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Most of us at one point of time in our lives have experienced 3 star or 5 star cuisines at renowned hotels. It is something we do not indulge in frequently because not only is it expensive, but also the food is very rich. Moreover, except for the food we also pay for the beautiful decorations, ambiance and what not.

In line with that—nowadays every other day a new tech food start up is being established. All of these have different visions –some of them concentrate on home cooked food, some on health foods and some focus on normal restaurant food.

Recently we came across a rather recent establishment which has a unique vision: Delivering 5 star quality food at your doorstep where you actually pay only for the food!

It goes by the name Zzungry, and by far their food is the best home delivered food we have had in a long time! They currently operate in Indiranagar, HSR, BTM and some other parts. Probably they will be opening soon in Marathahalli and Electronic city as well.

Now coming down to the order: Mushroom churchure, Tandoori malai broccoli, Birbali lamb seekh, Murgh sajji tikka for starters, Dum aloo Bhojpuri, Murgh nihari, Chandni lamb korma, Sabs zarda pulao, Matar kulcha banarasi, Jodhpuri lachha parathas for main course and finally Malpua e khaas for dessert.

We do not normally say this, but all of them were superb!

The starters were so good that in the truest sense, we were not only licking our fingers, but the entire container too!

The mushroom churchure preparation consisted of medium sized rolls, filled with chunks of mushroom and sticky cheese. The rolls were slightly crunchy on the outside and moist and soft on the inside! 

The murgh sajji tikka was another mind blowing preparation. It had a splendid aroma of coconut and a hint of curry leaves. The chicken was so soft that it actually melted in the mouth and the pieces had a layering of malai or crème. All the ingredients blended perfectly and it is a must try!

The birbali lamb seekh might sound ordinary and easily available, but the naming and the appearance are quite deceptive. They were big in size, soft, juicy and the best part which we have not found anywhere in a long time —it was spicy! Moreover, the lamb was perfectly cooked and it had a bit of chewiness which felt awesome.


We saved the best for last: As non veg lovers (Speaking of Rudra here!) it was very difficult accepting that this was the best dish of the lot. The Tandoori malai Broccoli is beyond description. One simply needs to have it to believe it! Broccoli baked with malai and topped off with a hint of the burnt tandoori smell. We never imagined Broccoli can be made so tasty! With every bite you get all the flavours in your mouth, coupled with the smell of malai and tandoori. You can literally taste the presence of rich cashews. Kudos to the chef!

Now for the main course: The Dum aloo Bhojpuri was very impressive. Half cut potatoes filled with stuffing and even after a bite, the stuffing did not come out. The stuffing consisted of cooked spring onions and it was a bit spicy –combining these, it was a splendid dish. Another twist to this is that coupled with the spicy potato filling, the gravy has a mild sweetness which balanced everything very well.

The non veg preparations were brilliant!

The Murgh nihari and the Chandni lamb korma were both very rich and had thick gravy. The chicken pieces were very soft, perfectly cooked and all the flavours of the gravy could be sensed with each bite. The Murgh nihari had a very delicate aroma of cinnamon and it was quite spicy.

The lamb preparation on the other hand had an aroma of whole spices (garam masala) and throughout the gravy, one can smell the aroma of the lamb. This was cooked perfectly as well and the lamb pieces were very soft. 

The accompaniments were great too! The Jodhpuri lachha parathas were big in size and not at all oily. This went well with the Dum aloo Bhojpuri.

The matar kulchas were fantastic! These were huge and they had the filling till the very end which is very rare. It is extremely rare that there is this amount of filling at this price range. Hats off!

The pulao was great as well, with generous amounts of vegetables. They used long grain basmati rice for the preparation and the pulao had an amazing smell. This went great with the chicken and lamb preparations.

 Lastly, the dessert was equally good and something we tasted for the first time. It is based on a Bengali sweet called Malpua and they made it into something even more crazy and delicious. It looked like a sea of phirni with the malpua hidden underneath. The malpua was slightly thick and chewy (quite different from the original Malpua). It contained cashews as well and the dessert was very rich, tasty and the perfect balance of sweetness.

The End! Whoo!

Writing about this is quite painful, as we get reminded of these lovely preparations.

This was one experience to remember. It is definitely worth reordering!

Now for the scores:

Food/Taste: - 5/5

Packaging: - 4.5/5

Delivery: - 5/5

Value for Money: - 4.5/5

Hope this review helps out a fellow foodie in the quest for good food!

It is quite rare that we like food from somewhere that we crave for it, but in this case we are craving for it! :D

Till next time—bon appétit!

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