than one would expect and the minced lamb inside was juicy, spicy and spectacular. There were traces of cheese in it as well which made it even tastier. It came with a whole bunch of fries. Overall, this burger is a must try for someone who loves lamb.

The lasooni saag chicken was very different. It was creamy, had the aroma of taste of spinach but everything was so well balanced that even people who don’t like spinach would love it! Moreover, the chicken was melt in the mouth soft and we absolutely loved it.

Lasooni saag chicken

Lastly, the desserts: Bounty milk shake and nutella ferrero rocher cake.

Both these desserts were so huge and heavy that it is almost impossible to have these after a proper meal! The cake was sort of like a DBC. The presence of nutella was not strong enough but ferrero: definitely. It was not too sweet but was sinfully chocolaty.

The bounty shake had whipped cream which looked like a mountain and studded with cut bounty bars.  The milk shake had coconut and chocolate as expected. It tasted great but it is safer not to have this individually.

So, our experience was fantastic and fun and we hope we were able to make you feel how awesome it is. This place is very pocket friendly and suitable for people of all ages.

We will definitely be revisiting as there are very few places nowadays that offer value for money.

If you do visit this place, appreciate its awesomeness and don’t forget to let us know too!

Till then—bon appétit!

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