Faasos Review | Electronic City outlet and home delivery


Faaso's Review | Electronic City outlet and home delivery

In our busy day to day lives, it is often not possible to go to different places and eat. So, we have foodpanda, tiny owl and other saviours which have come to our aid.
One such saviour is a food chain called Faasos. Earlier we used to order online or through the mobile app. One day we decided to give the dine-in facility a try! 

The nearest outlet of Faasos is at electronic city near Lords Plaza. I did use the mobile app to order before hand so that we get the food as soon as we enter. I ordered a non vegetarian wrap combo, which consists of three non veg wraps. The best thing about ordering through the app is that one can customize which wraps are to be included in the combo.

So, I ordered a chicken bhuna wrap, a chicken reshmi kebab wrap and a chicken sheekh wrap. Since Priyanjana was accompanying me (like always ;)), I had to keep her likings in mind as well!

Faaso's Review | Electronic City outlet and home delivery

So, we reached the venue and we were served immediately (the best part of pre ordering!)

They may seem like ordinary rolls but one should not judge the book by its cover. The chicken bhuna wrap was something we had not tasted before! It had big chunks of cooked chicken bhuna inside, spices, and fresh onions. This wrap was a bit spicy, but was lip smacking good!

The reshmi kebab wrap was equally good. It had big chunks of chicken reshmi kebab in some kind of cheesy sauce, will little spices and seasoning. This one was my favourite and I had no intention of sharing! Both the bhuna and the reshmi wraps had so much chicken that we were impressed. The chicken was soft and the roll base was also very thin and soft- making it a perfect experience.

Lastly, the chicken sheekh wrap had something unique- it consisted of minced chicken, and it had a cheese lining inside and it was also slightly spiced and seasoned. I was only able to take one bite as Priyanjana did not share this one! :P 

Faaso's Review | Electronic City outlet and home delivery

Overall all the wraps were exquisite and we wanted more, but at the same time the quantity was great and we were filled quite a lot.
Now comes the time for scoring:
Food: - 4/5
Quantity: - 3.5/5
Ambiance: - 3/5
Service: - I planned for quick service, but they serve in good time anyways.
Cleanliness: - 4/5

Faaso's Review | Electronic City outlet and home delivery

The non veg wrap combo costs INR 179 + taxes, and it comes around INR 210. 

Except for the wraps, we have had rice feasts, cheese chicken meatballs, chocolate fantasy and its original jeera masala drink called swig.

The rice feasts are categorized as normal, jumbo and royal depending on quantity. The rice feasts contain tasty and flavoured rice, which is worth mention and it is topped with chicken bhuna/reshmi/tikka whichever you order (if non veg) and veg toppings if you order veg.

The cheesy chicken meatballs are a treat to your senses. They are chicken meatballs with cheese inside and if you have them hot, the cheese slowly oozes out! Oh yeah! :D

The chocolate fantasy is a chocolate cake which is filled with liquid chocolate and for chocolate lovers it is worth a shot! I personally loved it!

If you like appetizers and jaljeera varieties, go for the swig. It is served in bottles and it is a sweet jeera masala drink, which will leave you burping! Guaranteed! 

Those are about all the varieties we have tried till date. Last things to mention are the other types of wraps, such as barbecue chicken wrap, macaroni and cheese with chicken, liquid cheese with chicken and double cheese meatball wraps. All the 4 are great, but if you are a cheese lover, then go for the last 3! You will find yourself floating! :D

Hope this was helpful for my fellow foodies! Take care and of course bon appétit! :D

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