Cocoa Mantra | Bangalore


Who does not like chocolate?

God help them, but we definitely love chocolate (in all its varieties!)

Recently, we stumbled across a lady who has started her own chocolate business named as Cocoa Mantra in Electronic city, Bangalore.

The chocolates are sold in small boxes and each box contains two. The collection is rather versatile for people with different palates. We tried out a few varieties and we found them to be pretty decent.
We had the kulfi splash, snow flaked, minty mountain and the betel bite.

Out of these 4, the kulfi splash was the best! A ball of chocolate covered with kesar and pista and the flavour of kulfi embedded with every bite—thumbs up! 

The snow flaked chocolate looked like a white ball of snow. It had a great balance between the coconut and the white chocolate and it had a near perfect balance of sweetness.

The minty mountain and the betel bite were in the same packing. The paan flavour of the betel bite was so strong that it induced a taste of paan in the mint chocolate as well. Leaving that out, the minty mountain had a fresh and minty taste and the right amount of sweetness.

About the betel bite chocolate, it was truly great work combining the flavours of paan and chocolate and achieving perfection, but many might not like it. For those who love betel leaves, they are going to love this item, whereas for those who are not so fond of it, won’t like it much.

Overall, Kudos to the initiative and some really different and tempting chocolate flavors!

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