Hard Rock Cafe Review | Bangalore


Hard Rock Cafe Review | Bangalore, Foodie land blog

Sometimes, more than the food the ambiance and the environment matters more and provides an experience worth remembering. Of course if it is combined with good food then the experience reaches a whole new level. 
We have been to places like Soho ST, The Black Pearl and Jhaal Farezi which have a splendid ambiance indeed. But this time we were looking for a different kind of environment, related to music.

So, we were on our way to the Hard Rock Cafe Bangalore, located in St Mark’s road. From the outside itself the place seemed to possess a unique charm with stony exteriors. But as soon as you enter the place, everything you will find is music related: Guitars, old record disks, more guitars (some broken), huge portraits of 90’s music heroes and more.

Hard Rock Cafe Review | Bangalore, Foodie land blog

Hard Rock Cafe Review | Bangalore, Foodie land blog

An interesting part of the decor is that near the roof and the side walls everything is of wood whereas further down it’s a brick layout which gives quite an interesting visual effect. 

Hard Rock Cafe Review | Bangalore, Foodie land blog

Enough about the decor, because anyways it was very cool. Now coming down to the food, we ordered tandoori chicken satay, citrus chicken salad, 6 oz chicken burger, Thai chicken curry, sizzling brownie with ice cream and an orange pastry.

Hard Rock Cafe Review | Bangalore, Foodie land blog

The tandoori chicken satay was boneless tandoori chicken served with wooden sheekhs. The aroma was simply wow! And the chicken was tender too. It was served with a sauce which was equally fantastic!

Hard Rock Cafe Review | Bangalore, Foodie land blog
The citrus chicken salad was another wonder indeed. It was full of veggies and chunks of chicken with loads of citrusy flavour. The added attraction was the orange and lemon zests which added an amazing freshness to the salad!

The chicken burger was huge and served with fries. The chicken patty was thick and the dressing was done in such a way that with every bite, you take in all the flavours. The patty was grilled to perfection and had the right amount of crunch to it. The fries were the perfect companion to the burgers. They were very tasty and crunchy but had extra oil.

The Thai chicken curry was a big disappointment. The quantity was very less, both of the rice served and the portion of chicken in the curry. It was quite spicy but taste wise very average!

Now the dessert:

The orange pastry was quite tiny and did not seem fresh at all because the layers were quite hard indicating that it was refrigerated for a long time. Leaving that aside, the taste was tangy and good. Sweetness was balanced and there were chunks of orange in the layers as well as the top.

The brownie was literally sizzling! The portion was good: a big slab of brownie with vanilla ice cream on top and on top of the ice cream, whipped cream! One scoop of all the three and it created magic in the mouth. It was a great dessert indeed, quality, quantity and taste wise.

Overall, the ambiance was rocking ;) and so was the food, except for a few though which were quite below expectations.

Now for the scores:

Food/taste: - 3.5/5

Ambiance: - 4/5

Quantity: - 3.5/5

Service: - 3/5

Hope this review helps a fellow foodie! This place is worth a visit!

Till next time—bon appétit!

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