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We are always out on a new adventure every time. The most important question we have on our minds is: What do the chefs have in store for us?

Because of this, sometimes we have to move out of our comfort zone and try a variety of food. Although moving out of one’s comfort level is difficult—it pays off for sure! (Most of the time, as long as you don’t regret)

The encounter we have in store for you this time is not moving out of our comfort zone as we have tried some of the preparations before. The cuisine we are talking about is Goan and the restaurant we tried is The Fisherman’s Wharf, which is situated in Lavelle road, Bangalore near to UB city.

Well Goa is quite close to our hearts, because of its beautiful beaches, lovely people and the spicy and different food. (Cheap liquor too ;))

Coming down to the restaurant and their food:

The ambiance is pretty decent, with a replica of a boat with pitchers at the entrance. They also have a transparent kitchen where one can see the chefs at work and also a separate buffet area.

 The speciality of Fisherman’s Wharf is seafood prepared in Goan style and some authentic Goan preparations as well! Since we knew about it, we mostly tried their speciality items.

There were some pretty amazing items: masala fried prawns, wharf prawn cocktail, crab xec-xec, chorizo pao and chicken cafreal for starters and stuffed crab, prawn balchao, mushroom tonak and boiled rice for main course. For dessert we had the Bebinca and the house special apple pie.

The masala prawns had the flavour of chillies and vinegar. It was very hot, spicy and the prawns were well cooked. We finished it like popcorn! It tasted great and the sweetness of the prawns was an additional bonus.

The prawn cocktail had great presentation. The prawns were presented in skewers and were poached really well. The prawns tasted really great with the cocktail sauce.

The chorizo pao was a pork preparation. It was a spicy mixture of pork, potatoes, chillies and vinegar. There was not much gravy but the inherent smoky flavour tasted excellent with the warm bread.

The chicken cafreal was something of a different colour. Except for this everything else almost had the same complexion. The chicken was well cooked and soft with the flavours of green chilli and coriander. It was very tasty to say the least.

Undoubtedly the best starter was the crab. The crab was quite big and the meat was very sweet. The preparation tasted heavenly. The crab was prepared with Goan traditional ground spices, coconut and loads of onion. Kudos!

We were thoroughly impressed with the starters, especially the crab. Aside from this, we also had a couple of margaritas to drink. We tried one frozen margarita with blue Curacao and the normal margarita. Both the drinks were quite strong in terms of alcohol, whereas the frozen one had a great blue colour and lasted a pretty long time. 

In the main course, the stuffed crab preparation was delicious. The presentation was lovely and the stuffing inside the crab shells was even better. There was a lot of crab meat baked with cheese. Overall, it was slightly salty but wonderful in taste. The mixture was thick, sticky and wow! One thick we felt is that there was a faint but lurking smell of seafood maybe because of the crab shells and many customers might not enjoy it.

The mushroom tonak preparation was similar to the crab preparation in taste and the spices used. In the mushroom, coconut milk was an addition and it could be felt in the taste. Comparisons aside: it was spicy, rich and tasty!

The prawn preparation had a tangy flavour and the same great presence of vinegar and chillies. The quantity of prawns was good and it tasted great with normal boiled rice. There was a hidden sweetness in the preparation which is masked by the tanginess.

So, the Goan carnival was almost over. The bebinca was a Goan dessert which was similar to a cake. It had several layers and topped off with a cashew nut. There was a faint aroma of jaggery and the highlight was the softness of the dessert in general. It is served with creamy vanilla ice cream.

The last dessert was the apple pie which we felt to be pretty decent. This could have been a bit better in terms of the thickness of the crust which was pretty thick. Flavour wise the apple pie was spot on. The sweetness was balanced and overall it was pretty good. This was also served with vanilla ice cream.

It was definitely another experience to cherish and remember. The preparations were really different from what we normally have and they use fresh seafood in all their preparations.

They also have catch of the day preparations where they serve herb cooked lobsters, prawns, snappers etc.

We enjoyed ourselves to the brim and we look forward to another encounter soon. Don’t worry: we will definitely be sharing about it ;)

If you are in the mood for some great seafood, and yes in general Goan food definitely give these guys a try. Let us know if you do and how you felt about it.

Till next time—bon appétit! 
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