Earn your Right To Protein this Republic Day

A well balanced diet
Currently there are 195 countries in the world & guess which one is celebrating its 71st Republic day today?
It’s a no brain-er, but still we’re laying it out for you guys: It is none other than the largest democracy in the world & our motherland- India!
Yes, we’re celebrating our 71st Republic day as a Republic Nation.
Across our country, there are a lot of reservations about eating meat & non-vegetarian food in general. As a result, most of our diets lack sufficient quantity of protein. This Republic Day, let's try to improve our overall well-being by exerting our Right to Protein. This mostly involves adding protein elements in our diet, irrespective of animal or plant based proteins. This doesn't just stop at you as it is our duty to influence those around us so that everyone can lead a healthier life style.

Right to protein !

It is not unknown to the masses that our country has a huge population & a majority of the population does not have the privilege of consuming well balanced meals throughout the day. Hence, the awareness for this campaign is crucial to our development as a nation.
Ever wondered why majority of foreign athletes pack more power? It is mostly because of their protein rich diets! A protein rich diet not only boosts metabolism, but also helps in building muscle etc. With that been said, we take the pledge of making better & healthier diet choices & increasing the quantity of protein in our diet (Not that we consume any less).
We also consider It our responsibility to spread the knowledge & influence others. You should do it too!
We are Bengalis from the city of joy, Kolkata & majority of our protein intake comes from fishes & other meats.

However, since we pledged to make better diet choices, we’ll talk about a personal favorite of ours: soya bean. These remarkable nuggets pack a lot of protein & the reason why we chose a vegetarian item is to include those who do not prefer non-veg. Soya bean is a favorite back in our home town.
One of our favorite preparations is the Soya Chaap. It is insanely tasty & if prepared well, tastes as good as meat.

Fish- One of the highest sources of protein in the planet!

So let us show you how you can earn your right to protein !

Soya beans soaked for 4 hours and drained 1/2 cup

Refined flour 3/4 cup cup

Salt to taste

Wooden ice cream sticks as required

Yogurt 1/2 cup

Gram flour 2-3 tablespoons

Chaat masala 1/2 teaspoon

Turmeric powder 1/4 teaspoon

Red chilli powder 1/2 teaspoon

Garam masala powder 1/4 teaspoon

Ginger-garlic paste 1 teaspoon

Oil to deep fry

Refined flour slurry as required

Soya mince as required

Onion rings to serve

Lemon slices to serve

Fresh mint to garnish

Let us walk you through the course of preparation:
  • Blend soya beans with some water
  • Mix refined flour with soya paste & salt to a semi-stiff dough
  • Break the dough into balls & flatten them like a Roti
  • Cut into strips & wrap it around a wooden stick ( we use ice cream sticks as they look appealing) Voila, we made the chaaps
  • Heat water & blanch the strips (4-5 min). Then drain the water & keep them in some ice for the mixture to harden
  • Take curd in a bowl along with gram flour, turmeric, red chilli, garam masala powder, ginger & garlic paste & a little water. Mix well with a pinch of salt
  • Heat oil in a non-stick pan, Take the leftover refined flour in a bowl
  • Dip the chaaps in the curd mixture, coat it with the refined flour & fry till golden brown. If you like to add a bit of zing, add minced soya after the refined flour. This adds some crunch to the Soya Chaaps.
After this we generally use napkins to absorb the excess oil. Tastes best with some lemon juice freshly squeezed on top.

Soya Chaap garnished with onions, lemon & coriander
As mentioned before, majority of our diets are mostly protein deficient as we gorge on carbs. This just keeps us full for a longer period with little benefit. We hope you take the pledge along with us to fight the battle against malnutrition.
Coming down to the Right to Protein, which is a is a nation-wide public health initiative to increase general awareness about the importance of adequate and quality protein in everyday diet. It is an initiative to educate the people in India about the importance of protein for their general health, fitness and well being. The #RightToProtein campaign aspires to act as a catalyst in promoting consumption of different forms of proteins amongst Indians for better overall nutrition. Under this initiative, there is a protein calculator called the Protein-O-Meter, which calculates one’s daily protein requirement basis basic individual information such as body profile, type of lifestyle and meals consumed at different times during the day. Apart from information on one’s possible protein gap, the platform also provides information on protein-rich foods, healthy habits, tips and busting myths about protein.
This takes the Indian dietary preferences into consideration & across all age groups.
As they say, our body is made up of 75% of what we eat! A healthier diet leads to a better lifestyle & that directly translates into better fitness, working capability & longevity in general.
That’s all from our side!
Do let us know if you have anything to say to us about the recipe or the post.
We’d love to hear from you!
Till then, Happy Republic Day & Bon Apetit!

