Lagan Nu Bhonu @ SodaBottleOpenerWala | Bangalore


Lagan Nu Bhonu @ SodaBottleOpenerWala | Bangalore

Weddings are always an extravagant affair irrespective of culture. We have been to SodaBottleOpenerWala quite a few times for the launch of their new menu and their New Year feast called the Navroze Bhonu. This time, our visit was because SBOW is celebrating their 3 year anniversary and the celebrations are in the form of a month long traditional Parsi wedding feast.

The Parsi wedding feast or the Lagan Nu Bhonu is mostly associated with non-vegetarian items like chicken, mutton and egg and also fish & rice which is considered to be a good luck charm. However, that would not be fair for the vegetarians so they do have vegetarian options as well. The Bhonu is in the form of a thali which has two variants as mentioned.

They serve a special & nearly extinct variety of raspberry soda which is a must try followed by the usual non veg or veg thali and then 2 varieties of dessert.

Raspberry Soda@Lagan Nu Bhonu @ SodaBottleOpenerWala | Bangalore
Raspberry Soda

So, focussing on the delicious items served on the thali:

Out of the 10 items served, we will be throwing light on 5 of them. The rest are traditional Achars, salad, papad and roti.

From a bird’s eye view there are 2 cutlets, one white mutton gravy, a masala daal and the lip smacking Chicken Pulao.

The Chutney Eeda na Pattice is a cutlet with an egg in the centre, along with a mashed potato and chutney filling. It is shallow fried with no excess oil and tasted phenomenal!
The Machhi no Cutlet is a simple fish cutlet and paired very well with the Chicken Pulao. The pulao had caramelized onions on top along with spicy & tender chicken chunks hidden inside. It was insanely tasty!

The Masala ni Daar is the masala daal preparation. It was spicy owing to the “masala” and a bit tangy. It is the perfect pair with the Rotli served.

The Gos no Sas is the mutton in white gravy. It has a homely touch to it and is sort of a middle man between a stew and a Rezalla. It was delicious to say the least and comforting as well.

Now that’s all from the thali.

For dessert, we tried the Strawberry Custer and the Plum Cake with Brandy Sauce.
Just imagine, a plum cake served in a tea glass. Yes, that is the latter and it did taste good but it is more of an acquired taste. The first try might not be that awesome.

The Custer however was the sweet ending that everyone should look forward to! It had chunks of strawberry cutting through the creamy custard and the sweetness & consistency was perfect.

Plum Cake with Brandy Sauce

That’s all from the Lagan nu Bhonu being served at SBOW till sometime next week.

So, if you are interested in indulging in traditional Parsi Cuisine, this is your place to be. Since there is some time left, we would recommend a reservation as it tends to get very crowded.

A great place to hangout, with helpful staff all around and lastly: different & delicious food. Do let us know about your experience if you visit.

We’ll be back soon with something delicious!

Till then—Enjoy, Chillax and bon apetit!

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  1. Just a couple of observations...
    Going by the bhonu I had when I was in bombay patrani machi seems to be missing..
    Secondly nothing with salli..surprising for a parsi festive meal...
    Another thing which i feel after eating at SodaBo is that the quantity sometimes does not justify the pricing....they could be a little more generous..though I must say the quality of mutton they serve is one of the best in bangalore !

  2. Hi Srijeet, Good observations we must say! But this Bhonu is a bit different from the normal ones. This is the first time they have served this one. The only item of fish they had was a fish cutlet. We tried two Bhonus till date and none had Sali. Their quantity is not sufficient for large eaters like us :) But, their chicken pulao, Mutton berry pulao and in general all the mutton preparations make us crave for more.


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