Mad Over Donuts Outlet at Garuda Mall Review


Mad Over Donuts Outlet at Garuda Mall Review , Indian Food Blog

As a 90’s child, I have seen the best cartoons ever made and in almost all of them policemen used to run around with something in their hands. This “something” was a concept of the west and it was not readily available in our country.

But it is not the case now. These things are widely available in Kolkata, Bangalore and throughout India. The things which I am talking about are round, fluffy, sometimes glazed and are sweet. If you have guessed doughnuts—you’re absolutely right! ;)

Last Sunday, we were out shopping. It becomes quite boring in the weekends, so we decided to visit a mall which we had not visited before. We were nearby Brigade road and the closest mall was The Garuda mall on Magrath road. It was unusually sultry outside and we took refuge inside the mall. Leaving all the insignificant details (i.e. the details not related to food :P), we roamed around and visited some shops, us being us, we were hungry soon.

We went to the food court of the mall and discovered that we have had food from most of the vendors before! The rest of them were providing OK food at a very high cost. Then suddenly, it occurred to me that were is a small shop, just like an island amidst the others. It was a small outlet of Mad Over Donuts!

Surprisingly, I had a freecharge coupon for MOD as well :P. So, we waited no longer since doughnuts or any dessert for that matter, are one of the things we love having!

We were relieved to know that they accept freecharge coupons (wooh! Life saver!)

They had a good collection of doughnuts alright! We saw all the varieties and finally decided to take the black forest doughnut, the chocolate spot and the one with gems all over (I don’t exactly remember the name :D).

Mad Over Donuts Outlet at Garuda Mall Review , Indian Food Blog

Mad Over Donuts Outlet at Garuda Mall Review , Indian Food Blog

Mad Over Donuts Outlet at Garuda Mall Review , Indian Food Blog

Mad Over Donuts Outlet at Garuda Mall Review , Indian Food Blog

We were served hot doughnuts and all of them were simply delicious.
The black forest doughnut tasted a lot like a black forest pastry. It was soft, buttery, coated with milk chocolate and it had a cherry on top! Lastly, it had no filling.

For me, chocolate spot was the best! It was softer than the black forest, buttery and no filling. But it had a milk chocolate coating and shredded chocolate over the entire doughnut and the taste was WOW!

Lastly, the gems doughnut (that is what I would like to call it) was pretty good. The taste of the doughnut was masked because of the flavour and chocolate in the gems, but overall it tasted pretty good. The best part of this doughnut was the looks: it did look quite pretty :P. It was not as soft as the others, but it was buttery, chocolate coated and with Cadbury gems all over.

We had a short but a worthwhile experience! Now it is time for the final review:

Taste: 4/5
Quantity: Price is decent according to quantity.
Service : 4/5
Since , this was an outlet at a food court of the mall we are skipping the cleanliness and the ambiance factor!

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