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Complete Skin Care with Glutone 1000 | ClickOnCare

In our fast-paced lives, we often prioritize & de-prioritize. One such result is our health. We mostly choose work, entertainment etc. over our health which eventually accumulates & leads to bigger problems. Similarly, the same occurs with our skin. Commuting to work is often a tedious task, tackling pollution, the sun, dust etc. & although it might seem that a facewash works fine, it really doesn’t.

We recently stumbled onto products which seems pretty appealing considering their pitch & the science behind it. The name of the products are Glutone 1000, Glutathione Supplement and Escor Z , Vitamin C Supplement & on a higher level, it is a powerful antioxidant for our skin. Getting a little deeper into the science involved, Glutathione is the body’s own antioxidant which is critical for the optimum health of every cell. It is a master antioxidant & assists in detox, healthy immune function, skin health etc. With increasing age, these levels deteriorate in the body & it is important to take supplements for boosting immunity, stamina & detoxification. Not only does it help in the above, but also it has skin lightening & anti-ageing properties.

Glutathione is supposed to be clubbed with vitamin C, hence Vitamin C supplement is taken along as it increases glutathione’s intracellular absorption and work in synergy with it.

Now coming to this combo’s benefits:

1. It helps in removing wrinkles and sun tan.
2. Gives anti-oxidant benefits
3. Helps to reduce free radicals, Photo ageing
4. Corrects Uneven skin tone
5. Increases Skin glow and Radiance
6. Lightens skin by reducing melanin pigment
7. Increases production and transfer of anti-ageing protein
8. Exerts photo-protective effects by neutralizing free radicals

That’s all with respect to the scientific aspect. Summing up, this is not only useful for uneven skin tone, ageing & glowing skin but also as health drink & body supplement.

Both the tablets are present in effervescent form hence easily soluble in water.
Just add single tablet of each in the glass of water and wait for it to dissolve completely.
Once dissolved consume it, preferably empty stomach every morning for 3-4 months.

The best thing to keep in mind is that these are health supplements & not medications so, they do not have any side effect & can be consumed without fear.

That’s all from our side folks!

We might be receiving the product soon so we might add our feedback to this post as well!

We’ll be back soon with a lot more.

Till then—Happy April!

The tastiest Moong Daal recipe to try at home | 24 Mantra Organic

Easy Daal recipe

This is post marks a lot of first for new beginnings. A new series on Foodie Land blog will now a part, simple and quick recipes for all the food lovers. Let’s say, we will keep three things in mind while posting recipes – Easy to cook, for lazy people like ourselves and hella tasty! Let us begin with a simple and staple food for all of us Indian. The humble daal!

For our First post, we have teamed up with 24 Mantra Organics, to bring you the tastiest and easiest Moong Daal recipe! Using the organically, ethically grown produce from 24 Mantra we wanted to ensure that the recipe is not only tasty but healthy too! Expect a lot of healthy recipes in the coming days, because we are going through a big lifestyle change. But without any further ado, let’s dive in to the recipe.

Easy Pressure Cooker Moong Daal Recipe:


1 cup 24 Mantra Moong Daal,
2 green chilies {slit},
2 small onions {roughly chopped},
1 small tomato {roughly chopped},
4-5 cloves of garlic {finely chopped},
½ Tbsp Coriander powder,  
½ Tbsp turmeric powder,  
½ Tbsp Chili powder,  
½ Tbsp garam masala powder,
1 bay leaf,
½ tsp cumin seeds,
1 dried red chili,
1 tsp mustard oil,
Salt to taste


Wash and soak the Moong dal, and toast it in dry pressure cooker. Toasting is optional, but it does bring out a nice nutty flavor.

Heat up the oil in the pressure cooker, put all the dry spices {Bay leaf, cumin seeds, red chili} when the oil is hot. Fry for 40 seconds.

Put in the onion, garlic and green chilies in and fry for 2-3 minutes, till the onions are a little brown.

Add the tomato, fry for another minute, till the tomato is soft.

