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Sarava beer at Big pitcher

Bangalore is quite famous because of the presence of a lot of breweries across the city. We have tasted beers at so many places here that now we have started to understand beers in a different way altogether! 

Our last trip to a brewery cum restaurant made it very clear that brews accompanied by good food are all you need to have a good time with your friends! Big Pitcher, Located at Indiranagar, this brewery has six floors and we went to the second floor.

Splitwood is their A La carte restaurant which serves Chinese, Mexican and Indian food. 
The theme of this restaurant is "Cowboy", something you don't get to see every day here!
We tried all the beers and we loved all of them, "Sarava" and "Kingslayer" being our favorites. The three cocktails we tried were The Jaggerbomb, High Seas Adventure and Four Play. We loved the “Four Play”  the most because it packs a punch with 4 types of alcohol and is also very refreshing because of the watermelon juice. The “High seas adventure” is served in an earthen glass and hence makes it a different experience mixed with coconut milk. The “Jaggerbomb” is served with Redbull around a Jaggermeister shot!

Chicken nachos

high seas adventure cocktail


Four play at Big Pitcher

For the starters, we tried the Ultimate Blazing chicken nachos and Mushroom Relinos. The nachos will win your heart because it has shredded chicken on it accompanied with veggies and loads of cheese. But make sure you have these before it gets cold, because no one likes cold cheese on nachos! 
The Mushroom Relinos is a deep fried mushroom ball preparation consisting of one stuffed shiitake mushroom each, and if you love mushrooms with cheese, you should not miss this.
The Szechwan spicy prawns were quite tasty as well, but I felt like it was more like prawn chili than Szechwan. It's a dry, spicy starter, so it's best accompanied with their craft beer!

Sichuan prawns

mushroom relinos

For main course we had the Nasi Goreng and Ramen Bari. I have mixed feeling about the ramen because I really loved the fact that it was a whole meal, but I think the fried momo/dumpling should be served separately because it gets soggy if it stays for too long on the ramen. Taste wise, I really liked it and if you are a person who likes ginger, then you should give this a try!

The Nasi goreng is a full meal as well and I was very happy to taste the Prawn chips given with it, because it tasted actually like prawns, at other places I have mostly seen that the chips are tasteless! This is a favorite for both of us in general and we were not disappointed with what we were served.

Ramen Bari , Big Pitcher

Nasi Goreng

For dessert, we had the trio chocolate mousse, Loaded with three different types of chocolate flavours, this is a great way to end a good meal! 

Apart from the food, you can also try out the Hookah they have and they are one of the few places who serve hookah in that area! Splitwood is sort of an open restaurant so you won't be bothered by smoke, if you are a non smoker.

All in all we quite liked the theme and the food, also the fact that they serve a look of cuisines! The service deserves a special mention because every one of those who served asked about preferences and suggested and the service is very fast!

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