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Normally, while going out to dine we have some sort of an idea in our mind especially the type of cuisine we are in the mood for. Yesterday was Friday night, so we decided to go out and eat somewhere just to celebrate the upcoming weekend. We were searching for a restaurant, where we did not eat before.

On the way, we came across a restaurant which recently opened in electronic city. It is the Moriz restaurant and it is located in Neeladri nagar, electronic city phase-1. This restaurant has other branches in Bangalore but this is brand new!

We decided to give it a try, since we are always in the mood for something new. As we entered, we could notice that it had a lot of varieties coupled with a hybrid ambiance. It had a Lebanese counter in the open, freshly preparing shwarma rolls and grilled recipes. Adding to this, there were two closed dining spaces, one on the ground level and one on the next floor. 
We wanted to have a look around and we came across the owner of the restaurant branch, Mr. Rajiv on the first floor. He was a very lively soul who filled us in about the details of the restaurant (He cracked pretty good jokes as well :D). The decor on the first floor was mind blowing! It had delicate lamp lighting, was very spacious and comfortable. The ground level dining space was also very clean, spacious and had some fancy red lamps. The best thing though was the woodwork!

Looking at all the varieties, we felt we could eat everything: different types of fried chicken, barbeque chicken, grilled chicken, shwarma rolls and kebabs (Lebanese), Mughlai, Indian, Chinese, Arabian and Malabar. 

We finally narrowed down our order to an Afghani chicken barbeque and a fig/anjeer milk shake.

I have had chicken shwarma rolls many times, but never have I come across this variety. This shwarma roll was a bit dry, very spicy but very tasty indeed. The chicken mixture inside the roll was delightfully prepared and had a dark color. To be honest, it was finger licking good. But there was only one problem- the pita bread. It was quite hard and I had to put some effort in chewing it. Maybe because this was a spicy and dry one with little mayonnaise, the pita bread remained dry. Except for this drawback everything was high five!

Next was the chicken Afghani barbeque. I do not know how I would describe it, but I am trying my best. The chicken was cooked to perfection- fresh and juicy. Slightly spiced and had the brown color I love to see. It had a smoky flavor as well and was served with garlic mayonnaise, humus and one big pita bread. In this case again, the pita bread was hard, but mixing it with the mayonnaise made life easier.

This was the first time I tasted fig milk shake, and this was a pleasure as well. It had equal consistency, small sweet lumps of fig, and a stream of chocolate sauce on the sides. Not too sweet and very well balanced. Overall, it was a delightful experience!

Now it’s time to score:

Food: - 4/5
Ambiance: - 5/5
Service: - 4/5 (courteous staff and keep people well informed)
Cleanliness: - 4/5
Value for money: - 4/5 (Reasonable pricing and good taste)

Overall, it is a good place to crash. We would definitely want to park ourselves there again :D
Do try out and tell us how you feel! Don’t forget to tell us how you feel about this review!
Till next time- bon apetit !

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*The shwarma rolls and watermelon juice were offered by the management*

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