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We visited a restaurant some time back and we really wanted to revisit. So, pretty recently we crashed there with a couple of other foodies for lunch and it was a very comforting experience.

A good variety of conversations (although 99% centred on food), great ambiance and wonderful people—the best mantra for a perfect time!

The name of the restaurant is Sanctum, located near the Chancery Pavilion hotel in Residency road, Bangalore. The food preparations were all simple, with a touch of elegance and sophistication. The restaurant has separate AC and non AC dining areas with elegant dim lighting and a big bar as well.

Although the food preparations were simple, they were very tasty—the perfect combo indeed!

The spread is a bit smaller than any other buffet in town, but all the items pack a punch and that is something you won’t find elsewhere!

The starters and the main course were great, but the desserts can be improved a bit.

The starters included Gobi Manchurian, a chicken kebab preparation, a Chinese chicken preparation, hara bhara kebab and two varieties of pasta: One in white sauce and the other was the hot and sweet variety.

The Gobi Manchurian tasted great and it had an excellent glaze to it. Both the chicken starters were mouth watering. The chicken was soft in both of the preparations and the chicken kebab preparation was a bit spicy whereas the other preparation was a bit on the sweeter side.

The hara bhara kebab was a pleasure to look at and eat as well! It consisted of a spicy and delicious filling mostly predominated by peas and the cashew on top did wonders.
The pastas were delish! The pasta in white sauce was creamy, with sprinkled herbs and vegetables. It was a great dish overall but the garlic breads could have been better.

The hot and sweet pasta was very unique. The hot and sweet flavour was very appealing and it went very well with the penne pasta. This also had loads of vegetables, but less of herbs. The garlic bread in this pasta was also the same as before.

The main course consisted of a variety of salads, soups and veg and non veg preparations.
We tried the jeera rice, Paneer makhanwala, tawa fried fish, chicken tikka masala, chicken biriyani, mutton rogan josh, fish chatpata and the Russian salad.

The Russian salad had generous amount of vegetables but the amount of mayonnaise was either a bit less or it was not so thick. A bit more mayonnaise would give the dish a way better taste.

The tawa fried bassa fish was very tender and juicy. It was plain fried and it tasted great. The chicken biriyani was very aromatic. A well balance of spice was present in the biriyani and it looked great and tasted even better. The chicken was perfectly cooked and soft.

The mutton rogan josh was excellent! Well cooked soft pieces of mutton in rich and spicy gravy with an aroma of cinnamon. The chicken tikka masala was equally good. The gravy was rich and the best part was the colour of the gravy. The chicken was also well cooked, so great stuff overall.

The fish chatpata was not so good. The fish was ok but the gravy was quite watery therefore diluting the flavours.

The jeera rice consisted of long grains of rice and a gentle aroma of the jeera. Combined with the butter paneer i.e. Makhanwala, it was mind blowing. The paneer was one of the best we have had and it was very soft. One can sense the essence of butter in the preparation, which is very rare nowadays as to achieve this lot of butter needs to be used.

The desserts were not as elaborate as you would expect, but they were quite good. The carrot halwa was very tasty and we could feel that not much extra sugar was added. The dish was made with ghee and one can sense the same with every bite. Pista was sprinkled over the halwa and it looked quite appealing.

The matka phirni was not quite as we would have expected but was ok to taste. It was quite watery which is not expected out of a phirni. As a result all the flavours were diluted.

The two in one chocolate is their signature dessert and it is quite unique in terms of looks as well as taste. It is quite heavy and the chocolate in the dessert is quite thick and sticky. It is a good dessert overall.

The kiwi cheese cakes and the mango mousse were both light and compact desserts. The crème had a great consistency and the flavours and kiwi and mango were distinctly present.

So, overall a splendid luncheon! The pricing is also very appropriate, so your pocket won’t take much of a hit. According to us, it is bang on the money.

Now for the scores:

Food/Taste: - 4/5
Quantity: - Buffet!
Ambiance: - 4.5/5
Service: - 3/5

This place is definitely worth a shot, especially if you are into romantic dining.
Hope this review helps !

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