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We recently visited a legendary restaurant which originates from our very own land of the Nizam’s: Hyderabad!

This was an FBAB meet up and it was beautiful how there was one long table full of passionate food lovers who clicked pictures more than they ate.

The restaurant we are talking about (as you might have guess by now) is none other than Paradise. They have opened their new outlet in Electronic city in Velankani drive and foodies from all over Bangalore came to dig in!

They are currently operating on two floors with a parking section in the basement. Their ambiance is almost the same in all their outlets so nothing special to mention there, but it sure gives a royal effect to ones meal ;).

Coming down to the food: we tried a variety of starters, biriyani for the main course and for desserts: shahi tukra, gajar ka halwa and one more.

The paneer kebabs were aromatic and very flavourful but they were pretty stiff. If the paneer was a little softer the preparations would have totally rocked!

The chilli paneer on the other hand was soft and delightful.

The best chicken starter was the chilli chicken type variety which was served in the beginning. It was spicy, juicy and had the flavour of chillis (hence we guessed it to be chilli chicken!)

The chicken kebabs were very tender and juicy. They were perfectly cooked and had the typical smoky flavour which was brilliant. The problem was with the chicken seekh kebabs which lacked moisture even when served hot. It was a bit too dry for comfort and needs to be improved.

The Apollo fish preparation was magnificent. This preparation is normally very spicy, but in this case it was well balanced. The spice and salt level were perfect and the fish was juicy which is bound to make you want more!

We have tried the biriyani from a couple of Paradise outlets but the biriyani served in this outlet was far better. Both the chicken and mutton biriyani was wonderful. They were very aromatic and had a beautiful glaze to it. The chicken and mutton pieces were juicy and not too dry. They were accompanied by raita and salan. The quantity of chicken and mutton was sufficient as well. The egg biriyani is something we did not try.

The desserts were a good deal too! The gajar ka halwa was delightful! It had a fading aroma of ghee, perfect balance of sweetness and a vibrant reddish orange colour. It was the perfect ending to a hearty meal.

The shahi tukra was equally good. The consistency was the same throughout. Not many people like the mushy taste of the bread but those who do: Enjoy! ;). This dish was also perfectly sweet and had an appetizing aroma. (Although by this time none of us had much stomach space!)

There were quite a lot of items, but these are the highlights.

Overall, the food was pretty decent except for the kebabs which were above average.

Paradise is a good place to visit if you are in the mood for some authentic Mughlai preparations, especially biriyani.

If you visit, do let us know about your experience!

Till then—bon appétit!

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