The Experience @ Salt-Indian Restaurant Bar & Grill | Koramangala| Bangalore


Salt Rasmalai@ Salt-Indian Restaurant Bar & Grill | Koramangala| Bangalore
Salt Rasmalai

We have come across some serious restaurant nomenclatures in our span of food & travel blogging and this time we will talk about a restaurant whose name is an ingredient which is fundamental to all food items.

Before that, let’s talk about the serious nomenclatures: some are ‘serious’ly funny whereas some are ‘serious’ly impressive & or amazing, while some are quite common and now comes the most important category: are you ‘serious’ly kidding me? We did not mention any examples specifically not to insult/praise the choices of the people behind. Do think about the names you know of and ponder/laugh out loud!

Now, enough with the fun and continuing from where we left off in the beginning: so the fundamental element in food is salt and the restaurant we were recently invited to is none other than Salt-Indian Restaurant Bar & Grill.

For people residing in Bangalore, everyone knows Forum mall and this is located inside it on the second level and overlooks the busy roads. Although it is located in a mall, it is very spacious with comfortable seating arrangements and serves rich, flavourful and sensational Indian food.

We received a warm welcome from Chef Bala who runs the show at Salt and after running similar shows in Taj Coromandel before and many other establishments all over the globe he decided to start one of his own. So, Salt is his brainchild and he sure takes care of it!
We did not try a lot of items here as all the items were heavy, well presented and absolutely mouth-watering. It’s high time we proceed with the food:

For drinks we tried the Bellini and a Salt Signature Cocktail called the Dilkush. The Bellini was standard with a hint of strawberry syrup but the Dilkush was something special. It is a Kulfi based vodka drink with Baileys Irish Cream and vanilla ice cream and it was a sweet and strong symphony. The creaminess, the sweetness and the kick of the vodka were all in sync and beautifully balanced. The Kulfi was the captain of the cocktail.

For the food, we started off with an Amuse Bouche which paved the way for spicier preparations.

Letting the starters loose: The Paneer 3 ways, Saffron Chicken Tikka, Pardha Jhinga Kebab, Galouti Kebab and a special Punjabi Chicken Tangri Kebab.

To be honest, one needs to try them to experience what they offer as there were no negatives in these. The Paneer 3 ways consisted of huge chunks of paneer marinated and prepared in 3 different ways on a tandoor of course. The 3 variants were the BBQ paneer, cilantro paneer and the Figs Stuffed Paneer Tikka. They have different spice levels and the flavours complemented well. The BBQ paneer had a tangy & spicy combination whereas the cilantro was all green with the freshness of coriander and herbs. The Fig Stuffed preparation was slightly on the sweeter and it was a balanced extravaganza!

The Saffron Chicken Tikka was super rich with huge chunks of boneless chicken. The chicken was very soft and juicy with a rich yellow colour. This has a lot of calories as the chicken is marinated with loads of cheese, spices, herbs and saffron. The taste is unparalleled.


Amuse Bouche@ Salt-Indian Restaurant Bar & Grill | Koramangala| Bangalore
Amuse Bouche: Olive spiced Paniyaram & Sabz Kurkure

Paneer 3 way@ Salt-Indian Restaurant Bar & Grill | Koramangala| Bangalore
Paneer 3 way

Saffron Chicken Tikka @ Salt-Indian Restaurant Bar & Grill | Koramangala| Bangalore
Saffron Chicken Tikka

The Pardha Jhinga Kebab was all about big prawns wrapped around a roomali and roasted to perfection. The sweetness of the prawns complemented well with the mustard present along the lining of the roomali.

The Galouti Kebab was worth the wait: The smoky & minced cakes of lamb were just heavenly and were presented in the traditional way on a saffron tawa paratha. It is definitely one of the best Galouti Kebabs in town.

The special Chicken Tangri was a chef recommendation from their special weekend Punjabi menu and was very different. The chicken legs were grilled to perfection like it should be but that was not all: it was stuffed with a mixture of ginger, minced chicken and nuts which added to the experience.

Now that’s all from the starters which receive a big thumbs up from our side: outstanding stuff!

We were quite full after this so we did not try much of the main course, so the Saffron Nuttie Pulao along with the Alleppey Scallops and the Prawn Curry was all that we had.
The Pulao had good colour, with caramelized onions and roasted nuts which added a good crunch to it. The Alleppey Scallops and the Prawns had the same method of preparation.

Pardha Jhinga Kebab@ Salt-Indian Restaurant Bar & Grill | Koramangala| Bangalore
Pardha Jhinga Kebab

Galouti Kebab@ Salt-Indian Restaurant Bar & Grill | Koramangala| Bangalore
Galouti Kebab

Tangri Kebab

Saffron Nuttie Pulao@ Salt-Indian Restaurant Bar & Grill | Koramangala| Bangalore
Saffron Nuttie Pulao

The essence of raw mango and curry leaves were predominant in both and the scallops and prawns were well done. The characteristic flavours of the two brought in minor differences in the dish but both were homely, flavourful and delicious! We also tried a Grilled Pomfret preparation which was as per expectations.

Their dessert items are also unique and we tried a few fusion concepts. We tried the Salt special Rasmalai, Jamoon Tiramisu and Salt’s Éclair and Chefs special Elaneer Payasam.
The Rasmalai had an amazing presentation. A scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of a submerged layer of Rasmalai was certainly unexpected. The Rasmalai was soft, spongy and the entire combination was spot on.

The Jamun Tiramisu was a fusion from Salt and was better than most we have come across. The Jamuns were soft and the consistency of the Tiramisu was perfect. Normally Tiramisus give off a feeling that they have been refrigerated, but not this one.

The éclairs were also delightful. They were soft with creamy cashew praline and again with a very appetizing presentation. The Elaneer Payasam was the lightest & simplest of them all apart from being delightful. It was a little sweeter than what we like but little can be managed!

Prawn Curry @ Salt-Indian Restaurant Bar & Grill | Koramangala| Bangalore
Prawn Curry

Tandoori Grilled Pomfret@ Salt-Indian Restaurant Bar & Grill | Koramangala| Bangalore
Tandoori Grilled Pomfret

Jamun Tiramisu@ Salt-Indian Restaurant Bar & Grill | Koramangala| Bangalore
Jamun Tiramisu

Salts Eclair @ Salt-Indian Restaurant Bar & Grill | Koramangala| Bangalore
Salt's Eclair

So that’s our experience of Salt: rich, flavourful and fulfilling.

At first the pricing might feel a little over the top but after experiencing the quantity and quality of the food, we can say it is worth it!

Do let us know about your experience in case you visit.

We’ll be back soon with another great place to eat.

Till then—stay tuned and bon apetit!
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