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We have tried out several food delivery services in the past and each of them had their unique visions which was manifested in the food they deliver.

Recently we tried out Wok n Tava and we must say that most of their food is very impressive. Not only their food, but their packaging is very efficient in terms of spillage.

Their packing ensures zero spillage and the food stays warm for quite a long time.
 We tried out a variety of their items and especially their Chinese and Indian food items are quite impressive.

So, let’s start with the starters of course ;) 

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We had the Paneer Tikka, Murgh Tikka, Murgh Tandoori, Grilled Murgh Malai kebab and the Murgh Seekh.

The Paneer Tikka consisted of huge chunks of paneer, coated with spices and the pieces were pretty soft. The only thing which can be improved is the salt level, which we found to be a little higher than expected. Apart from this, they were perfectly grilled and had a faint smoky flavour. If had instantly after preparing, the smokiness would have been intact.

The Murgh Tikka did not have a salt issue and got over within a few seconds! The chicken pieces were soft, well cooked and this marked the perfect beginning to a big meal.

The Tandoori chicken was as expected. That age old spicy, grilled tandoori flavour will make any kebab lover want more! Most of the pieces were perfect except for the fibrous ones which were a bit dry.

The Malai kebab was very tasty. The chicken was well cooked and had the richness of malai and herbs. If the chicken was a bit more marinated and a bit more malai was used while grilling, this would have been a wonder!

The Seekh kebab was one of the best we have had. Mutton seekh kebabs retain moisture and remain juicy and soft but the chicken ones turn dry. In this case, the seekhs were juicy and tasty. The minced chicken and the spices used were in perfect proportion and it tasted awesome!

Now time for the main course items: We tried the Mutton Rogan Josh, Murgh Makhani, Palak Paneer, Crispy Congee Lamb and Chicken in Hunan Sauce.

Before starting we want to mention that the quantity which they provide is very good.

The Mutton preparation was very well prepared. The mutton was well cooked and the gravy was rich, spicy with a dominance of whole spices. The entire gravy had the aroma of mutton and it was satisfying.

The Murgh Makhani or Butter Chicken preparation had (As you already might have guessed ;)) a rich and creamy gravy which was sweet. The chicken pieces were soft and juicy and we really loved the preparation. (The sweet factor was not bad at all!)

The Paneer Preparation had thick gravy which did not contain the raw essence of spinach. This requires a lot of effort and proves that they use fresh ingredients. I (Rudra) am quite allergic to Palak/Spinach preparations but I was able to have this without problems. Moreover, there was a lot of quantity and it tasted great. The dish was balanced and tasty.

We would really recommend their Crispy Lamb preparation as we are really impressed by it. The dish contained strips of crispy batter coated lamb tossed with bell peppers. The important thing is that the coating was very light and almost negligible and you are guaranteed to get lamb and not only coating, which is the case with most eateries nowadays.

Lastly, the Chicken in Hunan Sauce preparation also packed a punch. The dish was slightly sweet and packed a lot of flavours. There was a lot of chicken in the dish and it is definitely worth a try.

As accompaniments we had the chicken hakka noodles, which did not contain much oil and was quite tasty. Apart from this we tried the burnt garlic fried rice and the schezwan chicken fried rice. The burnt garlic fried rice was very well balanced. 

The burnt garlic flavour was present throughout and everything about it was perfect. The schezwan rice had the typical reddish colour, was spicy and had a good quantity of chicken. It tasted very good and went well with the sweet main course items.

We really liked all the main course items and accompaniments.

We also tried out one roll: the chicken seekh roll which was a big disappointment. It had too much salt content and the entire roll filling was dry. We were barely able to eat it.

For desserts we had gulab jamun, which could have been softer but taste wise it was good with more or less the right amount of sweetness.

Time for the scores:

Food/taste: - 3.5/5
Quantity: - 4/5
Packaging: - 5/5
Delivery: - 5/5

Overall, we did like the food. Their packaging, quantity, quality and their taste are impressive.

So, if you are at home and don’t feel like cooking/organizing a gathering with friends: you can surf their website and order from these guys!

Hope this review helps a fellow foodie in need!

Till next time—bon appétit!

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