Spicy Grill Chicken Kababs | Street Food


So, here we are with the street food series of The Foodie Land Blog. And we are starting with our latest find, A kabab joint in Electronic City situated near Wipro Campus and exactly opposite Concorde Manhattan apartments. 

The street food reviews will be short and sweet!

This joint offers only chicken kababs prepared in a Andhra style. Spicy and smoky is how I would like to sum up the taste of kababs. 
The kababs are made to order, six pieces of chicken at just 30 INR!

You will have to wait for sometime, while the person( will get the name from next time) prepares the chicken on smoking coals!
The Smoke lends such an awesome flavour to the spicy kababs and that is something worth trying!

I would say that you should totally check out this joint because there are very few kabab joints here in electronic city where you get freshly prepared kababs! 

Do let us know if you know some great food joints in and around Bangalore! We would love to check those out !

Till next time! Bon apetit !

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