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 It has been quite some time that we have been avoiding fast food and concentrating only on “slow” food, but not anymore. There is a brand which is famous for its burgers and fries, the world over and in India they have outlets only in Bangalore and Delhi. There are a few outlets which are pretty far away, but recently we came across a branch in Koramangala and we couldn’t wait any longer!

(P.S: The brand is none other than Burger King ;))

The interiors of the store looks just like any dominos, KFS and McDonalds but the exciting part was the crowns! Everything else was pretty decent, good lighting, comfortable seating just like the joints mentioned but the food was of another league!

We ordered a chicken whopper meal, a mutton whopper burger and cheesy chicken fries.

The burgers were BIG and by holding it we could feel the softness of the bread. The patties were grilled and not fried and it imparted a smoky flavour which blended fabulously with the mayo inside the burger. Apart from that the vegetables, the sauces all had great balance with nothing in excess. The chicken whopper was great but the mutton whopper was out of the world! The aroma of the grilled mutton patty, the thickness and of course the taste would make all meat lovers want more!

 The cheesy chicken fries was delish! Molten cheese and minced chicken combined with fries -- It was one tasty and sinful experience. (Not for the calorie conscious ;)) The cheese and the gravy of the chicken balanced so good, it will make you want more! One thing to note is that the dish was pretty spicy.

The fries and the cold drink (Pepsi) were nothing special, except for the fact that the fries would be good for those on a diet!

Things were so good that we had to reorder: Another mutton whopper, chicken nuggets and two Mirinda based drinks called icy bolt.

The chicken nuggets were different from the other ones available in the market. They were pretty soft and chewy at the same time and the oil was separated well i.e. not a trace of oil could be found.

Lastly, the ice bolts: pink lemon and the other one was blue in color so let’s say cool blue :D
The pink lemon was of course pink in color, and had a jaljeera like taste and it was very refreshing after a heavy meal. There was only one problem that there was too much ice in it.
The cool blue was made of crushed ice. Its blue color was very attractive and its taste was refreshing too together with the right amount of sweetness.
We had a great time indeed, not only because of the great food but also because we put on the burger king crown while having it :P

Now coming down to the scores:

Taste: - 4.5/5 (For the mutton whopper and cheesy chicken fries 5/5 :P)

Quantity: - 4.5/5

Ambiance: - 4/5

Service: - Self help after placing order.

Overall, a great place to crash and have fun and of course deserving of a revisit!

Hope this review can help a fellow food lover! Till next time—bon appétit! Burger King Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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