Add all the powder spices {Coriander, Turmeric, Chili, Garam masala} and the salt to taste. Fry this for 2-3 minutes.

Add the soaked moong daal and mix it well with the fried spices.

Fry for a minute, add 2 cups of water and give it a good mix.

Put the flame on low and let this be for 3 whistles of the pressure cooker.

Let the steam go off and you have your super simple daal ready!

Serve this daal with rice or hot phulkas and enjoy a simple and healthy meal! Do let us know if you try this recipe out , we would love to hear your feedback.

We'll be back soon with more grub.

Till then -- Keep reading our posts & bon apetit!

Monkey Bar Team Spirit Food Festival | Bangalore

The Team Spirit Spread

It’s that time of the year when Indian Cricket enthusiasts rejoice. If you know what we are talking about, you just made our job a lot easier. If in case you didn’t, this time of the year is IPL time. There have been 11 editions of the IPL so far, considering the ongoing one & it is undoubtedly the biggest annual sporting festival in our country.

The IPL does not need any introductions & the same goes for The Monkey Bar, Bangalore which is hosting the Team Spirit food festival. This post will be all about this food festival, about what we tried, our recommendations, feedback & the amount of research it took for these guys to come up with an elaborate menu covering all home states of the IPL teams.

As mentioned, the Team Spirit menu consists of items from all the home IPL teams: Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Rajasthan etc. to name a few. This festival is running across all Monkey Bar outlets in the country for the entire duration of the IPL. Now that’s one long food festival! The advantage is that there is a lot of time for anybody to plan a visit & support their team during the live screening. The best part: even if your team loses, you can say that your team’s home cuisine is better ;).

Now, coming down to the food & drinks:

Toast to Calcutta, Pork Powerplay & Fried Riders : KKR

Regarding drinks, we tried the Toast To Calcutta, which is a Gondhoraj based cocktail with a Vodka base. The drink is light & very aromatic. A classic Monkey Bar cocktail. On top of this, there is a 1+1 on all drinks so it is not only the taste but also the value for money.
We’ll try to keep it short, so we’ll give our recommendations first:

Lal Maas Royals: We couldn’t keep our hands away from this one. This is a taco which has Lal Maas filling in it & it is too good to be true. Try insisting on lesser amount of mayo as that’ll bring out the flavor of the meat. If you’re a fan of the Rajasthan Royals, this is for you!

Murgh of the Match: This is a char grilled chicken preparation honoring the Punjab team. They’ve tried to recreate the Dhaba style chicken which is served in the region & we must say that it doesn’t matter because it’s mouth-watering! Moreover, this is a good companion with drinks & is filling.

Kothu Super Kings: This dish is obviously honoring Chennai Super Kings & was delightful. Many might complain about this but that is probably because they are unaware of the concept. Kothu Paratha is mostly shredded paratha & less shredded meat.

Full Toss Fish

Kothu Super Kings in the background

Chicken Googly

Gully Bao

Captain Kheema: This is a Hyderabad based specialty which is a puffed roll stuffed with spicy & tasty mutton keema. This is not for the calorie conscious but boy does it taste good.

Full Toss Fish: This dish is honoring the Royal Challengers Bangalore & consists of Rava coated Mackerels inside sliders. The mint mayo adds a zing to it. It is perfect as finger food.

Gully Bao: If you’ve watched the film Gully Boy, you know which team this dish is honoring. This is a recreation of a Misal Pav in the form of a Bao. Once you bite into this, this really does taste similar to kudos to the chef & the team behind for the creativity involved. This is the only recommendation we can give for the vegetarians. We’re sorry :P.

We believe the dish called the Fried Riders will be a huge hit, especially amongst the Bengali folk & fish lovers in general.

Murgh of the Match

However, we felt that the Pork Powerplay, the Kolkata street style Kolkata dumplings could be made better. The dumplings themselves & the pork filling was not the problem. It was the seasoning as the typical Kolkata pork momos are a tad bit spicier. Pork as a meat has a natural smoky aroma which we felt was missing in this.

The Laal Mas Royals & Captain Kheema are our favorites, do let us know if you find yours!

Overall, this is yet another well executed food festival from Monkey Bar. The food has a greater chance of winning your heart than your favorite team. The festival is on for quite some time so do give read through & try out their offerings.

Good luck to all the participating teams!

We’ll be back soon with a lot of posts this month so you know what’s coming ;).

Till then – Cheer on & Bon Apetit!

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