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It has been quite some time that we have been eyeing a place in electronic city, but somehow we were not able to go there. Now that it is Christmas and New Year time, we broke the shackles and finally crashed there!

It is located in Velankani drive and it is quite a small joint with a very cosy ambiance. It also has a live kitchen, so they are very transparent in their approach. Now it is time to reveal the name—My Cousin’s Place. 

Not only because of the ambiance and the setting, but also because of the courteous staff we experienced a family like feeling! Moreover, they have an array of board games and a dart board, so anyone can just relax and unwind.

Enough with the mushy stuff, coming down to the food:
We ordered strawberry mojito, a veg Russian salad, crispy fried orange chicken, fat aunty messy lamb slider, macaroni in mixed sauce (non veg) served with garlic bread and chicken lasagne. 

The strawberry mojito had good presentation just like everything else. The stirrers were actually pretty cool. It had a very refreshing strawberry flavour and it is perfect for telling your taste buds: get set go! The light strawberry flavour combined with the mint and the lemon sealed the deal.

The Russian salad was something out of this world! The mayonnaise was made by them of course and it had the perfect balance between sweet and sour. The salad consisted of apples, cherries, broccoli, potatoes and carrots. It was a complete meal by itself and it tasted beautiful—undoubtedly one of the best Russian salads we have had till date! 

The crispy fried orange chicken was presented on lettuce leaves. The quantity was generous indeed! The chicken was very crunchy (as a result it was a bit chewy). The coating of the chicken had herbs and had a faint orange flavour. There was only one problem: When we searched for the orange flavour, we found it but it did not speak for itself.

Now the boss: The slider or the burger in simple terms. It was huge and the plate had a pretty awesome presentation. It had a big thick lamb patty which had a smoky flavour and it was perfectly cooked. The slider also had a sunny side up egg inside and of course vegetables. It was a sinful experience and by the looks of the plate—it was messy alright! This item is heavy folks, so if you plan on having this—as bugs bunny says “That’s all folks!”

The macaroni in mixed sauce was again presented well. The colour of the sauce was darkish pink and it tasted really different as we did not taste anything in a combo of red and white sauce before. It consisted of more of red sauce and less of white so the red colour was more prominent. It tasted good and the macaroni was spot on! The distribution of chicken was good and there was also plenty of capsicum.

 The dish was slightly creamy and slightly on the sweeter side. The accompaniments i.e. the buttered garlic bread was great to have. Neither did they break apart and nor was there any trace of crumbs—they were fresh and tasty! 

The last dish was the chicken lasagne. It did take some time to prepare as it was made fresh, but the outcome was totally worth it! The flat layers of pasta were perfect and so was the molten cheese and the embedded chicken. It was a bit small in size, but again—good presentation and excellent taste. The marinara sauce was also in the right proportion. 

Just when we thought the feast is over, we were served cookies and cupcakes which were complementary as season’s greetings! The cookies had frosting on them and it was quite a piece of art. The best part was that they tasted just like quality bakery biscuits.
Overall, it was a complete experience and that too a great one!

Now for the scores:

Food/Taste: - 4.5/5

Service: - 4.5/5

Quantity: - 4/5

Ambiance: - 4/5

It is surely a great place to crash and they have a fresh menu on a daily basis. Since we loved the joint, we will be revisiting soon! Hope this helps a fellow foodie in the search for great places to eat!
Till next time—bon appétit!

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