The #LoveScotch Event @Bangalore on World Whisky Day


Not many of us get to enjoy scotch with ease due to a variety of constraints, but those who do will always appreciate the beauty of it and of course its sophisticated touch.

We were a part of the #LoveScotch event on World Whisky Day at the Shangri-La hotel, Bangalore and it was an amazing experience from the beginning to the end.

As a part of the event there were four celebrities: Canadian supermodel and global brand ambassador of the #LoveScotch movement, Coco Rocha and three well known faces: Mandira Bedi, Dino Morea and Randeep Hooda.

It was a star studded event and we had the chance of interacting and having a short interview session with each of them and of course, took quite a lot of pictures!

First up, the interaction with Coco Rocha:

Her favourite drink is ginger ale with scotch (JW black label) and she deeply appreciates its smoky flavour. Her second favourite drink being a mixture of lime, mint and again scotch as mentioned.

When asked about her favourite non alcoholic drink, she mentioned that she loves coffee. She spoke about scotch being a man’s drink and after being a part of the fashion industry and seeing other independent women drink scotch, she started as well.

Next up: the interaction with Designer, actor and TV presenter, Mandira Bedi:

She mentioned that she prefers single malt and her favourite is Singleton. She enjoys drinking with her father as he is mostly responsible for acquainting her with scotch and whiskey in general. Her father’s favourite is JW black label. She also enjoys a drink with her husband and other company. On being asked how frequently she enjoys scotch she answered that these things happen and mostly with special and close people.

The interaction with Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda was next:

He mentioned that he drinks in moderation solely because of his intense fitness regime. His favourite brand being Black Dog, and he does not like drinking alone and he enjoys the company of friends and loved ones. He was very friendly and a very enjoyable personality.

Dino Morea, bollywood actor and former model was very entertaining and charming. He was very supportive, friendly and a charismatic personality. His favourite brand as he mentioned is Black and White and he repeatedly mentioned its tagline as it is best enjoyed when shared. He also enjoys a drink with good company having good conversation and fun.

As mentioned, it was great interacting with them. After this there was a launch of a special packaging of certain scotch bottles in Bangalore only. There was a group interacting session with the celebs which involved how they got hooked onto scotch and also about the significance of gifting scotch. 

At this phase we were also joined by Mr. Rajiv Mehta who is the CEO of Arvind Fashion Brands & Arvind Sports Lifestyle, who shared a few words of his own experiences and preference of scotch.

Afterwards there was a cocktail making session by them. It was fun seeing them shake it! ;)

Following the refreshments at Shangri-La, we went pub hopping with the celebs at UB city Bangalore. The first hop was at Skyye bar and then at Sanchos.

In both the pubs, the celebrities were at the bar counters enjoying a fun conversation with themselves and of course us in general. Some created some cocktails and the others simply enjoyed the ones created by the awesome bartenders.

By this time it became very crowded as all the public had gathered to talk to and take pictures with the celebs.

It was a great and memorable evening for all of us thanks to the great management by the teams responsible for organizing this event.

A great evening with great people with one factor which was common to all: the love of scotch.

Cheers to all and cheers to Scotland for giving us one of the greatest gifts of all.

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